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Industries Top Coffee Maker Brands

Our list of the industry’s top coffee maker brands includes the ones we found to feature the most reliable models. There are plenty of other options out there and if you’re looking for specific features, you might prefer a brand not listed here.

Our goal was to put together a list of familiar brands that have brought to market some of the best coffee maker models. Many of the companies that manufacture drip coffee brewers today also offer other home appliances. Most offer a variety of different coffee maker models that range in size, capability, and price—but all make the most out of the brewing process and those coffee grounds.

It’s possible to find budget-friendly coffee brewers from great single-serve coffee makers to large models with a glass carafe or a stainless steel thermal carafe. However, for those who consider themselves coffee aficionados, a higher end and more expensive model might work better for them.

What Do We Consider The Industry’s Top Drip Coffee Maker Brands?


Krups is a German company that offers a variety of household appliances. The company launched in 1846 and sold scales and balances. In the 1950s, they moved into appliance making and their first coffee machine hit the market in 1961. Krups coffee accessories have been featured in a few major motion pictures.

krups coffee maker

The company’s first coffee maker was released in 1983 and, by the 1990s, coffee makers accounted for 40% of Krups’ sales in Germany and 30% in the United States. In 1991, Krups joined with Nestle to create the Nespresso machine, a very popular coffee maker in the United States and throughout Europe.


Keurig has experienced massive popularity in the last few years due to its single-cup brewing systems. The Keurig system is made by Keurig Green Mountain, which is located in Vermont. Keurig not only makes the brewing systems but also the pods that must be used in the systems and offers a variety of pods in addition to coffee, including tea and cocoa.

Keurig coffee maker

There are more than 400 different varieties of Keurig beverages and more than 60 coffee varieties. Keurig’s first product was the K-Cup and single-cup brewing system, which hit the market in 1998. The intention was to appeal to professional environments and offer an option for office workers to brew a single cup of coffee in the workplace.

Mr. Coffee

Arguably the most well-known coffee maker manufacturer in the United States, Mr. Coffee has made automatic drip machines since it first launched. The company was founded in Cleveland, Ohio and called on a couple of Westinghouse engineers to build the perfect drip coffee maker for at-home use. Before Mr. Coffee, at-home coffee was made in a percolator, which coffee drinkers found to produce bitter, burned coffee.Mr.

Mr. Coffee

Coffee machines claimed to offer a better cup of coffee by using gravity to pull water through the coffee grinds. Nowadays, Mr. Coffee machines claim to provide an “Optimal Brew” by using barometric pressure, which heats water in a small flash boiling chamber and delivering the water to the beans at 195 to 200 degrees. Mr.

Coffee machines are able to brew up to 10 cups of coffee in under eight minutes. Machines feature thermal carafes, so no heating plate is needed. In recent years, Mr. Coffee has introduced latte brew machines and offers a single-cup option with Keurig K-cup technology.


The De’Longhi company was founded in 1902 and originally made small industrial parts, as well as air conditioners and heaters. NowadDe’Longhi coffee makerDe’Longhi coffee makerays, they manufacture a variety of small home appliances, including coffee makers.

De’Longhi coffee maker

They are especially well known for their Artista Series espresso machines that make it possible to brew coffee shop style beverages at home. Sleek and stylish, people choose the De’Longhi brand of coffee makers as much for their style as they do for their functionality.


Breville coffee maker

Breville is an Australia-based company that offers coffee makers, as well as other small appliances for the home, including the original sandwich toaster. Nowadays, the company still makes toasters but is perhaps best known for its juicing machines. Breville makes two high-end coffee makers, including The Grind Control and the YOUBREW.


Bunn coffee maker

Bunn coffee makers, made by the Bunn-O-Matic company, exclusively makes beverage and coffee makers. The company was founded in the mid-1800s as a grocery store in Springfield, Illinois. The grocery store grew and the company expanded to include a beverage equipment division, which eventually became its own entity. Many people rank Bunn high in the coffee industry because the company’s focus is on beverages and coffee primarily. The line of products includes single and multi-cup systems, as well as numerous coffee accessories.


Cuisinart coffee maker

Cuisinart makes a variety of home appliances, but its original product was the electric food processor. The company was launched in 1971 and was purchased by the Conair Corporation in 1989. Nowadays, Cuisinart offers many different single and multi-cup coffee makers, as well as coffee grinders, percolators, and mills.


Zojirushi coffee maker

The Zojirushicompany is based in Japan and is a multinational manufacturer and marketer of vacuum flasks, Air Pot Beverage Dispensers, Gravity Pot Dispensers, and a variety of consumer electronics including rice cookers, electric water boilers, bread machines, electric kettles, hot water dispensers, and refrigerators. The company offers several different types of coffee makers and claims their systems work so well because they are consistent and consumers know what to expect in their morning coffee.

La Pavoni

La Pavoni offers some of the highest end and most expensive coffee makers on the market. In addition to their commercial brewing and espresso machines, they offer a line of semi-professional machines that are designed to be used at home, but offer the full coffee shop experience and taste.

La Pavoni coffee maker

There are currently seven semi-professional machines available and the company also sells coffees, grinders, lever machines, dual boiler machines, and pump machines.Those who want to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home and their coffee hot have many options.

It possible to find a quality coffee maker from any of the companies listed above, depending on your budget. Whether you want something basic or you want to re-create the experience you had in a small Italian coffee shop while on vacation, these brands have something to offer you and will help you get the most out of your favorite coffee beans.