Poop Coffee – Is It Real

Poop Coffee – Is It Real?

poop coffeeThe term “poop coffee” already sounds like it is a sick joke.  Who in their right mind would want to drink poop in their coffee?  Even as a true coffee drinker, would you? Do you ask for cream and sugar with it or do you drink it black? Maybe it’s one of those cold brews but, in all honestly, you wouldn’t think that there would be a big demand for anything called poop coffee. It couldn’t possibly be real.

Well, this is no joke, and poop coffee is 100% real. It goes by the name of Kopi Luwak and the history of this coffee comes from Indonesia, which probably leads to the question, why would anyone put poop in their coffee? The answer to that question reveals that nobody actually puts poop in their coffee, but instead the whole process came out of the restriction of coffee consumption, coffee beans, and the essential need for caffeine.

Imagine for a moment that the government outlawed coffee. Without coffee beans, there would probably be a riot in the streets. People would go berserk without their cup of java in the morning and I’m sure the black market would sprout up unique and inventive ways that people could get their coffee and that is exactly what happened in Indonesia in the 1800s.

Coffee SeedsIt was during this time period that the Dutch began to establish coffee plantations, forcing native to Indonesia farmers to pick coffee fruits for Dutch use. Throughout this process, the Dutch prohibited any of the plantation workers to have any for themselves and yet, like any other coffee drinking lover, they wanted their cup of java.

After a few weeks of having no coffee, a few of the plantation workers noticed some animal droppings had some undigested coffee seeds. In the act of what I can only assume was desperation for coffee, the plantation workers began to collect these coffee seeds. After collecting them, they would clean them, roast them, and then ground them in order to make their own coffee.

Later on, it was discovered that these animal droppings came from the Luwak, an Indonesian cat-like animal (or the Palm Civet in other regions), which is where the name Kopi Luwak comes from.  Kopi is the word in Indonesian that translates into a cup of coffee and so, in essence, they are saying, a cup of coffee from the Luwak. The downside to this process was, however, the fact that there is less caffeine in a cup of Kopi Luwak coffee then a regular cup of coffee.

Civet coffeeHowever, the most interesting part of the history of this “poop” coffee is the fact that it gives off such a strong aromatic smell, that the Dutch plantation owners wanted to try this coffee that the plantation workers were making and they immediately feel in love with it. On top of this, because of its rarity, the coffee became the most expensive coffee to buy and, believe it or not, it still is today.

For the perfect coffee brew, you can get a bag of Civet coffee (from the Palm Civet) on Amazon for $44.95. This bag only weighs 4 ounces/113 grams and it comes from the Bantai Civet Coffee Company, where they promote that when you purchase a bag of their coffee, you are helping the Asipulo Tribe of the Philippians. Though it is expensive, it makes a really good coffee. With the help of the Palm Civet, a Filipino cat-like animal, this expensive coffee is now also made in the Philippians.

For this reason, you can also find poop coffee under the name of Civet Coffee. With the help of the Palm Civet, a Filipino cat-like animal, this expensive coffee is now also made in the Philippians. For this reason, you can also find poop coffee under the name of Civet Coffee. Now, whether you are buying a cup of Kopi Luwak or a cup of Civet Coffee, there have been some concerns.

One of the major concerns is if this coffee is real and this is where you have to be careful. Because of short supply, there are some knockoffs that claim to be poop coffee, in order to raise their prices and charge the unsuspecting buying more than the actual value of the coffee. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to know if you are getting the genuine deal really.

Bantai Civet Coffee on Amazon, claims that their coffee is 100% pure wild organic Kopi Luwak/Civet Coffee.  According to them, it is collected by hand in the rainforests of Ifugao Province in the Philippines and roasted for freshness in the United States. If you go to their website, they give you detail descriptions, along with pictures, of the harvesting process, but the coffee’s genuine quality isn’t the only problem.

Bantai Civet CoffeeBecause of the rarity of this coffee and how hard it is to find Luwak or Civet droppings in the wild, some organizations have gone as far as to trap the animals and feed them an excess amount of coffee fruit. As a result, these animals have been found by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as being malnourished with abnormal behavior. Therefore, it is very important to buy poop coffee from a company like the Bantai Civet Coffee on Amazon. They are a company that promotes keeping the animals in the wild and helping local workers.

So, who wants a cup of poop coffee?  One of the most expensive cups of coffee you may find in the world. May I suggest you try it black, so that you can experience the true aroma and flavor of the coffee, but may I also suggest that you purchase this coffee on Amazon from Bantai Civet Coffee. This may not be your cup of java, but you will never know until you truly try.

Besides, we only live once and our Indonesian and Filipino friends will probably tell us that you haven’t lived until you tried a true cup of coffee produced by cat poop without the taste of poop. It’s a nicely flavored coffee, with a slight taste of fruit and sugar and more like a bold coffee with a slightly stronger smell than regular coffee.

You may, at first, cringe at the price tag but if you are a true coffee lover, then you will absolutely fall in love with this natural and sweet tasting beverage. To call Kopi Luwak, poop coffee is truly a shame and has caused many to miss out on one of life’s sweetest tasting coffees. Hopefully, you will be a leader above the crowd and purchase a bag today.