Kopi Luwak coffee

What is the Best and Most Expensive Coffee in the World?

coffee beansWhether you like robusta bean coffee, Arabica beans or gold leaf coffee in your coffee grinder, I bet you are not drinking the most expensive coffee in the world. It is believed that the Kopi Luwak coffee sold in Vietnam and imported all around the world is the most expensive coffee in the world today.

The coffee is expensive because the coffee beans used in the making of the coffee is sold at $3000 per kg. Kopi Luwak is a specialty coffee. The Luwak coffee is sold at $160 per pound and it is also referred to as the “civet coffee”.

Aside from the fact that the coffee beans are the most expensive in the world, the uncommon method of producing coffee from the beans also makes it one of the best in the world. Before the Kopi Luwak coffee is produced, the beans must be consumed by the Asian Palm Civet; hence, the coffee beans must pass through the digestive system of the animals before the actual coffee production starts.

 Kopi LuwakThe animals that feed on the coffee often eat the cherries because of the fleshy pulp and when it gets into their digestive system, there is fermentation and the protease enzyme from the animals and then they defecate the partly fermented beans. The fecal material is collected for further processing.

Though the ethical production of coffee through this unusual method has been questioned by many, especially with the way the animals are treated in isolation and under poor diet.

The Boquete is the second most expensive coffee in the world as it sells for around $104 per pound. Manufactured in Panama, this coffee has a unique taste and that is why people from all over the world enjoys it. The coffee beans are normally cultivated under the shadow of guava trees and, if you want to try out this coffee, just be prepared to pay as much as $104 for a pound of the beans.

The third most expensive coffee in the world is The St. Elena coffee, which sells for $79 per pound. This coffee, found St. Elena Island, located off the coast of Africa, was praised by former traveler Napoleon Bonaparte, who acknowledged the seeds some centuries ago and also made the coffee bean very popular.

GuatemalaThe El Injerto coffee, from Guatemala, is the fourth most expensive coffee in the world, selling for around $50 per lb. The coffee won the cup of excellence, grand prize as the best coffee, in 2006. Though it managed to get on the 4th position on the list of the most expensive coffee, it is one of the most imported coffees from around the world.

The Fazenda Santa Ines is the fifth most expensive coffee in the world. The coffee is grown in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil and sells for $50 per lb. In the land where it is grown, one can easily notice that this coffee is still being cultivated in the most traditional way and there are no automated procedures involved in the making of the coffee. This coffee is also one of the best because most people admitted that its taste is a reminiscence of berries and caramel.

The Blue-Mountain coffee is the next most expensive coffee after the Fazenda Santa Ines. It is cultivated on the Wallenford Estate, Jamaica—this is also referred to as the Blue Mountains. The coffee sells for around $49 per pound. This coffee is one of the best because it is known to have a taste that lacks bitterness or any mild flavor. Despite its expensive price tag, this coffee has remained one of the most sought-after because it tastes much better than most coffees in the world today. More than 80% of the coffee is exported from Jamaica to Japan and it is worth trying today.

blue mountainThe Los Planes is an expensive coffee that goes for around $40 per pound and it is grown in the city of Citala m El Salvador. This coffee is an award-winning coffee that is worth trying. In the year 2006, the coffee received an award for excellence and it came second after the $50 per pound El Injerto coffee. Despite its expensive nature, this coffee will change your perspective on how coffee should be made.

The 8th most expensive coffees in the world is the Hawaiian Kona Coffee, which is grown in the city of Hawaii, United States. This is a special type of commercial coffee is grown on the Mauna Loa hilly slopes and is located in both North and Southern regions of Kona districts. This coffee is referred to as the best because of its comforting taste and it is available for $34 per pound.

The Blue bourbon (Starbucks Rwanda) is the 9th most expensive coffee I the world. It costs just $24 per pound and it is grown in Gatare Karengera region of Rwanda. Starbucks had introduced this coffee to the country when the company visited the Rwandan coffee washing stations, back in 2004. It is quite common for people to grow the Blue bourbon in their backyards in Rwanda and the main reason being that 1 pound of the coffee costs around $24.

coffeeThe 10th most expensive coffee in the world is the Coffee Yauco Selecto AA which is grown in Yauco, Puerto Rico. This is an exquisite coffee that is worth $24, it produces a mild flavor; however, it offers an ideal taste that is appreciated by people all around the world.

Tourists in most cities of Puerto Rico are usually served with this coffee; hence it remains one of the most popular coffees in the Mediterranean and Oceania regions of the world.

In conclusion, the most expensive coffees are not generally considered as the best. However, what separate these coffees from the rest is not just the high price tags, but also the unusual tastes they provide, with most of them producing no bitter or less bitter tastes that many coffee drinkers are not able to cope with.