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Nuova Simonelli MCF Espresso Coffee Grinder Review

The Nuova Simonelli MCF Espresso Coffee Grinder is a small commercial coffee grinder for office building breakrooms, hotel lobbies, and general businesses. It holds 1 Cup of any type of coffee beans and grinds them fast into grounds. It is incredibly reliable, although not very stylish in appearance.

Electric coffee grinders come in all shapes, sizes, and purposes.

While large fancy coffee grinders might be okay for at-home, they are not the most practical for business. They are also not the most cost-effective since business managers will be looking for appliances that provide the most for their money spent, rather than just paying for something cute.

The goal should be to successfully save money in the long-term, even if it means shelling out a little more upfront like you would by buying the Nuova Simonelli MCF Coffee Grinder.

Small, compact coffee grinders are also not ideal for professional settings because they do not create enough beans for multiple people and are not stable enough for long-term storage and countertop placement.

Fortunately, the Nuova Simonelli MCF is one of the coffee grinders that have the sole purpose of functioning in these types of settings.

It is not too dramatic looking, it does not fail in functionality, and it is just the perfect size that if it needed to move promptly, it could effortlessly.

Nuova Simonelli MCF Espresso Coffee Grinder Doser Black 50mm Burrs

nuova simonelli mcf espresso coffee grinder image
  • The Nuova Simonelli MCF is a great coffee grinder for commercial use, such as in an office or hotel break room
  • It is exceptionally reliable and will last a long time with proper care and maintenance
  • It has a micro-metric grind adjustment for customizing the size of coffee grinds it makes – between regular and espresso
  • The overall look of the coffee grinder is simple and does not stand out too much. It would look great with other black appliances and in a simple kitchen or break room


  • The price goes well above $500, which is expensive for a coffee grinder
  • It does not have the most stylish appearance
  • The bean hopper holds only 8 ounces, which is equivalent to 1 cup or about 0.25 kg. This small amount of beans makes even fewer coffee grounds


  • Flat stainless-steel burrs: 50 mm
  • Painted stainless-steel body
  • Micrometric grind adjustment
  • Portafilter holder
  • Transparent bean hopper: 0.25 kg capacity (8 oz)
  • Die-cast aluminum body
  • 110 Volts
  • 150 Watts
  • Dimensions: 12.19” (height) x 7.82” (depth) x 4.13” (width)
  • Manual on/off grinds coffee to refill fixed doser chute
  • 1 or 2 dose dispenser
  • Hopper capacity: 0.5 kg

Information & Review

As mentioned in the list of Cons, this coffee grinder is not the most stylish. It will, however, match almost any room, but it does not compete with the lavish appearance of other coffee grinders.

On the other hand, commercial appliances are usually plain-looking or simple since they will be in a professional setting; so, this coffee grinder hits the mark with that.

When still comparing the Nuova Simonelli MCF to other smaller coffee grinders, it is important to recognize that the materials are not as high-quality as you would hope for commercial equipment.

The body of this coffee grinder is die-cast aluminum. Die-cast aluminum is still a nice material, but it does not compete with stainless-steel – the material of most high-end at-home coffee grinders.

One positive thing this coffee grinder does have is a powerful motor to grind the beans.

The sharpness of the grinding blade and the power of the motor are the two most important aspects to look for in a coffee grinder, especially when looking for a commercial coffee grinder for a business. This is for the purpose of thinking about long-term finances, since a frequent replacement of parts or the entire coffee grinder machine, would cause more spending in the long run.

And so, when it comes to a commercial coffee grinder for the office, appearance should not the top priority. A smart buyer would look for reliability and durability.

Choosing a Commercial Coffee Grinder

Remember to focus on reliability. Shopping for small commercial appliances comes with a very different priority list than what comes along with buying yourself a cute piece of cookware for the home.

It is easy to discern whether a coffee grinder is reliable.

First, you should check out what is the type of material for each part of the coffee grinder, including the type of metal of the grinder blades. The blades must be metal; otherwise they will not last long, especially with daily use. If the blades are any other material, like plastic, for example, a frequent replacement will be evident, which adds up cost fast.

Secondly, what do the reviews say? Reviews from previous buyers of a product are the biggest giveaway to problems with a coffee grinder. Unfortunately, you may not always find reviews, but sometimes that is a sign that the coffee grinder you are looking at does not have any problems.

Lastly, the manufacturing company. This is the tricky part because some companies may seem illegitimate even though they are not.

It is best to leave this up to people who take the time to figure this out for you. The review you are reading right now, for example, was made for your benefit; so that you do not have to search high and low for the perfect commercial coffee grinder. We did the work for you!

Summary of Nuova Simonelli MCF Espresso Coffee Grinder

The Nuova Simonelli MCF Espresso Coffee Grinder is not a wrong choice for commercial purposes. It is not a bad option for any purpose, other than the fact that it may not be the prettiest coffee grinder for someone looking for decorative appliances.

If you buy this product, make sure to look for a retailer that offers a warranty or who provides a reasonable return policy. Amazon does an excellent job of dealing with returns in a fair way. This coffee grinder is not cheap, so it is a good idea to have a plan in place just in case it does not work out the way you need it.