Hamilton Beach 49980A

The Hamilton Beach Single Serve 12-Cup Coffee Maker – The 2-Way 49980A

There are many coffee makers on the market designed to perfection for consumers on a budget. However, some can be cheap imitators that are not going to last or make great coffee in the first place. Luckily, with the right ground coffee added, the Hamilton Beach Single Serve 12-cup Coffee Maker – the 2-way 49980A is an affordable coffee maker that will do exactly what a coffee maker should do: produce a great cup of coffee.


Hamilton Beach 49980A PicThe Hamilton Beach Single Serve 12-Cup coffee maker can brew the coffee grinds in two different ways. It can either brew 12 cups into the glass carafe like most coffee makers or it can brew the coffee through a second water reservoir that is designed for a single cup of coffee.

The second water reservoir is also designed to fit to fill 14-ounce travel mugs (a travel mug is not included with the coffee maker). The side for the single servings has cup rests that adjust at different levels in order to accommodate different cups and mugs. The side with the glass carafe reservoir has an extra large capacity and easy-to-read water lines.

There is a pod holder that attaches to the single-serve side basket in order to support soft pods. A mesh filter can be easily added to the coffee maker to replace paper coffee filters. However, the coffee maker does not come with a mesh filter. The carafe side has a non-stick warming plate so that it can keep the coffee warm for quite some time after the pot has brewed.

There is an option to control the strength of the brew. It can either be brewed on regular or bold. This will change the flavor and strength of the coffee to whichever is more desirable for individual taste. There is a control panel and display on the face of the coffee machine. The coffee maker has hour and minute buttons so that it can be programmed to start brewing at a certain time within 24 hours.

The programmable timer works for both sides: the glass carafe and single serve. There is also a 2-hour automatic shutoff option and a pause brew option. The pause brew option will pause the brewing process so that a cup of coffee can be poured from the glass carafe before the entire pot is finished brewing.

The Hamilton Beach Single Serve 12-cup coffee maker’s dimensions are 13.7 in width, 11.4 in length, and 15.4 inches in height. It also weighs just over 9 pounds and has a stylish finish.

Reviews from Verified Purchasers

The Hamilton Beach Single ServeThe overall rating for the Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Coffee Maker on the Amazon website is 4.3 stars out of 5. Many verified purchasers praised the duality of the coffee maker. They enjoy having a single serving side and a carafe side of the coffee maker.

One verified purchaser talked about how there are different taste preferences in the household. The duality of the coffee maker allows for a lighter roast on one side and a darker roast on the other. This way, no one has to compromise on the coffee they prefer.

Another verified purchaser had the same issue of people having different taste preferences when it came to coffee and that the Hamilton Beach helped solve that problem. They wrote, “We are happy with it so far and glad we purchased it.” This reviewer went on to remind a potential buyer that both sides cannot brew at the same time, but that there is a simple switch button to start brewing the other side when the first one is done. The programmable coffeemaker makes it easy to brew coffee.

The company, Hamilton Beach, provides an informational video about the Single Serve 12-cup Coffee Maker – the 2-way 49980A. The video can be found on the Amazon website (link below) and is narrated. It explains how the coffee maker works too.


As mentioned earlier, the Hamilton Beach Single Serve 12-cup coffee maker is an affordable option for those who cannot splurge hundreds of dollars on a specialty coffee maker. The Hamilton Beach coffee maker costs around $90.

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