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Nuova Simonelli Mythos Plus On Demand Espresso Grinder Built in Tamper

Great espresso is often attributed to a great espresso maker, but the concept goes further than that. The espresso grinder is what takes espresso from good to great, and it doesn’t get nearly enough credit or attention it deserves.

That’s what this article is for. We are going to discuss the espresso grinder and why you need one. We are going to finish the article off by looking specifically at the Nuova Simonelli Mythos Plus on Demand Espresso Grinder with a built-in tamper so that you know what sets this espresso grinder apart from the rest.

Why You Need an Espresso Grinder

An espresso maker is only as good as the coffee you put in it. It’s easy to make the mistake of buying ground coffee at the store, thinking you are buying “fresh” coffee. Did you know that preground coffee at the store is actually stale?

Once a coffee bean is ground, it begins to deteriorate quickly, and part of that deterioration is directly related to the taste. Ground coffee that is purchased from a shelf of a grocery store has lost over half of its aroma, freshness, and taste, and the best espresso maker in the world can’t fix that.

This is why you need an espresso grinder. Having an espresso grinder is better than no espresso grinder at all, but you shouldn’t settle for just any espresso grinder. An espresso grinder with specific features, such as a built-in tamper, clump crusher, and storage hopper can be the deciding factors for which grinder to choose, and this is exactly why we are focusing on the Nuova Simonelli Mythos Plus on Demand Espresso Grinder with the built-in tamper.

Features of the Nuova Simonelli Mythos Plus on Demand Espresso Grinder with Built-in Tamper

As we mentioned above, there are specific features found in this espresso grinder that can’t be found anywhere else, and this is what sets this grinder apart from the rest.

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Built-in Tamper

A tamper is a tool used to take loose coffee grounds and pack them into a perfect serving of packed coffee grounds to place in your espresso machine. A tamper will evenly pack the fresh ground coffee to make one perfectly even shot of espresso.

The tamper included in this model is a dynamometric tamper. A dynamometric tamper will not only grind the coffee beans into a perfect portion, but it will also pack them into a perfect puck to ensure that your espresso extracts the maximum aroma and flavor from the bean. A built-in tamper is a must-have feature in an espresso grinder because it will ensure your espresso receives the maximum flavor and extraction of the bean as it is ground.

Storage Hopper

To keep you from having to transfer coffee beans from a bag to the grinder before each grind, use an espresso grinder that includes a storage hopper for easy and convenient storage. The coffee beans will be stored in an air-tight container and ready to grind whenever needed. Not only is this convenient, but it is also the best way to ensure your beans stay as fresh as possible before they are ready to be ground.

Clump Crusher

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Espresso requires coffee beans to be ground fine or extra-fine, so clumps are an espresso’s worst nightmare. With clump crusher technology, the coffee is ground evenly with no clumps or unevenness. Each dose is perfectly even and finely ground.

75mm Titanium Burr

The burr is an important part of the grinder because it is the actual mechanism that grinds the whole beans into ground coffee. It is important for the burr to be durable, effective, and reliable. The 75mm titanium burr is included with the Nuova Simonelli Mythos Plus which makes for a quick grinding process. The titanium burr with clump crusher technology creates a fine quality grind that is perfect for espressos each and every time.

Portafilter Holder

Whether you are making espresso commercially or residentially, the last thing you want to do is physically hold the portafilter as the coffee is grinding. With the portafilter holder, you can do other things while your coffee is grinding and being tampered.

Safe and Easy to Use

The best feature of all is actually not a feature of the grinder, but instead the grinder as a whole. The Nuova Simonelli Mythos Plus grinder is both safe and easy to use.

The safety features of the grinder allow users to safely load and unload the hopper of the grinder without risk of injuring yourself on the burr of the grinder.

Users also recommend the Mythos Plus because of its ease of use. You can program three programmable doses on the programmable interface, allowing you to use one of three programmable sizes on each grind to place in your espresso maker. Not only does this feature make it easy to create the perfect grind each time, but it also saves time by preventing you from setting the size of the grind before you begin each grind.

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Best for Commercial Kitchens and Cafes

If you have a kitchen or cafe, you need the Nuova Simonelli Mythos Plus Espresso Grinder. With so many features, it will increase the quality of the espresso you make as well as improve the efficiency in which it is made. You can program the espresso grinder to grind the coffee beans hands-free as you operate other pieces of equipment or prepare beverages for other guests.

Key Takeaways from the Nuova Simonelli Mythos Plus On Demand Espresso Grinder with Built-in Tamper

  • Pricy
  • Best for commercial kitchens and cafes
  • 75mm titanium burr
  • Storage hopper for beans
  • 3 programmable doses
  • Automatic stop & go function
  • Clump crusher technology to produce fine grinds
  • Adjustable dynamometric tamper
  • Portafilter holder

The Bottom Line

If you want the best-of-the-best espresso grinders for the job, you need the Nuova Simonelli Mythos Plus On Demand Espresso Grinder with Built-in Tamper. The features, ease of use, and perfect tamper allow you to create the perfect espresso from every grind.