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The Best KitchenAid Coffee Makers


Founded in 1919 as the Hobart Corporation, KitchenAid exclusively built stand mixers from their original H-5 design. Competition was especially fierce, and they didn’t launch their signature K model until the 1930s (which has largely remained the ever since).

The K Model was designed by Egmont Arens, and has been the cornerstone of their legacy for the better part of the past century. US Navy contracts for stand mixers aboard their fleet helped the company carve out their niche within the industry, and they have been manufacturing the stand mixer of choice for commercial and home ever since.

Today, Kitchenaid is owned by the Whirlpool Corporation, and while they Model K stand mixer is still an integral part of their business, they currently offer high-end kitchen appliances of every kind. Unique among their product line is their automatic pour over coffee brewers, espresso makers, and drip coffee makers.

Built to the same exacting standards of the tough-as-nails, commercial grade K Model Mixers, KitchenAid coffee makers are designed to provide optimal function in a well-designed machine that can withstand decades of regular use. Want the best KitchenAid coffee maker for you? Check out our buyer’s guide and reviews.

KitchenAid Coffee Maker Buying Guide

KitchenAid KCM0802OB Pour Over Coffee Brewer

There are a few considerations to make regarding which KitchenAid Coffee Maker is right for you. KitchenAid is a household name in the world of high end kitchen appliances including mixers, toasters, and more, and they have been around since the early part of the 20th century. Here are the most important features and capabilities to think over when choosing your KitchenAid Coffee Maker.

Points to Ponder:

Brewing Method

What type of coffee are you planning to brew? KitchenAid makes automated traditional drip coffee makers, espresso machines, and even pour over coffee brewers.

Each has specific requirements and a particular level of skill when it comes to brewing coffee, so it is best to carefully consider how much time you have to invest in learning a new coffee maker before making a decision. Different brewing methods also require varying amounts of time to prepare, so you want to consider how quickly you want that morning cup of coffee, too.

Filter Type

Espresso machines use stainless steel filters, and pressurized hot water is forced through tightly packed, finely ground coffee inside the filter to brew a highly concentrated, bold coffee. A drip coffee machine streams unpressurized hot water into a filter basket of medium grounds (usually lined with a disposable paper filter), and the resulting brewed coffee is collected in a receptacle underneath the filter basket.

Drip coffee is the most commonly consumed brew. Pour over coffee makers brew the coffee more slowly than drip coffee makers, but they produce a far more flavorful beverage than espresso or drip brewing methods. Hot water is poured slowly and evenly across the grounds to “bloom” and release their full flavor profile.

As the water runs down through the grounds and collects in the filter, the brewed coffee fills a receptacle or mug with a perfectly brewed cup of fragrant and delicious coffee. This is by far the most time consuming method of brewing coffee, and it can filter using paper, stainless steel, or ceramic filters.

Water Temperature Controls

Espresso machines require hot water to properly brew espresso, so you want the ability to adjust it to the appropriate temperature depending on the roast of coffee beans you have ground.

The flavor of drip coffee is also affected by temperature, and you may want the ability to determine how strong the coffee is by adjusting the temperature for the roast. Pour over coffee requires exacting temperatures to brew the perfect cup, and so temperature control is critical to making good use of a pour-over coffee maker.

Roast Settings

Some drip and pour over machines have an adjustable setting intended for properly brewing light, medium, or dark roast coffees. Generally this is just a temperature control, but it often controls the amount of water and flow between filter and brewing receptacle.

Tank Type

Espresso machines are best with a removable tank. If you can’t take it out and descale it from time to time, your machine will not stay in good operating condition, and the flavor of your coffee will be affected. Plastic versus stainless steel tanks can also affect the  flavor profile of your brew in much the same way the filter type and material can affect it as well.


Glass is the preferred material for coffee pots that catch brewed coffee as it comes out of the filter, but some are made of plastic or stainless steel. Obviously, glass is fragile even when double walled, and you want to make sure that your coffee makers receptacle is appropriate for your lifestyle and kitchen.

Product Reviews

KitchenAid KCM0802OB

There are few peak experiences like a properly brewed pour over coffee. Beans you have used to brew coffee for years suddenly taste richer and fuller than you ever thought possible. The drawback is that making even one cup has always been a time consuming process that requires skill in both grinding the beans properly and in brewing the resultant grounds properly.

KitchenAid has significantly simplified and automated this process with its KCM802OB Pour Over Coffee Brewer. You can make up to 8 cups of perfectly balanced premium pour over coffee  with minimal effort and time, and in your own kitchen no less. Here’s what makes this pour over brewer such an excellent choice:

Product Features Overview:

  • Gold Cup rating by Specialty Coffee Association of America
  • Water temperature control maintains a range of 198-204 Fahrenheit
  • Automates the pour-over coffee technique for evenly blooming coffee grounds
  • One touch medium and dark roast setting allows you to instantly adjust for the correct brewing temperature for different types of roasts
  • Uses #4 paper filters

What to Expect

Pour over coffee tastes far richer and better than drip coffee or espresso. It is also different from unfiltered French press style coffee by extracting the flavor of the beans without the residue or sediment of the grounds.

If you don’t need to make 8 cups on the regular, it does have lower cup settings, too. It does take a little longer to brew than a drip coffee maker, but the improved flavor and richness are well worth the wait.


  • Some owners recommend buying a gold reusable filter to eliminate the flavor effects of using a paper filter
  • Everyone loves the digital clock and brew time setting of the digital model. You can prep your coffee the night before and have it ready when you wake up
  • Some customers find the brew too cool when finished, though that may be because it was allowed to sit for too long in the cup.
KitchenAid KES0504ER Nespresso Bundle

Making good espresso requires practice and skill. You have to grind the beans to the correct consistency (not dissimilar to fine grain salt), then the grounds must be tamped into the filter in at precisely the right pressure, and the water temperature must be just below boiling as it is expressed through the coffee.

Not only is it complex, but making espresso is time consuming without a professional at the controls. Fortunately, KitchenAid makes the KES0504ER, an attractive Nespresso pod espresso maker. Simply pop the pre-ground coffee pod the machine, set the temperature to your taste, and select a brew strength.

You espresso is perfectly prepared in roughly 30 seconds. Additionally, this model includes a milk frother for crafting our own lattes and cappuccinos quickly and easily, and all components are made of die-cast steel for durability and longevity. Here’s what makes this KitchenAid the ideal home espresso machine:

Product Features Overview:

  • Classic KitchenAid style with cutting edge technology
  • Heats and pours your espresso in under a minute
  • Included milk frother lets you prepare your own coffee shop favorites at home
  • Large and easy to operate push button controls
  • Uses Nespresso coffee pods for perfect brew every time

What to Expect

If you haven’t experienced a Nespresso system, you are in for a treat. These machines are truly amazing in their simplicity, and they make shots of espresso as delicious as any coffee shop.

Put water in the tank, pop the pod, push the button, and you’ve got espresso. You can expect little to no learning curve, except potentially finding the brew strength to fit your personal taste.


  • Owners warn new buyers not to use non-Nespresso reusable coffee pods in your machine, as you run the risk of voiding the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Frother is Teflon non-stick coated for easy cleaning, and many users enjoy using flavored creamers or cream in their espresso beverages
  • Many users caution that only Original Line Nespresso pods are compatible with this machine
KitchenAid KES0503OB Nespresso

While many coffee drinkers enjoy lattes and cappuccinos, not ever espresso lover prefers to add milk to their hot java. If you don’t need a milk frother and still love the convenience of the Nespresso coffee system, ten te KES0503OB is the model for you.

It offers all the features of the pricier KES0504ER package minus the milk frother. Make piping hot perfect espresso in under a minute. This machine is perfect for jump starting your day and helping you get the most out of every morning.

Product Features Overview:

  • Get your shots of espresso in under a minute daily
  • Little to no prep time and easy cleanup
  • Removable 1.3 liter water tank
  • Works with Original Line Nespresso Pods
  • Brew strength selector makes it easy to dial in how bold you want your shot of espresso

What to Expect

It does what it says on the box, and it does it well. Pop the pod, twist the dial, push the button, and you have hot espresso ready to go. This is one of those products that delivers fully on its promises, and it is built of tough diecast steel designed to last a lifetime.


  • Don’t use off-brand pods if you don’t want to void the warranty
  • It is not specifically compatible with reusable pods, which means using one may void your warranty.
  • Don’t use distilled water in this machine, it is designed to be used with your tap water.
KitchenAid KCM0402ER Coffee Maker

There is something to be said for good old fashioned medium drop coffee, and if you want a tumbler to go daily, this is the machine that can give it to you.  It’s got a reusable Gold Tone filter basket, an included KitchenAid brand 18 oz. double-walled stainless steel tumbler mug, and a stylish die-cast stainless steel design. Load the basket, add water, push the button, and voila: hot fresh coffee to go.

Product Features Overview:

  • Included 18 0z. Stainless steel insulated tumbler mug
  • Beautiful diecast stainless steel design
  • Small countertop footprint
  • Permanent Gold Tone filter
  • Medium drip coffee maker

What to Expect

Not fussy about your coffee, but want it to be hot and ready when you are? This is the coffee maker for you. It’s a no frills, black coffee fast machine that makes an exceptional cup of medium drip coffee. Works well with fresh ground beans or fresh from the can. Enjoy your coffee when you want it, and keep it hot wherever you are headed in the included tumbler.


  • Owners love how easy it is to set up and use: add water, then coffee, pop the tumbler in place, and turn it on.
  • Most recommend buying an extra tumbler so you always have on clean.
  • Permanent filter ensures excellent coffee every time with no chemical or plastic taste.
KitchenAid 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker

This model is another version of KitchenAid’s 8-Cup pour over coffee maker without the digital clock and automated start features. Many pour over purists prefer to grind the beans and infuse them immediately  to preserve the full flavor and bouquet upon cupping. If you are choosy about how your pour over grounds are prepared and infused during brewing, this is the slightly less expensive and equally excellent option.

Product Features Overview:

  • Medium and Dark Roast Brew Controls
  • Glass coffee pot is chemically neutral and preserves the natural flavors of your pour over
  • Uses a #4 paper coffee filter
  • Can make 2-8 cups of coffee according to your needs
  • Temperature can be programmed between 198-204 degrees Fahrenheit according to taste and the type of coffee you are brewing

What to Expect

This pour over machine automates the proper infusion of hot water with equal distribution for ideal “blooming” of your ground coffee. It brews near-perfect pour overs every time without the extended delay or need to closely monitor and measure exactly how much water you have added.


  • According to some users, you may need to practice getting your coarse grounds consistency just right at first to get the full pour over flavor.
  • There have been a few complaints regarding finished temperature, but that may be due to users failing to select the temperature they prefer.
  • You my need to play with the medium and dark roast settings to determine which you prefer.

The Final Verdict

 Our first choice on this list would have to be the KitchenAid KCM0802OB Digital Pour Over Coffee Brewer. Pour over coffee is delicious, and if you can brew 8 cups of it daily with minimal effort and a shallow learning curve you should do it. This machine makes perfect cups of rich flavorful coffee heated to the perfect temperature and full of rich, textured flavor. Don’t hesitate; pick up one of these high end KitchenAid coffee makers for yourself.