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The ROK Espresso Maker

The ROK Espresso Maker is a best-selling and most environmentally-friendly manual espresso maker that gives you the ability to create perfect coffee, espressos, and lattes anytime and anywhere. Using pre-ground coffee, it is designed to be used without electricity, you can make perfect piping hot drinks at home, at the office, or even while camping.

Since its product launch in 2004, the ROK Espresso Maker has been making waves in the coffee machine industry. With its innovative technology, engine-grade build materials, and unique finishes, the ROK Espresso resides in a class all of its own.

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Manual Presso ROK Espresso Maker

rok expresso maker

The classic Rok Espresso Maker comes with everything you need to create perfect espressos. Including a portafilter, milk frother, tamp/spoon, and splitter, the Rok Espresso Make uses no electricity or expensive pods, giving you a truly hands-on home barista experience.

Price: Around $250

Warranty: 10-Year Certificate

Item Dimensions: 12'' x 8'' x 10.5''

Electricity: None Required

Item Weight: 3.5 lb

Features: Slip-resistant Rubber Legs

Truly one of the most innovative coffee makers of the last decade, the ROK Presso has garnered significant media attention and is topping bestseller lists across the Internet. GQ magazine even listed the Presso ROK to be among their “Best Stuff of 2012.”

Packed full of innovative and cutting edge features, the Presso ROK stands in a class all its own. Environmentally friendly, it features electricity-free functionality that enables you to be an expert barista anytime and anywhere. The machine’s level of top-quality construction and durability is unrivaled and features engine-grade metal construction that is backed by a 10-year guarantee.

The Presso ROK Espresso Maker was designed with innovation in mind and gives you the tools and ease to become a home barista able to produce the dreamy, creamy, frothy espresso drinks of your dreams. An included stainless steel frother lets you produce rich milk for lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. The two levers located on the sides of the ROK machine enable you to exact complete control over the brewing pressure to create custom drinks sure to delight traditionalists and espresso enthusiasts alike.

Designed in London, the Presso ROK Espresso Maker is an innovative coffee machine packed with ingenious features that provide users the ultimate control to create and customize the espresso and coffee drinks of their dreams.


· Make coffee and espresso anywhere, anytime without using electricity.

· Brews with ground coffee, so you’re not limited by capsule and pod selections.

· Backed by a 10-year warranty certificate that will replace any metal components for free.

· Brimming with well-thoughtout accessories like a modern reusable tin, tamper/measuring spoon, and a detachable double-shot spout.


· Must use ground coffee as opposed to capsules or pods.

· Spare parts must be ordered from outside the U.S.

· For very hot coffee, device must be pre-warmed.

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Rok Presso Manual Espresso Maker

Manual Presso ROK Espresso Maker – Copper

rok expresso maker

Outfitted with a beautiful copper frame, the classic Rok Espresso Maker that you know and love now comes with added durability and a breathtaking aesthetic. Retooled with 100% new parts, this version of the ROK Presso Espresso Maker is even more environmentally-friendly than its original predecessor. With its gorgeous façade and classic looks, you can easily brew handcrafted espresso drinks in true style.

Price: Around $450

Warranty: 10-Year Certificate

Item Dimensions: 12.2'' x 8'' x 10.5''

Electricity: None Required

Item Weight: 6.75 lb

Features: Metal Coffee Reservoi

Re-tooled with 100% newly designed parts, the innovative ROK Presso has evolved into a true coffee brewing tour de force. With its consistent high praise from consumers and media alike, the Presso ROK Espresso Maker continues to top bestseller lists across major shopping sites online. This latest iteration of their well-known and beloved espresso machine now features a copper frame, metal coffee reservoir, and stainless steel components throughout that are built to last.

With its elegantly industrial looks, the ROK Presso is beautiful enough to function as a standalone art piece. As easy to use as it is beautiful, brewing coffee is as simple as adding coffee into the included portafilter, pouring hot water into the water cylinder, and simply raising and then squeezing the attached levers downwards. With these simple steps, handcrafted gourmet coffee is just seconds away!

The Presso ROK Expresso Maker is designed to put you in control and gives you the ability to customize your coffee creations in myriad ways. Like its predecessor, the ROK Presso Copper is electricity-free; the coffee-brewing mechanism is quiet, quick, and produces the delicious espresso drinks you love within seconds. Designed to go above and beyond basic espresso, the ROK Presso machine gives you the ability to create lattes, Americanos, Cappuccinos, and more, by putting the power of perfect coffee in your hands.


· Newly designed gorgeous copper colored frame.

· 100% retooled newly designed parts.

· All new metal coffee reservoir.

· Backed by a 10-year warranty certificate that will replace any metal components for free.


· Durable copper construction results in a heavier machine.

· Spare parts must be ordered from outside the U.S.

· Copper coloring is plated.

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ROK Presso Manual Espresso Maker - Copper

Manual Presso ROK Espresso Maker and ROK Coffee Grinder Bundle

rok expresso maker

Gleaming polished exteriors and sophisticated, sleek lines make ROK’s Classic Espresso Maker and Coffee Grinder a dynamic duo that would gorgeously accentuate any counter. Offering unparalleled coffee customizing options, this is an essential for any espresso aficionado.

Price: Around $400

Warranty: 10-Year Certificate

Espresso Dimensions: 12.2'' x 8'' x 10.5''

Grinder Dimensions: 8.3'' x 6.8'' x 11''

Espresso Weight: 3.5 lb

Grinder Weight: 5.5 lb

The ROK Presso Manual Espresso Maker remains a perennial favorite among coffee and espresso enthusiasts. Offering a vast amount of options and endless customization, the ROK Presso is a comprehensive kit that lets you create all the coffee drinks you love. The ROK coffee grinder is the perfect companion to the ROK Presso and affords you the opportunity to grind your own coffee at home freshly. Featuring a variety of settings designed to let you grind your coffee to your exact specifications, the ROK Coffee Grinder is about more than just great results. ROK products offer you an intimately visceral experience that engages you in the coffee making process, giving you unparalleled levels of satisfaction and enjoyment in your creative coffee-making process.

The ROK Espresso Maker and Coffee Grinder allow you to become an expert barista with the ability to create high-quality and handcrafted coffee drinks wherever you go. Its innovative design enables the two machines to function without the need for electricity. Whether you are at home, at the office, or even camping in the wilderness, ROK provides you the means to make perfect coffee on whatever journey you may find yourself on.

The ROK Presso remains an essential item for the repertoire of any coffee enthusiast or connoisseur. Environmentally friendly, packed full of innovative features, and featuring top-quality levels of engine-grade construction the ROK Presso continues to receive immense praise and accolades from the media and, most importantly, from consumers.

The ROK Presso and the ROK Coffee Grinder allows you to take your coffee making game to the next level. You get to customize your coffee in all aspects, from the consistency of the grind, all the way up to creating the perfect level of creamy frothiness that tops your piping hot espresso.

Featuring 12 precision settings, the ROK Coffee Grinder enables you to create all types of coffee from French Press to Turkish styles. Operating the grinder is as easy as turning the adjustment wheel.

Ease of use is exactly what the designers of the ROK Coffee Grinder had in mind. Well-thought out features are abundant, featuring a long handle, sturdy base, and bevel gears with self-lubricating properties.

ROK Coffee Grinder Features

Double Bearing Drive Shaft

Agitator to Ensure all Beans are Ground

Precision Die Cast Aluminum Body

Calibrated Wheel to Adjust Coffee Grind

Long Handle for Easy Grinding

Wide Non-slip Base for Stability

Unlike so many other manual grinders that are difficult to control due to unsturdy bases, short handles, and stiff turning mechanisms, the ROK Coffee Grinder stands apart in its effortless operation. Innovative features that have undergone extensive testing are exactly why the ROK Coffee Grinder stands alone as the premier coffee grinder choice on the market.

The long-lasting acetal bevel gears featured on their machine have been tested through thousands of rotations. The ROK Coffee Grinder also features cutting edge 48MM steel conical burrs. Designed to prevent the heat buildup that inevitably warms the beans and degrades their flavor, the ROK consistently remains and runs cool throughout the grinding process.

The grinding process is critical to making exceptional coffee and the ROK Coffee Grinder ensures that you are provided with great grinds through consistent coffee particles. It is the state-of-the-art double bearing drive shaft featured in the ROK grinder that makes all the difference. Providing stability and none of the wobble found in lesser machines, the ROK maintains stable throughout the entire grinding process.


· Make coffee and espresso to your exact specifications throughout the entire process—anywhere, anytime without using electricity.

· Grind and brew your own coffee, espresso, and lattes anywhere, anytime, and without electricity

· Backed by a 10-year warranty certificate that will replace any metal components for free.

· Brimming with well-thought out accessories like a modern reusable tin, tamper/measuring spoon, and a detachable double-shot spout, in addition to featuring top-quality, engine-grade design materials.


· Must make slight adjustment for left-handed users.

· Spare parts must be ordered from outside the U.S.

· Cleaning is slightly difficult in hard to reach crevices.

If you love coffee, then you’ll love the hands-on experience that only the Presso ROK Manual Espresso Maker can offer. Innovative, well-thought out designs coupled with machine-grade industrial quality components give you the ability to create connoisseur coffee with flawless execution every time. Ingeniously created to run without electricity, the ROK Presso puts the power of coffee making in your hands anytime and anywhere.

Choosing a Presso ROK Manual Espresso Maker comes down to your choice of materials and color. The classic original ROK features a polished aluminum frame and comes in colors like black or a bright and cherry red. Furthermore, there is a premium copper-constructed version that offers unparalleled beauty and durability.

It is my opinion that the best choice for the Presso ROK Espresso Maker is the Copper option. Unique, and unlike anything else on the market, the copper frame on the ROK Presso offers added durability and breathtaking looks.

The warm hues and elegant yet industrial feel result in a coffee-bar feel right in your own home, where you become the barista, creating the drinks of your dreams. With the ROK Presso Copper option, you get all the innovative features of the classic iteration, but you’re also getting a machine that features agorgeous façade that is so beautiful that it can function as a stand-alone art piece on your counter.

Coffee making is more than just about the coffee itself. Coffee making is a process, a feeling, and an involvement. With the ROK Presso, you are in total control of the coffee-making experience. I imagine myself standing in front of their beautiful copper machine, mastering my very own barista destiny. Breathing in the earthy aroma of freshly brewed coffee, I’m able to create a perfectly creamy and frothy topping for my espresso, and be mere seconds away from a soothing, ethereal experience in the form of a piping hot and delicious drink that I crafted from my own hands.

This is exactly why I will purchase the Presso ROK Espresso Maker in the Copper option. I want the whole experience, from being able to make coffees, espressos, and lattes, but also creating those drinks from a machine that brings beauty to my kitchen. It imparts an old-world yet technologically-inclined feeling that I am in the midst of my very own coffee bar, with the power of perfect coffee making within my very own hands.