Kombucha Continuous Basic Brew Kit System

Kombucha Continuous Brew System

Kombucha is a black tea that can be traced back to China at least two thousand years ago. The exact location of creation is unknown, but we do know that the formula of the tea has been perfected over these two thousand years or so. Back in the 1960’s, Swiss research further proved the medical benefits; giving kombucha tea another jump-start in popularity in America.

This unique tea was being promoted not only to boost the metabolism but the immune system as well. The tea was a big hit in California and given the nickname ‘groovy tea.’ Groovy tea was commonly brewed in-house and shared amongst friends and family.

During the year 1995, GT Dave discovered it aided in his mother’s fight against breast cancer. This was only one of the many medical miracles discovered to be linked to consuming the kombucha tea. Not only does this savory beverage chocked-full of antioxidants help battle unwanted bodily infections and comes to the aide of weight loss, but it has other health impacts as well.

Some of the promising side effects of this medicinal beverage include desensitizing allergies, assisting in the management of diabetes, arthritis, the prevention of yeast infections, hypertension, and chronic fatigue. This phenomenal black tea is even alleged to help cure cancer and the HIV. Aside from it being a miracle drink, this tea can be used externally, as a topical, for skin problems, such as for psoriasis.

Adjacently, it can be used as an organic hair wash. Solely apply the tea to clean, damp hair for five minutes; follow up with a cold water rinse. This will leave you with a soft and shiny luminous glow. This is due to vitamin B and glutamic acid enriched in the kombucha tea. Overall, kombucha was made to bring you Energy, Health, and Happiness.

Drink Kombucha on Tap

The BREWMASTER SELECT Kombucha Continuous Brew Kit System comes with everything you could possibly need to start your at home brewing experience. It is equipped with an enormous 2.5-gallon porcelain brewer. The sleek white porcelain design makes it completely compatible with any household decor.

Kombucha Continuous Brew Kit

The porcelain structure provides stability and strength to withstand the high brewing temperatures. The porcelain can seal in the heat like a calorimeter bomb to concentrate the heat in the tea itself. Whereas, metal teapots conduct heat to the outside surface, which can lead to singed fingers.

This remarkable brewer is accompanied with a handcrafted wooden stand. This durable wooden stand is designed at the perfect height to slip your cup underneath without even having to move your brewer. This brilliant feature reduces the risk of dropping the precious brewer.

BREWMASTER has graciously paired this product with bottles for flavoring to your desired preference. This kit comes stocked with a digital Ph tester to provide the most accurate readings to maintain the acidity to your liking. Most importantly, a heater mat is supplied to maintain continuously soul warming tea.

However, this wonderful brew kit wouldn't be complete without two organic symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeasts (SCOBY) and all four tinctures (the extract, probiotic food, tonic, and facial toner). These tinctures will be the base of medicine induced tea you will be creating.

The cultures are included with a mother liquid and organic whole leaf tea blend. All packaged with recipe guides to help personalize your kombucha tea. Therefore, you can ensure each cup is brewed to peak your desired flavor. All these features make a lifetime of home-brewed kombucha tea easy for you to do.


BREWMASTER has over nine years of development invested in this brew kit system, and along with the triple certified lead-free brewers; this product was made to function at the best of its ability. BREWMASTER SELECT has supplied this remarkable lead-free brewer to ensure the safety of its consumers.

Kombucha Continuous System

Along with the safety, BREWMASTER’S brew kit system starts you up with your first eight gallons of Kombucha Tea. Ordinarily, this brew kit system can serve one to four people a day. At the BREWMASTER’S full potential it can produce you about twenty-eight 16oz bottles a week! This makes it nearly impossible to run out of this ‘immortal health elixir’ everyone is raving about.

Of course, you could simply purchase this tea pre-produced, in factories, to be sold in supermarkets, but you wouldn’t have the BREWMASTER’S fresh, perfect, organic homemade cup of tea to entice your palette. Not to mention, the profit of cultivating this extraordinary tea yourself at a fraction of the cost.

On average, you could produce a homemade kombucha tea around a dollar a cup! Versus, if you go to the supermarket, the tea cost can average about five dollars per cup. Talk about productive investments, but you don’t need to horde this medical miracle to yourself. The efficiency of abundant tea production makes it easy to share with your friends and family.

Now you can influence healthy habits in the comfort of your own home. Kombucha tea is steadily growing in popularity due to the consistent medical perks to one’s body. Your friends and family will be delighted by the sweet, fizzy taste, and they will be impressed with the accompanying benefits to their immune system and metabolism.

Kombucha Continuous kit

So you can promote health and wellness while entertaining at the same time. BREWMASTER wants you to enjoy the company's creation of certified organic tea blend, complimented with pressure-packed bottles to catalyze an effervescent, fermented, sweet tea.

Exemplary Customer Support

BREWMASTER SELECT wants you to be completely ecstatic about your new purchase, and enjoy your investment in a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, they have constructed over one hundred videos.

These videos include specific technical support and frequently asked questions to help operate the brew system kit, along with several thirst-quenching recipes to help you get started. They are committed to producing an extraordinary product that benefits the physical well-being of their clientele.