Syphon Coffee Maker

Which Coffee Maker Is The Best? (KitchenAid, Diguo, Bodum)

Today, we will be talking about four great coffee makers you can buy on the market today. Each one is fairly new on the market, is highly useful, and is capable of brewing coffee blends well.

 We will review each product one by one while we accentuate each of their strength and weaknesses. We will declare one of these coffee makers our best buy when all is said and done, but you are free to buy the product that best suits your lifestyle as well.

Here are the coffee makers that we will be looking at.

  • Height: 16.9 inches
  • Weight: 9.4 pounds
  • Time of brew: 7 minutes
  • Max Servings: 8; 4oz each
  • Price: $
  • Manufacturer Year: 2017
KitchenAid KCM0812OB Siphon Coffee Brewer

This first coffee maker we will look at is from KitchenAid. It is available with either a silver or black base. It had a modern look with appealing looking glass globes. This coffee maker creates rich, velvety blends of coffee with vacuum technology. No flames or fire required. This coffee maker will turn off automatically after it reaches the targeted heating temperature.

With that said, this coffee maker has just one button, “start”. It is very easy to use. Just load the coffee and water, and press the button to start brewing. The filtration of this coffee maker is customizable. You can either choose a cloth filter for a lighter brew, or a steel filter for a heavier brew.

Both of these options are included for either type of coffee drinker. It is a very heavy coffee maker, but it is very professionally built, as well as built to last. While it is made of glass, you should not be too worried about it getting knocked over.

Individual Review:

“Down to the basics… the ultimate purpose of the KitchenAid Siphon coffee brewer is to brew a better tasting pot of coffee. And from just a taste perspective, this system brews a very good tasting pot of coffee. “ - Soar

What To Watch Out For

This coffee pot has no warming feature after brewing is completed. What this means is that you better pour this coffee fast before it cools down. Having a warming feature is great for when you are not quite ready to get your coffee yet, so that your coffee stays warm. If you are looking for a warming feature, this is not the coffee maker to buy.

  • Height: 16.1 inches
  • Weight: 5.6 pounds
  • Time of brew: 15 minutes
  • Max Servings: 5; 3.5oz each
  • Price: $
  • Manufacturer Year: 2015
Diguo Belgian Royal Family Balance Syphon Coffee Maker

This coffee maker was designed to resemble a coffee maker from 19th Century Europe. It really does look dated, but if you have a kitchen that carries a certain old-fashioned theme, this coffee maker really looks like a charm. The rose gold color definitely looks dated, but with the right theme of kitchen, it looks like a work of art.

This coffee maker also has a beautiful wooden base. This coffee maker from Diguo promises a clean, flavorful blend every time, with little to no bitterness. As you work to brew a blend of coffee, it looks like a science experiment taking place, which is fascinating to watch every time.

Its filter is made of natural cloth and ensure the filtering of each brew is exceptional with each cup. This coffee maker is heavy, but is very simple and effective. For a coffee maker that is designed to resemble an old age artifact, it actually feels durable and somewhat heavy.

Individual Review:

“I give it 5 stars for the fun factor. It works great and actually brews a pretty good cup of coffee. We use it in our coffee bar at home and it is great for parties and such to share with guests.” - Spooker

What To Watch Out For

This coffee maker can be very messy, and somewhat difficult to clean. Its server collects a lot of soot, and you should be prepared to clean it all up after every brewing. Because of how this coffee maker is constructed, cleaning is also more tough than it needs to be.

  • Height: 16 inches
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Time of brew: 15 minutes
  • Max Servings: 5; 3oz each
  • Price: $$
  • Manufacturer Year: 2017
Diguo Royal-2 Belgium Belgian Luxury Royal Balancing Siphon Coffee Maker

Like the other Diguo coffee maker, this product also looks like an artifact from the past and is available in different colors. For this version, it is available either in gold or silver. While the base on the first Diguo coffee maker is mahogany, this product’s base is black and made of plastic.

This coffee maker comes with a permanent filter that is made of meshed steel. It allows flavors and nutrients to pass through, but will keep out unwanted coffee grounds, guaranteeing a bold and flavorful taste of coffee every time. No disposable filters are ever needed! Water is heated with an alcohol burner, making it a fascinating throwback, just like the other coffee maker by Diguo.

Individual Review

“Well made and pretty nice. I'm so happy to have this beautiful & wonderful coffee maker” - Karen

What To Watch Out For

This coffee maker is not very automatic. You will be disappointed in this product if you are looking for a coffee maker that turns itself off and automatically adjusts during the brewing process.

  • Height: 16.8 inches
  • Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Time of brew: 5 to 11 minutes
  • Max Servings: 8; 4oz each
  • Price: $$$
  • Manufacturer Year: 2017
New Bodum ePEBO Coffee Maker

With the ePEBO coffee maker, you can brew a nice cup of coffee in less than ten minutes. This product can make up to eight cups of coffee that are four ounces each. The vacuum brewing in this coffee maker removes all the oils from your coffee blend so that your coffee doesn’t come with any excess ingredients that cause the blend to burn.

The ePEBO coffee maker is uniquely designed, made of two stable and secure glass bowls that trap fresh aroma inside. This coffee maker closely resembles an hourglass. This is an interesting coffee maker to buy if you are curious for what coffee looks like as it gets brewed.

Individual Review:

“It's no more complicated than any coffee maker - but the coffee tastes SO Much better. I'm not a coffee expert, so I can't really know if I'm using the right words, but I'd say the coffee tastes fuller and less "burnt" than what I'm used to.” - Emily

What To Watch Out For

While most of this coffee maker is made of glass, this could be a cause for concern. Glass, as you know is a very fragile material that can crack, chip or even break with any movements or forces of impact.

While Bodium claims that this is a strong, thick, glass, there are instances where the glass fails to hold together. This is a very light appliance for making coffee, so it doesn’t take much force to knock it around, over or off the counter.

What To Look For In A Coffee Maker

A good coffee maker must be able to make delicious blends of coffee with no bitterness, burning or byproducts. The coffee being brewed must be blended at very hot temperatures so that the coffee is mixed evenly and thoroughly. The ideal coffee maker must be easy to use.

There doesn’t have to be several different buttons or one big button on the control panel, but the directions must be very concise and easy to follow. It is also important that you have as little effort involved as possible, outside from adding coffee and water and pushing a button. The coffee maker must also be easy to maintain, with very little that can play any detriments to its life.

KitchenAid Siphon Coffee Brewer

Therefore, it should be fairly easy to clean with not many complications what would make such a task difficult. The features that come with the idea coffee maker should be very useful and versatile. If there are things you want added or removed from the product, it should be fairly easy to do so without looking too awkward on your counter.


The coffee maker that we recommend to you the most is the KitchenAid KCM0812OB Siphon Coffee Brewer. This is a strong coffee blender that is sure to last you a long time with minimal complications. It’s simplistic appearance makes it very easy to clean and maintain, so that there is nothing that causes it to wear and tear.

It is a very straightforward coffee maker, and it most recommended for coffee drinkers who do not know how to use more complicated machines. It has only one button, and will do what it must to present you with a hot, bold cup of coffee every time. Furthermore, it is compatible with both permanent and disposable coffee filters. Whether you prefer one or the other, you can confidently buy this coffee maker that is comes with both these options.

The price is also reasonable. You do not have to sacrifice much money for a high quality coffee maker that does an amazing job at brewing coffee for you. This is what make it a true value over the other coffee brewers in this review. We hope you have gotten a lot of insight from these four popular coffee makers, and feel free to buy the one that best suits your life.