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XSMP Stainless Steel Grain Grinder Machine Review

The XSMP Grain Grinder Machine is entirely stainless steel, has a multi-layered stainless-steel blade and a tilting compartment. It is very convenient for at-home use in the kitchen; although, it is not the best herb/grain grinder for traveling.

For the best results, when grinding dried up herbs and ingredients into usable cooking powders, herb grinders and mill grinders are the best route to take. These types of grinders turn hard nuts, seeds, and similar objects into an extraordinarily fine dust.

Some coffee grinders work for multiple uses and can work similarly. However, most multi-use coffee grinders are not the best for herbs because it is not the primary intended purpose for the grinder, and they do not grind the ingredient into a small enough granule.

Grain grinders, such as the XSMP Stainless Steel Grain Grinder, can handle almost any dried herb, spice, grain, nut, or seed.

XSMP best quality stainless steel grain grinder machine dried moringa leaf grinding machine/dry spice grinder for (2000g)

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  • This is the perfect type of kitchen grinder for herbs
  • The electric motor-powered blades grind ingredients fast
  • The main housing and blades are stainless steel, so it is easy to clean
  • No powder is lost during grinding
  • It grinds ingredients down to a very fine powder
  • The main compartment folds down after grinding, for easy removal of the powder


  • The main piece of the grinder machine is difficult to detach
  • It is a stationary grinder and not the best for frequent traveling or even camping


  • Holds 2000 grams
  • All parts are stainless steel, including the blade
  • The blade has 3 tiers
  • About 1-minute grinding time
  • Can use for herbs, mineral, coal, Moringa leaf, soybean, walnut, peppers, and most other dried ingredients

Information & Review

The XSMP Grinder grinds dried herbs and ingredients fast using a multi-layered stainless-steel blade. It quickly grinds ingredients to a very fine powder.

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The reason why spice grinders such as this are better than coffee grinders is because of the fineness of the resulting powder. Usually, with grinders that are for grinding coffee beans, they grind the ingredient into medium, coarse grains, not to a fine dust.

The fine powder is what you should look for with grinding herbs and spices because it makes it easier to dissolve into other substances or mix into shakes and beverages after grinding. It could still work; it will just take much more time.

This grinder has a moderately sized compartment (2,000 grams) for grinding. The higher capacity allows for bigger batches of spice grinding at one time.

The compartment that holds the ingredients tips down at a 90-degree angle so that the powder can fall out easier. However, this makes it harder to clean since the central part is hard to detach from the rest of the machine and its base.

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Once the pieces of the grinder are separated, it is not as hard to clean; and the stainless steel can withstand soaps and harsh cleaning chemicals.

Just remember not to get the power source and the base of the grinder wet.

Using the XSMP Grinder Machine for Grinding Moringa Leaf

Moringa Leaf is one of the ingredients that can go in the XSMP Grinder Machine. They are extremely beneficial for the human body.

Moringa leaf powder can be put into tea, smoothies, soups, salad dressing, and pretty much anything, to enrich the body with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Potassium, Iron, and Protein.

The health benefits of the powder form of Moringa leaves are skin and hair nourishment, boosted immune system, prevention from cancer, increase bone health, and reduction of the effects of mood disorders.

Use the XSMP to grind up Moringa Leaves and put them in a morning shake or with a meal to help boost overall health.

Storage for Grounds

Coffee grounds are stored differently than herbs and grains. Coffee grounds can go almost anywhere and be okay; but when it comes to ground herbs and other ingredients, it is more crucial that you store them correctly.

For dried herbs, spices, grains, minerals, and other ingredients – store in a cool, dry place that does not have a chance of exposure to moisture.

Since the XSMP Grain Grinder grinds the ingredients into a super fine powder, the powder is more susceptible to clumping from small amounts of moisture.

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The best type of storage container for dried, ground herbs is glass or ceramic jars. Jars provide a sealed compartment that will not allow moisture and dust to contaminate the ingredients within.

If you choose to use glass jars for storing grounds, make sure it does not come close to a heat source. The heat will create condensation in the jar due to the heating of the air within, which will ultimately ruin the ingredients.

Summary of XSMP Grain Grinder Machine

The XSMP Grain Grinder Machine is reliable and durable. It is one of the best options for grinding larger amounts of spices and dried herbs; other grinders take longer to use because of a lesser capacity.

The countertop is the best place for this grinder since it has a stand and allows the person using the grinder to tilt down the compartment after grinding. There are no problems with the spice grounds falling out mid-grind, and it seals shut when you close the lid to the compartment.

According to the listing, this grinder is also ideal for pearl, chemical, mineral, soil, grain, coal, and other experimental materials. The machine is universal and will grind almost anything placed inside its compartment.

Do not use this grinder as a food processor with wet or cooked ingredients and make sure all herbs are completely dried before placing them in the grinding compartment.

With correct usage, this grinder can help speed up the process of making organic shakes, nutritious soups, herbal supplements, and anything you can think of creating. To keep your ingredients pure and uncontaminated, clean and dry all parts of the XSMP Grinder thoroughly between each use.