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Miele CM6310 – White Coffee Machine, White

Do you dream of waking up to a delicious cup of espresso made by your very own automatic home coffee machine? If so, you should definitely consider getting yourself the awesome Miele CM6310 - White Coffee Machine. This is yet another beautiful piece of machinery by Miele, a company that is by now synonymous with the making of wonderfully reliable coffee makers.

This article gives you an in-depth review of one of their latest entries into the market, the Miele CM6310 - White Coffee Machine. Although the CM 6310 model is much smaller than members of its CM5 predecessors, this machine packs one aromatic punch after another to give it the top spot as one of the best automated home coffee brewers of its time.

miele cm6310


Truth be told, the Miele CM6310 - White Coffee Machine will set you back quite a bit of change with the machine retailing for just under $2,000. However, if you are serious about your morning brew then that price is easily justifiable considering the sheer number of incredible features that come with this coffeemaker.

For starters, this machine is one of the very few in the market that qualify as a superautomatic espresso machine. What that means is that you essentially have your own butler or robotic barista that is capable of remembering and making your favorite brew to perfection every time. With this machine, you can make complex cafe drinks with the push of a button.

The CM6310 is not just a wonderful espresso maker, it's also a looker too. The machine has a box-like shape, comes in two colors (black and white) and has a front-facing display that is not only a joy to use but that adds a nice, futuristic look to your kitchen. It also has a wide beverage drip tray overlooked by twin coffee dispenser nozzles that allow you to make two cups of your favorite beverage at the same time.

Top Features of the Miele CM6310

We should have started by mentioning the CM6310 is much more than just a coffee maker. This machine can make an assortment of beverages with the touch of a button. We are talking about beverages such as espresso, coffee, cappuccino, and lattes. Speaking of buttons...

OneTouch for Two

With the touch of a button, you can make two cups of your favorite brew at the same time. The has a wide beverage drip tray and twin coffee dispenser nozzles that give it the capability of making two cups of your hot brew at the same time. Talk of convenience!

4 User Profiles

Part of the charm of the CM6310 is that it's a superautomated coffee maker. This means that it has the capability of being programmed to remember your preferences and that you can use that program to make your favorite cup of coffee to the same level of perfection every day. That being said, there is a good chance that not everyone in your household likes their coffee just like you do. With 4 user profiles, now you guys can all program your CM6310 to make your beverages just the way everyone likes it without interfering with each other's preferences.

Well Thought Out Milk Frothing System

This is one of the most outstanding features of the CM6310: it's automated cleaning milk frothing system. This new system features an extremely well thought out tubing system with a single thermos canister that you can fill with milk. There is a tube that connects to the top of this canister from the machine. Once it's finished doing its thing, the machine prompts you to remove the tube from the canister and plug it into a port in the drain grate. Once that is done, the machine automatically flushes itself.

Easy Espresso Drink Options

We mentioned earlier that this machines qualifies as a superautomated coffee maker. At the front of the machine, you will see four "icons" that allows you to make the most common drinks at the push of a button. You have espresso, cappuccino, lungo, and latte. You also have a "double" icon that allows you to make two cups of your favorite drink as mentioned. The process is simple and quite intuitive. Say for example you have company over and would like the machine to make you guys two cup lattes. You only have to push the "double" button and then select the latte option.


  • The coffee maker is safe to use around kids as it has a locking system. This greatly reduces accidents by preventing anyone from changing the settings as well as locking the pot system in place so children can't grab it off the counter and burn themselves.
  • It's dishwasher safe which makes it very easy to clean.
  • It has a timer setting that allows to program the machine to come on and off at specified times. Now you can automate the machine to brew you a cup of your favorite beverage at specific times.
  • It can use both beans and ground coffee. The CM6310 does not limit you to either choosing your beans or ground coffee. It can use both.
  • It has cup warming capabilities. This is one of the main reasons why your coffee seems to get cold fast on those freezing mornings. Miele thought of this problem and came up with a solution: the cup warmer. The CM6310 has cup warming capabilities which means your coffee goes straight into a warm cup thus losing less of its heat to the vessel.
  • It has a unique, easy to use control panel.


  • One of the biggest complaints about this machine is that it has a rather wobbly and cheap-feeling water tank. For that price, every bit of this machine should be state-of-the-art.

This is an easy to clean, highly programmable machine that can save up to 4 user profiles, make up to four of your common beverages and gives you the ability to do so every day without having to manually punch in all the specifications every time. For its price, the CM6310 will be an excellent addition to every espresso lover’s kitchen.