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Urbanic 060 Grinder Review

The Urbanic 060 Grinder is an electric coffee grinder for the countertop. It presents an attractive look and is very functional with an adjustment knob to customize the size of the grounds needed for coffee. It has the capability of making grounds for espresso, as well.

You can’t go wrong with this coffee grinder. It has the four things someone should look for in an electric coffee grinder: stability, decent-sized capacity for both coffee beans and finished grounds, blade strength and sharpness, and beautiful appearance that will match well with any kitchen.

Overall, a good coffee grinder can be hard to find for many reasons.

Some electric coffee grinders are compact and small, which is excellent for traveling and making coffee anywhere, but it is not the most ideal for grinding coffee beans at home. When a grinder is that small, it is also light, so it can be prone to tipping while grinding.

Stay-at-home coffee grinders should be stable enough that they will not tip and do not need something or someone to hold it still while grinding. If it requires a counterbalance the entire time it is grinding coffee, it wastes time that could have been for doing other stuff. That is not the case with the Urbanic 060 Grinder.

Urbanic 060 Grinder (Green)

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  • The grinding blade, or burr, is stainless-steel, but there is a titanium option available as well
  • On the grinder, there is an adjustment wheel that can change the fineness or coarseness of the grounds made; this includes a setting for making coffee grounds for espresso
  • The funnel through which the coffee grounds come out, there is an anti-static piece that prevents grounds from flinging everywhere and missing the container below
  • The power switch on the side of the grinder has both manual and automatic settings


  • It can be challenging to clean, and it must have a wipe down with a damp cloth since not all the parts detach for washing


  • Handmade in Korea
  • Simple to clean
  • Grinding blade cover is removable
  • Grinding compartment and blades are stainless-steel
  • Included safety locking system (non-overload switch)
  • Base dimensions: 20 centimeters x 13 centimeters
  • Overall height: 34 centimeters
  • Model: Urbanic 060
  • Weight: 3.5 kilograms
  • Blade: 60 millimeters
  • Hopper: 250 grams
  • Voltage: 220V / 50~60HZ
  • Power: 250 watts
  • Three color options: Green, White, or Black (Green and White versions have brown accents)
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Information & Review

The Urbanic 060 Grinder (Green) is one of the nicer-looking countertop electric coffee grinders. It looks stylish in the kitchen, has customizable settings, and should last a long time if it is cleaned properly before and after each use.

The main problem that comes with coffee grinders is the sharpness of the grinder blades and if they need replacement often, which can be a real hassle.

The last thing someone should want after spending a good chunk of money on a new coffee grinder, is to have to buy another new coffee grinder for even more money or spend almost the same amount in blades every other month. Not all coffee grinder blades are cheap, and each kind varies for different types of coffee grinders.

At some point, after using an Urbanic 060 Coffee Grinder every day, the blade will still need replacement. That is an unavoidable fact with all coffee grinders – at some point, you must replace the grinder blade, even if it takes a few years.

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However, to make the blade last longer before replacement, this coffee grinder does have an optional alternative blade made of a different material.

Initially, the Urbanic Coffee Grinder has a stainless-steel burr, but there is a titanium grinder blade available.

Everything about the Urbanic 060 Grinder is high-quality and suitable for all levels of experience with making coffee grounds.

Urbanic 060 Coffee Grinder Instructions

Upon first purchasing, before using the grinder for the first time, gently clean out the blade with the dry cleaning brush.

According to the provided manufacturing information, each Urbanic coffee grinder goes through testing once before going away to the consumer that made the purchase. So, some coffee grounds or dust from them may be leftover in the blade compartment.

You will want to make sure none of this dust is present and clean it thoroughly if it is.

Once the grinder is clean, continue reading these instructions.

For using your new and shiny Urbanic 060 Grinder (Green), follow these simple instructions:

Step 1:

Set the metal dial to the appropriate size of grounds for the strength of coffee desired. For regular dark coffee, set the ground size to the middle, where it says, “Fine”. Espresso and stronger coffee will require the dial be to the far right, at the 1 or 0. Labels on the dial tell you which direction is for drip coffee and which direction is for espresso.

Step 2:

Place the metal carafe or espresso scoop securely under the funnel where the grounds will come out. Note the push switch behind where the container goes.

Step 3:

Add coffee beans to the clear containment on top of the grinder. Be careful not to overfill it. Remember to put the lid back on once the beans are in the cup.

Step 4:

Flip the power switch to either manual or automatic, and then, push the carafe into the push button switch, if the grinder did not start automatically.

Summary of the Urbanic 060 Grinder (Green)

For grinding coffee beans at home, on a daily basis, the Urbanic 060 Grinder is perfect.

This coffee grinder has everything one would need for grinding coffee beans according to their preferences of coffee strength. It is a super simple process to change the size of coffee grounds the machine makes, and they do not tend to have any issues with making the grounds correctly.

Although compact coffee grinders are useful, stay-at-home coffee grinders, like the Urbanic 060 Grinder, are the best option for people who intend to keep their coffee grinding at home.