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The Koa Coffee Company

One of Hawaiis most notorious crop farms and premium coffee makers​​​​​

The Koa Coffee Plantation Company is one of America’s most accomplished coffee makers and one of the world’s most unique companies in their niche. Koa prides itself on its roots, starting as a backyard family business on the slopes of the Mauna Loa Volcano, in Captain Cook Hawaii. The Hawaiian tradition is notorious on every aspect of the company, to an extent in which their name symbolizes one of Hawaii’s most iconic trees.

Koa’s pride and joy spawns from their heritage blended beans as many of the landmarks and trees of the plantation date back to 1918. Needless to say, if you’re a coffee lover and looking for a gourmet choice, this plantation has been selling 100% handpicked roasted beans for about two (2) decades now with multiple options for you to choose from when it comes to flavor and quality.

In several occasions the Koa Plantation has earned both continental and international recognition. For instance, it was named America’s best coffee by Forbes and has won numerous awards overseas, including the Pacific Coast Coffee of the Year Award in 2004.

Origins and Traits of the Koa Coffee Company

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The company initially started in the backyard of a family home, according to the founders themselves, it was a true family business “with a kid and his dog running in the Hawaiian sunshine”- Marin Artukovich establisher of the Koa Company.

This small backyard business started by producing 38,000 pounds of coffee in its first year, and according to the testimonies, its success was so massive that production doubled nearly every year up to date.

Also, the Koa company avoids incorporating any sort of mechanical tools when it comes to processing their Kona coffee beans. According to the company, it is important to keep the human touch within the product to avoid mixing unfit beans with the cherry red ones that ensure a high-quality standard.

The methods of this company remain to be purists up to date, but that doesn’t mean innovation and alternative methods are absent, as the Koa Plantation employees a wet mill facility from Colombia and a dry mill from Brazil in order to produce different types of roasted handpicked Kona coffee beans. These different approach mindset gives Koa an assorted variety of products due to the diverse methods of temperature and humidity controls that Kona beans require.

Koa has been a proud Hawaiian label for some time now, not only their human approach to coffee is rare to see these days, but it has been a major employer, thus contributing back to their community.

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What Are Kona Beans

Kona Coffee is the designated market name for the beans cultivated on Mauna Loa and Hualalai in the North and South Kona Districts of Hawaii, thus being named simply as Kona Coffee beans. Kona beans are one of the most renowned and expensive beans to find as its rich, intense, and flavorsome experience is one of a kind.

These distinctive beans have been part of Hawaiian culinary culture since the 18th century. Climate conditions in the Kona Districts are ideal for the cultivation of the plant, due to the tropical weathers on the island, a solid soil with favorable climate are key to growing this leveraged beans.

Cultivating the Kona Beans

To grow and cultivate Kona beans, there are a certain number of intricate steps the farmer needs to do to get the best results. From late August to January, the Koa Company farmers give most attention to manually pick ripe cherry beans, which they later process and roast into coffee beans.

Most of the procedures are done entirely manually, meaning that cultivating Kona coffee beans is a meticulous process which ensures that only cherrie red beans reaching their maturity are used In the end product.

Why Is Koa’s Kona Coffee So Renowned

Kona Coffee beans are known for being flavorsome, rich, and its famous aroma. But it’s also known for being one of the most renowned coffees in the market today.

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There are multiple reasons as to why Kona coffee is so renowned, these include the particularly full-bodied flavor it brings to the consumer, and the hard work that it’s needed to get the coffee bean’s full potential. When cultivating Kona beans, the vegetation around the plant heavily influences the taste and quality of the final product.

Kona Beans from the Koa Company are shaded by avocado, macadamia and nut trees. The proximity of these have a unique impact on the beans, unlike mass-produced coffee beans harvested with mechanized and less meticulous methods.

Also, Kona beans being exclusive to a few areas on the Hawaiian isle translates to 1% of the world's coffee within a rather reasonable price range of 25 cents per cup.

As quality and notoriety grew over the decades, so have the accolades and media coverage. Ribbons include Forbes Magazine, 1st place out of 50 in America. Esquire Magazine, 9th Best Coffee Bean For Sale. Pacific Business News, Best Kona Coffee.

Additionally, their merit has earned the company a spot as members of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, the Kona Coffee Council and the Hawaii Coffee Association.

What Specialty Does The Koa Company Offer

Estate Kona Coffee, is the standard product the Koa Farm has to offer, the classical taste produced by a 100% Kona crop farm. Estate Kona coffee is medium roasted and, a good starter for those who are getting to know what these beans have to offer. Regardless of being a more standard choice, it doesn’t belittle the fresh and superior quality Kona coffee has to offer.

For decaf preferences, Koa Farm undergoes a process called the Swiss Water method, one that involves no chemicals, this solvent free decaffeination process simply puts to work: water, temperature and time. The end product is Swiss Decaf Ground Kona Coffee, a medium roast with a sophisticated taste.

The Koa Farm is often compared to a vineyard, and alike wine, its most premium products include some panache on their book, the Grande Domaine Vienna Roast Ground Kona Coffee which is made out of sun-drenched Kona and Peaberry Kona with a higher than medium Vienna roast, this coffee alone has earned several cupping awards.