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The Mazzer Mini Espresso Coffee Grinder Review

If you love espresso coffee, it’s not by coincidence that you've found yourself reading this review because today we are going to discuss the Mazzer Mini Coffee Grinder. We know that you are here to find the best coffee grinding machine that is ideal for a quick cup in the morning, so let us tell you why we think the Mazzer Mini could be the right choice for you.

The Mazzer Mini Espresso Coffee Grinder is a stepless adjustable grinder with flat steel burrs. This metal case mini coffee grinder also has a beautiful and functionally compact sleek form. It is capable of professional quality and home grinding and is best suited for its minimal space utilization while still packing commercial-grade grinding functionality and design.

It is manufactured by Mazzer, a leading manufacturer of coffee grinders, grinder dosers, and coffee brewing accessories. The Italian company is internationally recognized for its products and well known for the quality and reliability of its designs throughout the 90 countries that its products are distributed to.

Features of the Mazzer mini espresso coffee grinder are:

  • Sleek, compact design that makes it small enough to fit efficiently on your tabletop while powerful enough to run a small cafe, restaurant, bar, or office cafeteria
  • Durable and stylish stainless steel cover and is incredibly lightweight at 22.5 pounds. It offers portability, durability, ease of cleaning and a stylish finish
  • Flat two and a quarter inch grinding blades capable of spinning at low rounds per minute of 1400 rpm and 1600 rpm making it surprisingly quiet and capable of uniformly fine grinding
  • Infinitely adjustable grinding that makes the grinding consistent and offers much more control over how fine you would like your coffee grounds
  • 0.6 kg capacity coffee bean container with ground bean capacity of 200g and an adjustable dosage of between 5 to 8 grams with manual, timed and automatic dosing chamber
  • An option of between 320 g and 1kg hopper to allow for domestic or commercial functionality allowing you to chose how much coffee you need to grind
  • Easy to use and conveniently designed to allow the user to switch beans while grinding. It also features a protective cover design
mazzer mini espresso grinder

This product was designed to produce fine and uniform granular coffee which is important for the perfect espresso and French press. It’s not only easy to calibrate, but it is capable of handling commercial duty as well as daily domestic use while efficiently occupying very little tabletop space but still packing quite a punch. You get powerful and efficient grinding power at an affordable price.

It is the ideal grinder for home use when brewing coffee for a small gathering of people.

Amazon rates it at 4.6 out of 5 stars with a top review stating, '...For quality and construction its a really beautiful machine with superb build and design that churns out uniform grains rapidly with infinite adjustability.’ Talk about the perfect coffee brewer. The user further states that they returned it because of the powerful functionality which seemed underused in the household because of its uniquely effective features.

It is solid and well-built and the absolute best grinder for at-home baristas. It provides perfect and consistent coffee bean grinding, and it is a sturdy workhorse that has been elegantly designed and is often considered a high-end and commercial grade professional coffee maker for use in cafes, restaurants, bars, and at home for the domestic coffee lovers.

mazzer mini espresso

It isn't surprising because it's a commercial quality manual grinder with a high-performance motor. It is surprisingly quiet and has an infinite grind setting and time-based grinder that offers more room on the kitchen counter. It is functionality that is simple and easy to master in no time at all.

It offers a quality grind for the serious barista in the home or coffee shop that makes a perfect cup of coffee. Primacoffee gives it five stars out of five for being a gold standard commercial espresso grinder that is beefy enough for cafe duty but also small enough to fit neatly on your kitchen counter.

The potential benefits of owning this powerhouse of a coffee grinder are that it's heavy duty, small and compact, perfect for espresso, infinitely adjustable, easy to both clean and use, durable, reliable and grinds in low rpm which does not overheat it, so it doesn't destroy the taste of the coffee beans.

A review is never complete without a few things you would like to look out for when shopping for a coffee grinder. To select the best machine, check whether it requires manual or automatic dosing, depending on what you need. If you're a home user who doesn't want to spend time and energy measuring how much coffee goes into each cup, then you will be better off buying the version that doesn’t have a doser.

We hope you found our review of the Mazzer Mini useful as you set out on your journey toward finding the absolute best coffee grinder for your home.

The Mazzer Mini Espresso Coffee Grinder comes with a one-year warranty and can easily be purchased online and conveniently shipped to wherever you are. Amazon offers free shipping with every purchase over $25. It comes in a variety of colors you will love. The Mazzer Mini is truly on the top of the list in the espresso world and will serve you well, for a very long time.