Under Counter Coffee Maker Coffee Makers That Won’t Take Up Your Valuable Counter Space

Under Counter Coffee Maker: Coffee Makers That Won’t Take Up Your Valuable Counter Space

Under counter coffee makers save a lot of space, especially in the kitchen so you don’t have to worry about storage but still ensure that perfect cup of coffee every time. They don’t necessarily have to be the costliest on the market, as long as they produce the required quantity of great quality coffee.

You may enjoy devoting most of your time to consuming several coffee cups but you definitely don’t want to use all your counter space just to store your coffee maker.  That special space on top of your kitchen cabinet is prime—so it must be used wisely.

If you are living in a small space and you prefer a very tidy kitchen counter you should be well prepared, especially when you need to prepare as many as 2 cups of coffee at a time—this may lead to a space dilemma.

If you desire a coffee maker that can brew a full pot at a time and wouldn’t take up much space on your counter table there are a number of options you may want to consider.  Try as much as possible to be open-minded as there are new techniques to make coffee machines to occupy significantly smaller spaces and ensure that you get you enjoy your perfect cup of coffee whenever you want it.

#1: Krups Savoy Stainless Steel 12 Cup Glass Coffee Maker EC314050

Krups Savoy StainlessIf you want your coffee maker to be neat and tidy, this is probably one of your perfect choices. It comes with a square shape that ensures that the glass carafe to slide expectedly under the large screen which is easy-to-read.

The sleek and compact design of this coffee maker will ensure that it can be tucked under your counter-top, especially when you are not making any coffee. Furthermore, you can benefit from the numerous features of larger coffee makers without having to give up lots of space in your kitchen.

Despite its space-saving design, this coffee maker will still provide up to 12 different coffee cups in the shortest possible time. It comes with an adjustable brew strength feature alongside a coffee extraction temperature of 180 degrees plus extra features such as Brew Pause, and a keep-warm mode.

Each package comes with a glass carafe alongside a gold tone filter and it measures 9.6 x 12.2 x 15.9 inches in width, length, and height respectively. Though saves lots of space it can be quite pricey at around $79.

#2: BonJour Coffee 12-cup Black Bijoux French Press

BonJour Coffee 12-cup BlackIf you don’t have any counter space to spare, then the BonJour Coffee 12-cup Black Bijoux French Press may be one of the last few options you may want to consider.

This brewer is one of the simplest and fastest ways to brew your coffee in the morning, whether you are looking for a single serving or up to 12 cups of coffee within the shortest period of time. This coffee maker will also teach you the art of French pressing which is a simple way of brewing coffee.

Despite its space-saving design, this French press costs less than $60 which is quite lower than most of its main competitors. The vintage style coffee maker comes with a set that includes a plastic scoop alongside the 2-cup glass French press.

It is made with a combination of stainless steel and sturdy glass. It comes with a riveted handle attachment, making it easier to handle under any condition (including the pouring time). The coffee maker measures 11.3 x 7.4 x 5.6 in height, width, and depth. Aside from its space-saving design, the coffee maker is also dishwasher safe.

#3: Cuisinart DTC-975 12-Cup Programmable Thermal Coffeemaker – Black & Stainless

Cuisinart DTC-975 12-CupAt a cost of $82.99, this product can be slightly more expensive than many similar products; however, it is a superb space saver you can rely on any day.

This machine will not hog at your counter top and it is packed with numerous features, including the automatic shut-off that comes up once brewing time is completed. There is a programmable brew time as well as a stainless steel thermal carafe that will ensure that your coffee pot is kept warm at all times.

Aside from spacing space under your kitchen cabinet, this is a fully-automated coffee maker that comes with 24-hour programmability. The carafe is a double-wall insulated accessory while the lid which is brew-through and pour-through and will keep all the air out of your coffee, in order to keep your coffee fresh and hot for several hours.

There is an instructional booklet that comes with the package and one of the main instructions you will get is that you must keep the valve clean always, especially when coffee flavors are used—these flavors may cause the brew pause to stick when they are not cleaned.

#4: The Ten Cup Classic Chemex

The Ten Cup Classic ChemexThis coffee maker completely different from other coffee makers you see on daily basis. It comes with a fancy finishing and design and aside from saving space, there seem to be no frills in the use of this coffee machine.

It comes with a pour-over method for pouring the coffee but, on the downside, there are no programmable timers or thermal carafe, though it is easier to clean up the device.

The 10-cup Classic Chemex has its space-saving feature due to its hour-glass shape. It comes with a polished wood collar that has a leather tie. According to the Illinois Institute of Technology, this product is one of the best-designed products in modern times.

The Chemex filters are designed to work on all brands of Chemex coffee makers so you don’t have to purchase new filters when you change your Chemex coffee maker to another type.

It comes with a capacity to produce up to 50 oz of coffee and it is often referred to as the pristine coffee maker. The hour-glass shaped glass is made from complete glass material and it is a chemically inert material that will not absorb the odor of the brewing coffee materials so you will get fresh coffee always without any chemical residue.

This all-glass coffee maker does not come with any movable part so it should last for decades unless it gets damaged as a result of accidental dropping or mechanical pressure. The Classic Chemex filters are made from the best filter materials.

This product measures 5.2 x 5.2 x 9.2 inches in width, length, and height respectively. It weighs just 1.8 pounds and it is shipped worldwide. Despite its simple and space-saving design, this product is one of the most affordable coffee brewers you can find at less than $40.

#5: Bonavita Coffee 8-Cup Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Lined Carafe

Bonavita Coffee 8-CupIf you have countertops with narrow space, this option of coffee maker may be the best option for you. Though it doesn’t provide you with a 12-cup coffee option, the 8-cup version only measures 6.8 inches in width, which is very good for your counter bottom storage. It also comes with a compact but sturdy solid structure that makes it easier to slide into that tight spot.

At a price of $132.93, this product has numerous features so its moderately high price is justified. It comes with a one-touch brew operation that also comes with an auto-off switch.

The powerful and precise coffee maker works with a 1500W heater, in order to maintain its optimal brewing temperature at between 195-205 degrees F.  You also have an optional pre-infusion mode that will remain constantly wet the freshly grounded coffee in order to ensure the de-gassing of the coffee before brewing commences.

The coffee maker comes with a flat-bottomed filter basket alongside a larger shower head that guarantees better saturation during and after brewing. The entire piece comes with a perfectly designed stainless steel lined thermal carafe. You need to ensure that you de-scale after every 100 uses.  It measures 6.8 x 12.4 x 12.2 inches in width, length, and height respectively and it can be found online.

#6: Black & Decker Spacemaker Thermal Carafe Coffeemaker

Black & Decker SpacemakerThis coffee isn’t referred to as a space-saver for no reason. It is simply the answer to the lack of space, especially under and above your kitchen counter.

To store this coffee maker, you need to mount it under your cabinets and make sure that the countertop is free and clear of all items. The thermal carafe that comes with this space maker can hold up to 8 cups of piping hot coffee.

There are several other features that make this product even more desirable. It comes with a removable water reservoir, plus a brew basket. The device also comes with an on/off power button, as well as freshness indicator that shows how fresh your coffee is during storage or after brewing. The brew-pause function can help you stop brewing if you have to attend to something else.

The device comes with a digital control panel option that has a blue back-lit, alongside a programmable clock plus a delay brew if you want that special wake-up early morning coffee. It has an extended cord alongside a cord storage compartment to ensure that such sensitive accessory is protected.

The cord storage works with the “save a plug” outlet. The package comes with a manual for performing mounting or installing the device; this also comes with a template for easy installation and storage.

The Black & Decker Spacemaker Thermal Carafe Coffeemaker measures 12 3/5 x 10 2/7 x 15 ½ inches in height, width and length respectively. It stores perfectly well because you need to slide it through its horizontal compact design under your counter bottom. The product also comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. It can be found online.

#7: BUNN GRW Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer, White

BUNN GRW VelocityThis product receives a 4.5/5 star rating hence it is not surprising that it is one of the best coffee brewers on the list of the most storage-friendly brewers around. It brews between 4 and 10 cups in less than 3 minutes and it is packed with numerous features. Its main storage-friendly feature is the horizontal frame and smaller width that allows the user to slide inside the counter storage compartment.

The Pour-O-matic drip free glass decanter is a feature that ensures that pouring of the coffee is very easy. It comes with a great spray-head that guarantees and even 100% extraction of the coffee flavor.

The stainless steel hot water tank that is in-built will keep the water heated in order to produce an optimal brewing temperature, which is set at 200 degrees F. The features of this device is not complete without mentioning the unique spray head that guarantees a complete extraction of the coffee flavor during brewing, thus giving you a richer and tastier coffee. With a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, you can rest assured of an excellent product.

BUNN GRW Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer is regarded as the fastest 10-cup coffee maker because of its ability to brew as many as 10 cups in less than 30 minutes and this speedy time does not put any pressure on its capabilities or effectiveness. Making your coffee here is very easy, all you need to do is slide the brew funnel into the brewer before turning on the warmer. Make sure you pour between 20 and 50 oz of water inside the brewer before you close the lid, then watch as the coffee maker completes as many as 10 cups of coffee in less than 3 minutes.

The innovative carafe spout on this device can be described as the game-changer for this product, it makes your coffee to pour without any chances of spilling and it brews better quality and not just bitter coffee.