Using Both Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Extract

Garcinia cambogia and green coffee beans are two distinctly different plants that offer numerous benefits and weight loss supplements and, if they are combined, their powers are increased greatly. The main ingredient found in Garcinia cambogia is Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is a key ingredient found in many other dietary supplements. Since the introduction of Garcinia cambogia into the weight loss market there has never been a single complaint about the product. Garcinia cambogia is native to the Southeast Asia while the green coffee extract from the green coffee bean seems to be popular in almost every continent of the world. The practice involving the mixture of Garcinia cambogia with green coffee extract is fast becoming the norm, especially in western countries. However, most Southeast Asian weightwatchers still make use of Garcinia cambogia alone and it seems to be working for them.

The main motive for the combination of green coffee extract with Garcinia cambogia is to double-charge the body’s metabolism. Both of the plants have high metabolism boosting powers; hence, they can be relied upon to achieve a tremendous rate of metabolism that will speed up weight loss and curb appetite. Though they work in similar ways to boost the body’s metabolism, they contain different ingredients that help them achieve this. While the HCA is the main ingredient in Garcinia cambogia, the main metabolism booster in green coffee extract is chlorogenic acid. The main technique used by the chlorogenic acid in speeding up weight loss, is still being investigated. One good thing about combining green coffee extract with Garcinia cambogia is that moderately overweight and obese individuals can consume the same amount of the combination and achieve steady results.

One way that green coffee extract works is by reducing the speed at which the liver releases energy in form of glucose into the blood stream. This means the body will be forced to burn the existing fat reserves. Therefore, the rate at which weight is lost increases. When you combine this effect with the boost in metabolic rates, your weight loss can be doubled effectively without causing any significant side effect. Green coffee extract are obtained from un-roasted coffee beans which are green before they are roasted. When the coffee bean is roasted, the active ingredient chlorogenic acid is depleted. However, the caffeine levels are greatly reduced. For this reason Garcinia cambogia is added to green coffee extract to compensate for the lost chlorogenic acid.

When it comes to the combination of Garcinia cambogia with green coffee extract, it seems Garcinia cambogia takes an edge because it is caffeine-free and has been tested over a long period of time to be clinically effective. Garcinia cambogia is a preferred weight-loss supplement used by those who don’t want any side effects, and it can be used alone or in combination with green coffee.

Benefits of combining Garcinia Cambogia with Green coffee extract

There are three main benefits one can derive from combining green coffee extract with Garcinia cambogia:

#1: Boost the body’s metabolic rate;

#2: increase serotonin levels; and

#3: reduce cravings for food.

By boosting the body’s metabolic rates, this combination will help increase the rates at which calories are burnt; hence you can shed those extra weights by doing virtually nothing. By increasing the Serotonin levels, this combination can create positive effects on your mood, appetite and sleep. The more sleep you get, the faster your body burns even more calories. By curving your cravings for food, this combination will help you eat less, and pick healthier food components. There is no single formula for the combination of Garcinia cambogia with green coffee extract. However, since Garcinia cambogia is more potent than green coffee extract, we suggest a mixture of 1:2 for Garcinia cambogia and green coffee extract respectively.

Despite the efficacies of combining Garcinia cambogia with green coffee extract, you will still have to choose your diet wisely in order to achieve the best possible result. Garcinia cambogia will help you block more fat than before because the liver will be forced to use less energy, thus forcing the body to use up stored glucose and fat. Ultimately, you will lose weight gradually from within.

The secret to achieving the best from a mixture of Garcinia cambogia and green coffee extract is to start on a low dose and then increase it gradually to ensure that the body adjusts easily with the contents. Medical experts also advise that this combination should be used sparingly and not for a prolonged period of time, especially by those who are easily affected by caffeine.