Green Coffee Benefits for Weight Loss

green coffee beanThe pure green coffee bean has numerous benefits such as helping reduce body weight, lose weight, reducing blood pressure and blood sugar are just a few of the potential benefits. When coffee beans are roasted, their chlorogenic acid content is greatly depleted; hence they don’t provide as many benefits as green coffee for weight loss.

Green coffee provides significant weight loss benefits because of its higher chlorogenic acid content which is known to speed up metabolism; hence green coffee bean extract is also sold as pills and weight loss supplements in food and health stores. Green coffee should be consumed at between 60 and 185 mg a day, in order to achieve all its weight loss benefits.

Though the effects of green coffee on the body still requires more research, especially for its potential to speed up weight loss, current searches have shown that green tea extracts must be consumed over the long-term in order to achieve a significant weight loss effect.

There are promising results that show green coffee can speed up weight loss. However, it contains caffeine that comes with some possible side effects that vary from minor to mild, including frequent urination, increased heart rate, and anxiety and restlessness.

Coffee_beansdGreen coffee is currently labeled as a natural weight loss supplement by the American based FDA, which means it is safe for human consumption. Green coffee is believed to promote weight loss in different ways.

First of all, it promotes the normalization of blood sugar by ensuring that glucose is released slowly instead of a sharp increase. This means that the body will end up using up glucose more effectively.

Secondly, green tea speeds up weight loss by increasing the metabolic output of the liver. The liver is partly responsible for the way fat is burnt by the body; thus, an increase in the liver metabolism will ensure that the liver burns more fat than usual, which means the dual mechanism of glucose regulation and speedy metabolism will have double impact in burning fat steadily in the body—this will eventually result in steady weight loss.

FDAAccording to a report published in 2006 by BMC complementary and alternative medicine, some laboratory mice were inspected for their inability to control the prevention of fat accumulation.

Researchers noted that mice fed on green coffee extract over a controlled period of time witnessed a drastic reduction in visceral fat and total body weight, while the mice fed with normal daily standard feed has its weight remained unchanged.

Researchers noted that mice fed on green coffee extract over a controlled period of time witnessed a drastic reduction in visceral fat and total body weight, while the mice fed with normal daily standard feed has its weight remained unchanged.

This led to the conclusion that it is possible for green coffee extract to be effective against weight gain. It was also observed that some elements of green tea disrupted the accumulation of fat absorption in the body of the mice.

According to other research, it is believed that green coffee tea consumption, taken twice a day, is capable of causing between 5 and 10 pounds of body weight over a period of 12 weeks. This result can only be achieved when the green coffee is consumed on daily basis for the period of time.

Green bean extract, mostly found from Arabica coffee bean, has thousands of substances believed to be beneficial in every way to the body. It comes with antioxidants that ensure the immune system is strengthened against certain diseases and infections that are common in certain seasons. For instance, moderate consumption of green tea during the cold winter months can help prevent flu, catarrh, and some other viral infections that can worsen around this time.

Green teaGreen tea is also known to speed up the oxidation of fat, as well as increase the activities of the alpha PPAR, a gene that also facilitates the transportation of fat and it creates an anti-oxidation effect, whereby the production of new fat cells are reduced drastically, while caffeine may cause frequent urination, it has been found that the substance also contributes to boosting metabolism.

Likewise, it forces you to consume more fluid as dehydration sets in. It should be noted that the potency of green coffee extracts are greatly reduced when green coffee is mixed with other ingredients such as milk and sugar. It is believed that an unprecedented increase in the mixing of protein rich food with green coffee can reduce its effectiveness in reducing weight because of its inhibitory and reactionary effects on the main weight loss ingredients in the coffee.

green coffeeIt is believed that the best time to consume green tea and enjoy its weight loss benefits is between 2 and 3 hours before consuming a meal, which means that very early in the morning or a few hours before bedtime.

A lot of nutritionists recommend a ratio 1: 1 mixture of green coffee with green tea to achieve a much faster weight loss. However, the issue with this is that people who do not have much tolerance to caffeine may witness some prolonged side effects, hence it will be better to consume them separately.

According to some research, one may need to consume as much as 600 mg of green coffee a day, which translates to between 8 and 10 cups a day in order to achieve the best weight loss results. Consuming 8 to 10 cups of green coffee may be a difficult task for many people because it means they have to consume 1 cup on the average of 3 hours which is unrealistic.

For this reason, expert nutritionists believe that the combination of moderate physical activity along with healthy meals can actually help speed up weight loss even if you consume 1-2 cups of green coffee a day.

coffee-1129600_1920Just like roasted coffee, green coffee is best consumed when ground and it can be consumed with both cold and warm water. However, sugar should not be added if the weight loss effects are desired. In place of sugar, honey or stevia can be used.

Similarly, milk, yogurt, or any dairy product should be avoided when green coffee is being consumed and the reason being that dairy products such as milk are known to interfere with some of the weight loss ingredients in green coffee.