Epica 6-Temperature Variable Electric Kettle

The 5 Best Electric Tea Kettle Reviews for Your Team Time in 2019

Think back to a few years ago when the electric kettle was nothing more than a novelty item that you purchased only when you were looking for a gift to take to your colleague’s wedding. Then remember the numerous amounts of kettles you got on your wedding day, anniversary or even birthday.

But as time went on, technology changed and the basic human being stopped seeing the electric kettle as a spur of the moment purchase and more of a household necessity. These days, there are several classifications and variants of electric kettles with each one specifically built to do a particular task effectively.

For example, electric kettles that make tea are broadly referred to as electric tea makers because of the speed at which they boil their water. Whilst the average electric kettle uses between 11-16 minutes in order to attain the boiling point, these special kinds of kettles use between 2-4 minutes in order to boil between 1 – 2 liters of water.

And because of the never-ending innovation in this space, we understand it may have become a bit difficult to identify and select the ideal kettle for you. By the time you factor in the quality of the product, material type of the product, price range and features, the search for the perfect kettle could leave you with more questions than you began with.

So come with us as we begin our countdown of our 5 top electric tea makers and find out which one matches your style and your budget:

Breville BKE820XL Variable-Temperature

Australian appliance maker Breville is best known for its high-quality designs and cutting-edge features. Makers of the original sandwich toaster, Breville started its foray into the home appliances industry in 1932, and it has kept its reputation as an industry giant.

And with the BKE820XL, Breville showed their superiority as it came with a host of new features. An example of this is that fact that the kettle was designed specially to boil water to the appropriate temperature for five different types of tea and coffee with each temperature already registered as a preset in the kettle’s system.

 The BKE820XL has the capacity to store a large amount of water with its 1.8L capacity being able to provide water for about six to nine cups of tea. Its body is easy to read through, and the only apparent downside to this kettle is the fact that it takes about 5 minutes to boil water when it is at full capacity.


  • Ability to keep water at selected temperature for 20 – 22 minutes
  • Stainless steel base with adequately marked buttons that function as a control panel
  • 1500w, a 1.8L kettle that has five pre-set brewing temperatures for five types of tea and coffee
Royal Electric Kettle

When it comes to design, the Royal electric kettle wins all the available points with its high-quality glass frame and subtle stainless-steel highlights. This 1.7L capacity kettle packs a lot of punch within its tiny frame.  The kettle comes with the latest in LED technology used to indicate when the kettle is heating and when the water is completely boiled.

It also has a cordless function, making it easier for pouring to be done. While other kettles take within 6 – 8 minutes to boil water at similar capacity, it takes the Royal kettle 5 minutes to boil 1.7L of water, and it keeps the water at similar temperature for about 10 – 15 minutes.


  • Possesses an anti-slip grip and heat-resistant handle to help you navigate pouring hot water without worrying about it slipping
  • It allows for easy cleaning thanks to its beautiful design
  • The kettle is 100% BPA free, and it’ll protect your water from tasting fowl
Epica 6-Temperature Variable Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

The Epica Kettle is what happens when a company designs a product with its customers in mind. Many refer to the kettle as the best electric kettle on the market and rightly so as it manages to combine beautiful design with cutting edge technology that is very user-friendly.

The kettle is 100% BPA free, and it is made from stainless-steel. There are six preset temperatures in the form of buttons on the side of the kettle as well as the start button. It also has a two hour keep warm function that allows you to keep your water at your preferred temperature whilst you step out.


  • 1.7L stainless-steel kettle that runs on 1500 watts of power
  • Has six preset temperature settings for you to choose from and it is 100% BPA free
  • The two-year warranty that sees a 100% free replacement if you come across any issue with the kettle
Russell Hobbs Glass 1.7L Electric Kettle

Russell Hobbs became an international household name due to their awesome range of home appliances. And with their electric kettle, they showed why they are considered a leader in the industry.

The kettle has a glass body with a silver and stainless-steel handle that adds a lot to the overall aesthetic. Like the Royal Electric kettle, It also uses LED technology that comes to life when the kettle is in use to add a little something to the overall experience.


  • Lift and Serve base: a fully detachable base that makes lifting the kettle a breeze
  • Pour sprout designed specially to ensure a drip-free experience
  • 1.7L capacity that boils between 6-7 minutes
  • Easy to clean with detachable filters.
BELLA 1.2L Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle

The Bella electric kettle is an ode to the past with its ceramic frame. For a long time, kettles were made with ceramic, so this is a great gift for someone who’s looking for something new but somewhat similar. Also owning a ceramic kettle beats stainless-steel and plastic because you eliminate the possibility of rust and water contamination.


  • Comes in a wide range of color
  • A 1.2L kettle that consumes 1,200 watts due to its small size
  • Single button to control on/off as well as an led light to indicate when the kettle is switched on.

Final Verdict:

The Breville BKE820XL manages to edge out all of its competition with its amazing design and the fantastic functions packed into it. It is a bit pricey compared to the other kettles on this list, but it is a sure value for the money.