Doka Estate Gourmet Coffee Peaberry

What’s The Buzz Around Peaberry Coffee?

Okay. You’re here reading these words because you love coffee and, like me, you are one of the thousands of coffee connoisseurs who are on an eternal quest, of sorts, in discovering the answer to the age-old question: Who makes the best coffee? Please understand that I’m 100% with you on this quest.

When it comes to coffee, you and I cannot—will not—settle for a bean that is substandard, unable to match the almost mystical sense that resides in our taste buds and recognizes the real thing when we experience it. However, I’m here today to tell you I believe I’ve found it: a fresh roasted bean that more than satisfies the taste of this coffee we crave.

What I Discovered on My Quest


I won’t keep you in suspense, nor tell you a long tale about how I discovered it. My quest for the best coffee led me to Costa Rica—not the country, mind you, but a particular coffee originating from this Central American paradise. The coffee I discovered is a medium roast, 100% Arabica brew, crafted by Doka Estate, from peaberry beans.

On your quest for the perfect coffee, you may have come across terms like “kona peaberry coffee beans,” “Tanzanian peaberry coffee beans,” or just “peaberries.” So, what actually is peaberry coffee? Known in the Spanish tongue as caracolillo, peaberry beans are distinct from other standard and green coffee beans in that, through a mutation, they are a single seed bean or “coffee cherry” that is pea-shaped, hence the name.


Here Are Some Features Of Doka Estate Gourmet Coffee Peaberry Aa Doka Coffee That Have Shaped My Conclusions:

•  Peaberry beans are carefully sorted and a considered a higher grade of             coffee bean.

•  Peaberry beans have a higher density, leading to a more robust flavor.

•  Peaberry beans have a decidedly rich aroma.

•  Peaberry beans roast better than the more typical two-seeded beans.

•  Peaberry beans are considered the champagne of coffee beans.



Given the long tradition and history of Costa Rican coffee, Doka Estates created their peaberry coffee to take advantage of the bean’s lively, intense aroma, its bright acidity, medium body, and to take advantage of its sweet flavor graced with notes of lime. Peaberry coffee beans also roast differently than other flat berry beans and are often separated during the roasting process to ensure high-grade coffee.

Enjoying A Cup Of This Delightful Brew 



As they say, the proof is in the way a cup of coffee tastes. Like you, I’m not easily impressed, and any deficiency in the way a cup of coffee taste is immediately noticeable. What I especially like about Doka Estate Gourmet Coffee Peaberry AA Doka Coffee is the richness of the brew and how the grace notes of lime seem to accentuate the aroma. That it is a medium roast coffee only aids in my enjoyment. Were it a darker roast I might not be singing its praises as much.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Among the many positive reviews about Doka Estate Gourmet Coffee Peaberry AA Doka Coffee I’ve perused, this one caught my attention because the reviewer had actually discovered this coffee while touring the Doka Estate on a visit to Costa Rica:


5.0 out of 5 stars My favorite coffee

Bytxshoeloveron December 24, 2016

“I went to the Doka Estate when I was in Costa Rica and fell in love with this coffee. I bought some there and was happy to find I could buy more on Amazon. So delicious and perfectly balanced. Rich, smooth, not too acidic.”

I concur, but I sure do wish I had been there myself, in person, to discover this coffee. As it is, I was able to purchase a bag after conducting some thorough research on peaberry coffee beans.

How You, Too, Can Enjoy This Gourmet Peaberry Bean Coffee


Now that we’ve had this time together, I can only hope that, if nothing else, you’ve grown to appreciate my passion for good coffee. I’ve believed from the very beginning of this quest we’ve taken together, that you do. Otherwise, you’d have parted ways with me long ago. Personally, I should tell you how I was drawn to the little bit of history I read about the grower of this peaberry coffee and their three generations of history in the mountains of Costa Rica.

Also, how the 2.2-pound bag seemed the appropriate size for an adequate test run and that it shipped ahead of the estimated delivery—I was enjoying my first cup just a few days after placing my order online—and that the price was more than reasonable for a fresh roasted peaberry bean gourmet coffee.

But, you’re still here, aren’t you, and now you’re probably asking yourself: Should I take the plunge and buy a bag of Doka Estate Gourmet Coffee Peaberry AA Doka Coffee? Well, you know what I’m going to say: Yes, buy it! Buy it and discover for yourself that feeling of finding a product that lives up to its hype for a change.

I purchased my first bag here and it’s a purchase I’ve never regretted for one moment. I hope, like me, you’ll find it as enjoyable and satisfying as I do. I could only wish, though, that I could be there with you when you take that first sip and witness for myself how it tickles your mystical taste buds just as it did mine that very first time. Enjoy!