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Miele CM 5100 White Countertop Coffee System

There is something particularly special about a kitchen appliance that is designed to for efficiency. For example, there was a time when you might have had to buy two separate appliances just to get the perfect cup of your favorite beverage such as coffee. You would have to get a coffee bean grinder to grind those beans and you would have to buy a coffee maker to which you would transfer those ground beans to make your coffee. Thanks to innovative inventions such as the Miele CM 5100 White Countertop Coffee System, you no longer have to worry about buying or using two separate appliances. Now you have a coffee maker that can do both and still give you the perfect blend of coffee whenever you want.

miele cm 5100 coffee system


The Miele CM 5100 is an automatic coffee maker that is designed to help you make more than just coffee. With this coffee maker, you can now easily enjoy as many cups of espressos and cappuccinos as you can stomach in the comfort of your own home.

Manufactured by Miele, a company that has an exemplary reputation when it comes to the production of coffee makers, this Miele CM 5100 White Countertop Coffee System is beautifully designed and comes with a gorgeous white finish. This easy to use kitchen appliance is designed to help you grind your own coffee beans just the way you like them as well as make your own coffee right at home. For those who like a little cream with the beverage, the machine comes with a steam wand in the front that functions like an efficient milk frother to give you just the right kind of foam.

Top Features of the Miele CM 5100

The mere fact that this is a product of Miele makes this coffee maker a wonderful addition to any kitchen. However, it's the features that really make it stand out and pushes it to the front of the line when it comes to brewing that delicious cup of Joe. Here are the top features of the Miele CM 5100 that might peak your interest:

Intuitive LCD Display

It's the intuitive LCD display that makes this coffee maker such a joy to use. You can use it to easily make a selection for the kind of coffee you want. The display clearly shows you two lines of text that walk you through the entire process of brewing your coffee which means you can quickly become your own professional barista just by following the instructions on the screen.

Stainless-Steel Milk Flask

miele cm 5100 stainless steel milk flask

The CM 5100 comes with a double-walled stainless-still milk flask that can easily store milk at the perfectly cold temperature for up to 12 hours. You can easily use the attached hose and hook it up to the flask to make the perfect cup of cappuccino.

Adjustable Spout

Yet another feature that makes the Miele CM 5100 a joy to use at home is the fact that it comes with an adjustable sprout. This means that you can easily brew your favorite cup of coffee and have the machine pour it into your favorite coffee mug. The adjustable sprouts can accommodate a wide range of mugs in the house such as traditional sized coffee mugs or even slightly taller ones. The best part is that if you are making espresso, the sprout can easily drop down to the level of the espresso shot cup and just as easily be lifted back up to accommodate a regular sized coffee mug. This goes a long way in limiting the degree of splashes and spills when making your beverage.

Built-in Cup Warmer

Have you ever noticed that your coffee gets colder a little faster than you would like it to? That's mostly because it loses some of its heat as soon as it's poured into your cold cup. The CM 5100 has a built-in cup warmer to remedy this and help keep your coffee warmer for longer.

Designated Bypass Chamber

You might not be keen on taking caffeine but would still like to make your own cup of delicious decaf at home. CM 5100 has a system that can send ground coffee beans into a bypass chamber thus keeping it away from your regular decaf brew without necessarily wasting those beans. Now both you as well as those family members who love caffeine in their coffee can enjoy your preferred cups without interfering with each other's settings.

Automatic Timer

The CM 5100 takes convenience to a whole new level with its automatic timer. This is perfect for people who like to have their coffee as soon as they wake up. You can easily set the machine to come on a few minutes before you wake up and also set it to go off at specific times. This makes it easier and much more convenient to use.

In addition to all this, the CM 5100 has a large 61-ounce tank that can make slightly more than seven cups of coffee and about 10 espresso shots. To complement that, it has a larger bean hopper that can hold slightly more than nine ounces. Both these features make this coffee maker ideal for people who drink lots of coffee or those who have large families.


  • It comes with automatic reminders that help you schedule maintenance activities such as cleaning the waste container and the drip tray.
  • It's efficient when it comes to coffee heat retention. It does this by having two excellent features: the cup warmer and a hot water sprout that helps you rinse out your coffee cup while inducing a bit of heat to it. 
  • It has a convenient user interface that is easy to use. You can effortlessly make your selections through the rotary dial and the LCD screen will give you all the options and settings that go with that selection.
  • It has a sleek and modern design that fits well into any kitchen.


  • While the LCD screen is a wonderful addition as far as functionality and aesthetics go, it does show a great deal of your fingerprints after use. You might have to frequently wipe it down with a wet cloth to keep it clean.

For its price, the Miele CM 5100 White Countertop Coffee System is an excellent kitchen appliance that every coffee lover should consider having in their home.