Rok Espresso Coffee Maker Review

Rok EspressoThe Rok Espresso Coffee Maker is a semi-automatic espresso machine, which is still popular by its previous name “Presso”.

Presso is one of its kind and a unique and perfect espresso maker that has been re-branded and given a new name to express the new add-ons alongside the improvements to its structure and efficiencies that produce pure magic from hot water and ground coffee.

Features and Specifications of the Rok Espresso Coffee Maker

The all new Rok Espresso Coffee Maker comprises of the following components to make the perfect espresso time and again:

  • A new metal that has 35% higher tensile strength when compared to the old machine and the reason for this new metal alloy is that the older metal component was snapping.
  • A beefed-up arm link (comes with an additional 65 g of extra weight).
  • A new plunger that appears to have been strengthened.
  • A new base that now comes with rubber feet that ensure the machine does not slide around during usage.
  • Comes with a new metal storage tin.
  • Rok Espresso Coffee Maker comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Design of Rok Espresso Coffee Maker

coffee machineThe design of Rok Espresso Coffee Maker can best be described as timeless. It looks so aesthetically appealing when placed on the counter and it does not occupy much space; hence it is ideal for those who are trying to conserve some spaces.

The machine can be stored in a tin container—this is sold along with the coffee machine and, if you prefer, you may also store it in a cupboard or your kitchen cabinet. The machine comes with a great solid lever action alongside a bulky portafilter, but all these do not increase the weight of the machine substantially.

While the older version of the espresso machine had handle breakage issues, the new Rok Espresso Coffee Maker has never been reported to suffer from the same problems, even if the new design does not solve the issue, the 10-year warranty will definitely resolve that. The rubber feet are a great new feature on this machine as they keep it stable even on slippery surfaces. Aside from the rubber feet, the machine itself is built sturdily to stay in one place.

Dosing can be made to be a lot easier if an Aeropress funnel is used along with Rok Espresso Coffee Maker. The Aeropress fits perfectly into the portafilter, though you may need a plastic scoop tamper because of its convenience.

Rok Espresso Coffee Maker – The Review of Hands-on Experience

coffee beansRok Espresso Coffee Maker comes with a proposition that is uniquely attractive and you wouldn’t find the wasteful plastic pod that adds some unnecessary bulk to the machine.

All you have to do now is to grind your coffee beans, tamp, and pour boiling water into the right chamber and then make use of the levers to create sufficient pressure and you will produce a great espresso coffee.

The first thing you need to know is that you will need to pre-heat your Rok Espresso Coffee Maker just to keep everything as warm as possible and that means you need to flush some warm water through the chamber, alongside the portafilter. You need to ensure that the portafilter submerged inside a cup of boil water and then quickly close, before tamping and brewing your coffee. With continuous practice, the use of Rok Espresso Coffee Maker should not be cumbersome. It may take a while before you get used to the quick use of this machine.

One other thing you may want to take note here is that it is better to over-fill the chamber with water, in order to keep the pressure high enough, if you don’t overfill the chamber with water, you may end up overshooting the “peters” with a rush of air.

You can achieve between 5 and 10 bars of pressure if you squeeze the handle of the machine down hard. Trying to do things so quick with this machine at the beginning will only end in under-extracted coffee, hence you need to keep in mind that over-extraction of coffee may also result in some nasty bitterness while under extraction of coffee will result in tart sourness.

coffee beansRok Espresso Coffee Maker works best when the pressure is gently ramped up because the silicone dispersion will be a little loose and it may appear as it is allowing water to move around the sides, which may result in less extraction of your ground coffee.

With extra water, you need to keep up with the volume by pulling up the handles in order to create a vacuum in order to stop the shot—this will definitely work perfectly.

Another thing you should know about the use of Rok Espresso Coffee Maker is that you may need a very good burr grinder that will provide you with the best and most consistent espresso grind. Manual grinders can be very cheap while automatic grinders are faster and seem to be more efficient in providing the finest grind.

The Bottom Line

tasting coffeeRok Espresso Coffee Maker is a pleasant coffee maker that is far better than any average coffee brewer in the market today. It is ideal for budget conscious individuals.

Though the design comes in an attractive form and the machine is created to have a tendency to under –extract your coffee but when you keep everything hot, you will get the best result.

When everything is kept hot, you will get a pretty and pleasant tasting coffee. It is worth mentioning that the Rok Espresso Coffee Maker package also comes with a manually operated milk frother, which is suitable for individuals who enjoy their espresso with some added milk.

There are few that rival the Rok Espresso Coffee Maker and many of them are high-end machines that may require more accessories, hence they will be more expensive. If you want a durable and sturdy coffee machine that will last for generations without costing you much, you should consider the Rok Espresso Coffee Maker. This machine is reliable for family and other small gathering coffee making and it is very affordable and easy to maintain.