How Many Calories in Coffee?

How many Calories in Coffee?

Oh, hey there! If you’re reading this it means you either have decided to be healthier or you just want to be sure that your coffee addiction isn’t hurting your waist size. Whatever the reason, we’re here to let you know that you can rest assured, coffee is, in fact, more incredible than you think, besides being the reason you function as a human at work. Don’t we all love coffee? Well, coffee loves YOU!

Black coffee by itself contains 0 CALORIES. Yes, you read that right in pretty bold and uppercase letters. Coffee has no calories or fat so it is definitely not a reason to worry when you look at yourself in the mirror.

If you like milk in your coffee, I would suggest using fat-free milk or skim milk as a substitute. Almond milk or soy milk is also a great substitute if you're looking to stay lactose-free. If you like cream in your coffee, I would suggest coconut milk or a non-dairy creamer, as both are a bit thicker and can provide you with that creamier taste you're longing for in the morning.

Another thing to keep in mind is SUGAR. Staying away from table sugar is really important as it adds unnecessary and often, unhealthy sources of calories. Try adding the following as a substitute to  help prevent weight gain:

  • Artificial Sweetener
  • Sugar-free syrup
  • Honey

So there are not that many calories in black coffee, and it also turns out it even helps you burn calories along with other awesome benefits added to being delicious, refreshing and just one of God’s best creations for your taste buds. Learn some great things about coffee right here and start getting healthy right away!

But What are the Benefits of the Bean?

Helps weight loss

Coffee proves to be a great aid when you’re planning to burn some calories and this is all thanks to our beloved caffeine content. Studies have shown that caffeine has a direct effect on our nervous system activating signals from the brain that order the fat cells to eat up that extra fat. One downside, though, is that while coffee does help you burn calories this effect is short-lived since your body will eventually become tolerant to caffeine and it won’t work anymore. However, caffeine does help you reduce your appetite (Yay!).

Increases metabolic rate

Caffeine can enhance your metabolic rate up to 11%, which means your body can burn calories even while you’re at rest.

Improves physical performance

Furthermore, caffeine can improve athletic performance over 10% and this is definitely a game changer. You can enjoy a fresh just-brewed cup of coffee 10 minutes before you start ripping those abs or running that mile and we guarantee you will see the difference.

It makes you happy

There’s a reason why the day seems brighter after that first cup of coffee ( or in my case, my first flat white), and the reason is caffeine increases the levels of neurotransmitters, like dopamine, which just make life great.

It makes you live longer

Coffee might just be the key to immortality. Just kidding, though studies have shown that it lowers the risk of suffering from diabetes and heart diseases among other health problems.

So if I drink coffee I’ll be healthier?

This is all sounding great, isn’t it? However, while everything we’ve said so far is true and it most likely brought a smile to your face, you must remember we’re talking about just coffee. Plain old black brewed coffee bean with hot water and no sugar. As we said at the beginning, coffee by itself won’t increase your fat and it can overall improve your health.

Now, the problem comes when you order that Extra Big Mega Cappufrappamocca Deluxe. As stated above, when we add other elements to the coffee equation, such as milk, table sugar, cream, chocolate etc.. things change completely and then you could feel guilty as well as have some unwanted weight gain.

Aw. Isn’t that cute? Well, guess what? There’s FAT IN IT! But don’t worry, we’re not judging, we all sometimes just want to hit our favorite coffee shop, relax and order the fattiest thing our heart desires, but if you’re trying to be healthier, to train your muscles, or trying to lose weight you might have to consider your calorie intake more carefully.

Your morning hot and steamy delight can increase from nearly 0 calories and fat to over 300 calories and 10+ grams of fat, depending on how you order it. Not that it will stop being delicious but that’s not what we aim for in this case. Here’s a detailed and incredibly helpful table of the caloric content you can find in various of your favorite coffees so you can make your own estimates and control your diet. Aside from that, we recommend sticking to the freshly brewed black. But wait…

How much coffee can you drink?

Now here’s the situation, some of us just LOVE coffee too much, some can’t even get by without having a couple of cups, or a shot of espresso throughout the day, and it is also no secret that coffee can become an addiction quickly if drank too much. I'm totally guilty of this!

So, is coffee good for your health or not!?  Well, It depends on how much you drink.

A cup of coffee can contain a variable amount of caffeine. A single regular small cup can have up to 50mg of caffeine, while bigger commercial extra-sized cups can contain over 300mg. The average estimate of how much coffee is safe and healthy, in a daily rate, for an average adult is 400mg. More than that and things could get a little different.

We must not forget that caffeine is a drug, after all, it’s a psychoactive drug that can have considerable impact on our lifestyle if you let it become a necessity. One of the main impacts is becoming dependant on it. Studies have shown that caffeine can cause withdrawal symptoms if the consumption comes to a sudden stop.

Some of these symptoms include fatigue, sharp headaches, muscle pains, anxiety and mood issuesBut if you stay in control you won’t have to worry and everything will be just fine and you will continue to enjoy that dark elixir every day. Everything in life always comes down to balance, too much, and even too little of some things will always prove to be negative.

Here’s a quick summary of everything we’ve discussed

  • Black coffee without additions has little to no calories
  • Caffeine boosts your metabolism and helps your burn calories
  • It’s great for your physical and mental health in correct amounts

ALRIGHT! Now you know some cool facts to discuss with your friends as you drink one of these babies and Enjoy life!