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Tea Bar: Local Tea Enthusiasts – Finding and Sharing With You

A Cup of teaMore and more people in the US are enjoying a nice cup of tea. Whether it is a simple afternoon tea time alone with finger sandwiches, iced tea in the hotter months, or you like to have a tea party with friends and family, everyone likes their own type of tea.

That’s why more people are looking towards tea bars in order to share knowledge and try a wide variety of new and exciting loose leaf teas. There are local meet-ups for virtually any topic of interest or discussion all around the world.

A tea bar or tea room will not only bring unity among tea enthusiasts from across the world, it will also help them discover so many different kinds of tea, tea history, and tea recipes from different regions. It seems many people just drink tea but they actually don’t know what exactly a good tea is. Whether it is green tea, black tea, white tea, bubble tea, Oolong tea, stash tea, or even coffee in a tea bar, it is easier to educate people what exactly to look out for when buying a tea from their local stores.

Tea lovers may find it difficult to shop for tea products because there are few things to look out for and the fact that many people think most teas taste the same can even make it difficult for them to make the right choice or switch from one choice to the other.

Most of the tea produced today, especially as exported commodities, are normally cut and shredded into smaller pieces before they are bagged for onward distribution. There are local tea producers who make use of full leave teas for the production and packaging of their teas, especially from their gardens. Just like cheese and coffee, there is a growing dimension in which tea is cultivated and exported.

There are several ways in which you can find and share with local tea enthusiasts all around the world, these include the following:

#1: Tea tasting events

tea enthusiastsTea tasting events just like wine tasting events provide opportunities to start a tea bar where other tea lovers will be found and tea ideas can be shared with them. Thousands of tea enthusiasts attend tea events where new teas can be tasted and information, such as the origin of the tea, the composition of the tea, and its benefits will be mentioned.

This is one of the ways in which tea enthusiasts can meet and exchange ideas before the next tea tasting event. Tea tasting events provide one of the best avenues for educating people about so many teas, especially the ones they know little or nothing about.

#2: social media

social media networkIf you are an international tea enthusiast, the social media should remain your best point to meet and exchange ideas about tea. There are various tea enthusiasts groups on top social media network, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many more.

Social media networks afford tea enthusiasts the opportunity to discuss with tea lovers in other regions and continents of the world and, who knows, tea exporting businesses can also be concluded over social media network. Localized tea bars are also available on social media networks, especially the ones scattered around the city.

#3: Tea exhibitions

tea barsAside from learning about local and foreign teas, tea exhibitions can provide you the opportunity of meeting tea enthusiasts in your local area.

Tea exhibitions not only provide information on old and newly discovered teas, they also provide information on how the teas are brewed and the systematic ways you can brew such teas in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is make use of the right contact you get at such exhibition to find out more about local tea bars and enthusiasts who make use of such bars.

#4: Tea gift shops

Tea giftTea gift shops can also be the perfect opportunity to start a tea bar where one can meet tea enthusiasts, especially within the local area. Tea gift shops provide tea lovers the opportunity of getting packaged tea items that can be sent as gifts to their friends, family, and loved ones.

Tea gift shops provide information about the local tea bars in town and how to join them, there are even tea enthusiast clubs in your local neighborhood that you can join and become a member—this membership may qualify you for special discounts and vouchers you can use to pay for tea gifts on a regular basis. Tea gift shops provide a wide range of teas and many of them are looking for foreign tea exporters who they can do business with.

#5 Make use of online search tools

online search toolsThere are a number of tea enthusiast websites where you can easily track them on a map. One website you can use for this purpose is meetup.com, which is an online search engine for meeting up with tea lovers in diverse regions of the world.

You don’t have to be a member or social network group to join such tea enthusiast groups, Instead, all you have to do is make use of such online search tools and a map will show up and display the tea enthusiast bars and addresses you can easily use to track them down.

Online search tools are the most reliable ways of discovering tea groups all across the world because you can expand the map revealed and get the right addresses you can follow until you reach your destination.

#6: Yellow pages and other resources

Yellow PagesGone are those days when tea bars were deliberately removed from the Yellow Pages because they were not seen as serious businesses worth mentioning. Nowadays, the tea business has evolved into a multi-billion dollar business all around the world today and you can hardly miss them in the Yellow Pages.

The local government also provides information on tea bars on their regional offices as well as their websites and you can make use of such resources to track down the next meetings of tea enthusiasts attending such bars.

You need to have some ideas worth sharing with local tea enthusiasts at local bars. In most cases, there may be a monthly or yearly contribution made towards the success of such tea enthusiast associations and bars, it will be ideal to ask for information especially if they have booklets or a guide for newbies like yourself. If you really enjoy your tea, meeting up with local enthusiasts is definitely the best way to maximize the potential of those teas you love.