Farberware Percolator

How to Operate a Farberware Percolator

Using a Farberware percolator may seem like going back in time, and from a technical standpoint, it is. One thing to remember though is that a new way to do something is not always the better way. To many people, making coffee in the old-fashioned way is better than making it with a brand new kitchen appliance.

You may not see anything wrong with your coffee maker, but making coffee on the stovetop could be more enjoyable, and your coffee might even taste better, too. Farberware percolators are often used for camping, whether over an open flame, or with a portable coffee maker that you set on a bench of other flat surface.

Percolators are easier to clean, they do not slow down over time from all the water you use, and they do not rely on electricity in order to work. Furthermore, the coffee that you get from a percolator will be much hotter.

Farberwar Percolator

To use a Farberware Percolator, follow these quick and easy steps.

1. Add Water

Just like your ordinary coffee maker, full yor percolator to the desired amount. You should have some easy-to-read measurements on the inside of the container.

2. Prep The Grounds Basket

The grounds basket is where the coffee goes. Percolators will often have the grounds basket right inside of, resting right above where the water lies. Take the grounds basket out and set it on a surface.

3. Fill Your Coffee Grounds In

Pick your coffee of choice and fill your grounds basket with it. If you have a certain coffee filter you use, you are allowed to use it with the percolator.

4. Position The Spreader Plate

The spreader plate, or spreader cover is meant to evenly spread the flow of water over the coffee, so that your coffee is evenly blended. Place the spreader plate on top of the spreader, and then place the lip onto the percolator to snap everything shut.

5. Heat Your Coffee Up

Heat the percolator until the water comes to a boil on your stovetop or a portable coffee maker sold separately. Once the water reaches its boiling point, adjust the heat to a low temperature and allow the brew to “perk” for a number of minutes before removing the percolator from your heat source.

6. Enjoy!

Pour your cup of coffee and enjoy! The coffee, however should be scalding hot, so do not expect the same temperature that you experience from an electric coffee blender.