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Hawaii Coffee Company Review

Hawaii Coffee Company was founded in 2000, but its history dates back to the 19th century! In 1864 to be exact, Lion Coffee came onto the coffee scene as a trademark coffee roaster in Toledo, Ohio. Through the ebbs and flows of the business, Lion Coffee moved to Honolulu, Hawaii in 1979 and quickly became Hawaii’s favorite coffee roaster.

A few years prior, in 1968, Royal Kona Coffee was providing Hawaii with premium roasted coffee from a coffee bean located in Kona, Hawaii.

In 2000, these two powerhouses joined forces to create Hawaii Coffee Company; a coffee that is enjoyed in Hawaii and throughout the world. Hawaii Coffee Company is the largest Kona coffee roaster in the world and supplies local hotels, restaurants, and retailers throughout Hawaii with their premium roasted coffee.

What makes Hawaii Coffee Company so successful is its access to fresh Kona beans in the area. The freshness of the Kona beans met with the local flavors of Hawaii makes the coffee of Hawaii Coffee Company a best-selling coffee company today.

Best Selling Coffee

Speaking of best sellers, Hawaii Coffee Company has a large selection of best-selling flavors and roasts of premium coffee to choose from. These best sellers are Hawaiian-inspired flavors, as well as original roasts with various roast intensities to choose from. These best sellers can be purchased individually, or set up on a subscription basis so that you never run out! So let’s get started!

Best Selling Flavors

Toasted Coconut Coffee

toasted coconut coffee

This flavor of lightly roasted Lion Coffee gives coffee drinkers a taste of Hawaii through the toasted coconut infusion found in the roast. You can purchase a bag of whole bean or ground coffee in 10 ounces or 24 ounces, and you can subscribe and save by setting up a subscription on a two, four, or eight-week basis! This lightly roasted coffee gives off a nutty aroma with a subtle coconut flavor. Close your eyes while drinking this coffee and pretend you are on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii!

Vanilla Macadamia Nut Coffee

vanilla macadamia nut coffee

This top-selling flavored Lion Coffee is lightly roasted with a distinctive smooth vanilla flavor and subtle underlying macadamia nut flavor. This is one of the most popular, top-selling flavored coffees by Hawaiian Coffee Company. The coffee is available in 10 or 12 ounce bags of whole-bean or ground coffee, and you can subscribe and save through the subscription option during check-out.

Chocolate Macadamia Kona Coffee Blend

chocolate macadamia kona coffee blend

Royal Kona takes their light-medium Kona coffee and lightly blends it with the richness of milk chocolate and lightly flavored macadamia nut. This blend is perfect for any time of the day, which is why it is one of the best selling blends. While this blend is only available in 8 ounces of ground coffee, it can be purchased individually or on a subscription basis of every two, four, or eight weeks.

Kaka’ako Caramel Coffee – Limited Time

Another Lion Coffee favorite is the Kaka’ako Caramel Coffee, but this flavor is only available for a limited time and is quick to sell out because of its popularity! This coffee is roasted and brewed to create a buttery, smooth and sweet caramel coffee.

Tropical Amaretto Coffee – Limited Time

tropical amaretto coffee

Another limited release coffee is Tropical Amaretto Coffee. This flavor takes a lightly-roasted Lion Coffee and combines it with robust flavors of almonds, marzipan, and tropical fruit. This sweetly rich coffee can be enjoyed any time of day, but with a limited release, you may have to stock up on it if you want to have it around for awhile!

Best Selling Roasts

Private Reserve Medium Roast 100% Kona Coffee

private reserve medium roast kona coffee

This is the most popular Royal Kona pure Kona coffee. The medium roast gives this Hawaiian coffee a perfect balance of fullness and smoothness, and was judged “superior” by the American Academy of Taste. You can purchase this coffee in whole-bean or ground, and you can choose from a 7-ounce bag or 2-pound bag to purchase. This premium coffee can be purchased one-time or on a recurring subscription basis of two, four, or eight week frequencies.

Lion Original Roast Coffee

lion original roast coffee

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right? The Lion Coffee original roast has been a customer favorite since 1864. This is a medium roast coffee from coffee beans throughout various regions. This original roast coffee is sweet and smooth, which has continued the customer satisfaction legacy that has lasted for over 150 years. The Lion Original Roast Coffee can be purchased in whole bean or ground bags at 10 ounces or 24 ounces each, and you can purchase your bag for a one-time purchase or a recurring subscription basis.

Hawaiian Lion 24K Gold Roast 100% Kona Coffee

hawaiian lion 24k gold roast kona coffee

This 100% Kona coffee is a light-medium roast of Kona coffee beans found directly on the Kona coasts of Hawaii. This is a customer favorite with its full-bodied flavors with undeniable smoothness. There is a reason Lion Coffee has been a favorite since 1864. While this Lion Coffee can be purchased as whole bean or ground in bags of 7 ounces only, you can set up your purchase as a recurring subscription of two, four, or eight weeks.

Estate Medium Roast 100% Kona Coffee

estate medium roast kona coffee

Hawaii Coffee Company calls this Royal Kona Coffee “extra fancy,” as it is roasted using its own custom roast profile to bring out the best flavors of this pure Kona coffee bean. This medium roast can almost be considered a light-roast because of its smooth and delicate flavor. The Estate Medium Roast is available in 7-ounce bags only, yet can be purchased one-time or on a recurring subscription.

French Roast Coffee

french roast coffee

Dark roasts don’t get the credit they deserve, but at Hawaii Coffee Company, they have perfected the French Roast for their Lion Coffee. This French Roast Coffee is full-bodied, bold, and “aggressive,” as Hawaii Coffee Company describes it. This is the perfect roast for those who enjoy dark, bold flavors. It can be purchased in 10 or 24-ounce bags as whole bean or ground. One-time purchases as well as subscriptions can be chosen when purchasing this French roast coffee.

Roy’s Pacific Roast 10% Kona Coffee Blend

roys pacific roast kona coffee blend

This Royal Kona coffee is a medium-dark roast with at least 10% Kona coffee beans in the blend. This is a favorite among coffee drinkers who enjoy a Vienna or French roast. The bags can be purchased as 8-ounce or 40-ounce bags of whole-bean or ground coffee. They can be purchased one-time, or on a recurring subscription basis at two, four, or eight weeks.

What about Tea?

When you got a good thing, why stop there? Hawaii Coffee Company was founded in 2000, so it only took four years for Hawaiian Islands Tea to join this successful growing company.

Hawaiian Islands Teas began in 1996 and joined Hawaii Coffee Company in 2004. All of Hawaiian Islands Teas are produced and packaged by hand in Hawaii, giving consumers a real-life taste of this tropical island.

Best Selling Teas

Mango Maui Black Tea

mango maui black tea

This is the most popular tea by Hawaii Coffee Company/Hawaiian Islands Tea. This is an all-natural black tea infused with tropical flavors of Hawaii. The mango flavor is smooth and noticeable. This tea can be purchased in quantities of 20-bags, 60-bags, or 100-bags. This tea can also be set up on a subscription of two, four, or eight weeks, as well as an individual one-time purchase.

Passion Fruit Na Pali Black Tea

passion fruit na pali black tea

This black tea combines the flavors of passion fruit with the Hawaiian coast of Na Pali to create a bold, smooth passion fruit tea. Quantities of this tea can be purchased as 20, 60, or 100-bag boxes, and can be purchased one-time or as a recurring subscription delivery.

Pineapple Waikiki Black Tea

pineapple waikiki black tea

If you are going to purchase a tea from Hawaii, you have to try the Pineapple Waikiki Black Tea. What is more Hawaiian that a pineapple flavored black tea? This tea comes in 20, 60, or 100-bag boxes and can be purchased one-time or as a subscription.

Tropical Medley Black Tea

tropical medley black tea

This is the newest black tea by Hawaiian Islands Tea/Hawaii Coffee Company. This black tea is infused with flavors of mango, kiwi, and pineapple. This new tea has already proven to be one of the most popular. You can purchase this tea in box quantities of 20 bags, 60 bags, or 100 bags. Each box can be purchased one-time or on a recurring subscription basis.

Single-Serve and Smaller Packs

Do you have a Keurig® or single-serve coffee pot that requires pods or smaller pack of coffee, but want to enjoy the many flavors that Hawaii Coffee Company has to offer? Have no fear! Hawaii Coffee Company offers single-serve pods and smaller coffee packs so that you can enjoy the coffee from the islands without having to purchase a big coffee maker just to do so!

Most roasts or blends of Hawaii Coffee Company coffee are available in single-serve pods or smaller packs for you to enjoy. All single-serve coffee pods are compatible with most Keurig® brewing systems. These individual pods are available in quantities of 12, 36, or 72, and can be purchased one-time or as a recurring subscription.

Hawaii Coffee Company also offers pour-over coffee pouches for those times you want a single cup of coffee. The only flavors offered are Vanilla Macadamia and Original Roast.

For those smaller 4-pot coffee makers, Hawaii Coffee Company has a variety of roasts and flavors to choose from in this size. Mountain Roast 10% Kona Coffee, Lion Gold Coffee, Decaf Mountain Roast 10% Coffee, and Decaf Lion Gold Coffee are all available in small 4-pot coffee packs.


Do you have a coffee lover in your life? Does the coffee lover in your life enjoy Hawaii Coffee Company, or have they ever tried it? Hawaii Coffee Company offers a variety of gifts that any coffee or tea lover in your life will enjoy.

Coffee Gifts

10% Kona Blend Taster Pack

kona blend taster pack

These three flavors of at least 10% Kona coffee include light-medium roasts of White Chocolate Strawberry Blend, Honey Macadamia Blend, and Vanilla Crème Brulee Blend. These three bags of ground coffee are 8 ounces each and can be set up as a subscription gift or a one-time purchase.

Antioxidant Taster Pack

antioxidant taster pack

Coffee with antioxidants may be one of the most genius concoctions ever. Hawaii Coffee Company takes the outer skin and pulp of the coffee cherry to create this antioxidant-rich coffee. There are four flavor blends available: Lion Antioxidant Coconut, Lion Antioxidant French Roast, Lion Antioxidant Vanilla Macadamia, and Lion Antioxidant Original Roast. These bags of ground coffee are 8 ounces each and can be purchased one-time or as a recurring subscription.

Kona Coffee Connoisseur Collection

kona coffee connoisseur collection

If you really want to impress the coffee-lover in your life, give them this Kona coffee collection by Royal Kona. There are 5 total bags of coffee in this gift collection: two bags of Royal Kona 100% Peaberry, 1 bag of Royal Kona 100% Estate, 1 bag of Royal Kona 100% Private Reserve, and 1 bag of Royal Kona Decaf 100% Private Reserve. These bags are whole bean coffee and come in 7-ounce bags. This gift can be purchased for a one-time purchase or recurring subscription for the coffee lover in your life.

Tea Gifts

Favorite Teas Six Box Collection

favorite teas six box collection

This gift collection contains six total 20-bag boxes of black tea: 2 Passion Fruit Na Pali, 2 Mango Maui, 1 Pineapple Waikiki, and 1 Hibiscus Honey Lemon Tea. This makes 120 total bags of black tea. This gift box collection can be purchased one-time or as a recurring subscription.

Green Tea Tropical Collection

green tea tropical collection

This gift collection contains three boxes of 20-bags each of tropical green tea. There is one box of each of the following flavors: Organic Green Tea, Guava Ginseng Green Tea, and Hibiscus Honey Green Tea. This gift collection can be purchased one-time or as a recurring subscription gift for the tea-lover in your life.

Tropical Flavored Tea Collection

tropical flavored tea collection

There are 6 different boxes in this collection, and each box contains 20 bags of tea. The flavors of this tropical tea collection include: Passion Fruit Na Pali Black Tea, Pineapple Waikiki Black Tea, Mango Maui Black Tea, Guava Ginseng Green Tea, Tropical Medley Black Tea, and Coconut Macadamia Rooibos Tea. This collection of tea can be gifted one-time or as a subscription.