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Goodvon Hand Crank Mill Grinder Review

The Goodvon Hand Crank Mill Grinder is reliable because of the combination of stainless-steel equipment with compact ceramic blades. This item can grind coffee beans, seeds, nuts, and herbs down to fine, usable dust. Electric grinders do not create as small of granules and they tend to take up a lot more space.

The Goodvon Hand Crank Mill Grinder has the appearance of an antique used one hundred years ago, but it comes brand new. After all, antiques are the best type of decoration for the home. However, functional antiques are even better because they have a purpose for more than just sitting on a shelf.

It is hard to find functional antiques that do come from a century ago, and although restoring antique cookware can be incredibly enjoyable, not everyone has the time or funding to do that.

Thankfully, certain manufacturers create pieces that have both the look of an antique and the functionality of a real item that someone can utilize for normal, everyday tasks.

Goodvon Hand Crank Mill Grinder, Manual Coffee Grinder with Ferris Wheel Grinder for Coffee Bean Seed Nut Spice Herb Pepper, Home, Office, Travelling

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  • After grinding coffee beans, seeds, or spices, the finished product goes directly into the integrated storage drawer for safekeeping until the next use
  • Hand-cranked grinders are much less noisy than electric grinders
  • It does not require electricity, so there is no inconvenient cord to block walkways and take up space
  • The compact size of the grinder is convenient for traveling or just saving space
  • The decorative aspects of the item are an appealing addition to a kitchen or office space


  • The Goodvon Hand Crank Mill Grinder is relatively small; other hand grinders similar to this have alternate sizes for medium and large portions
  • This type of grinder is harder to clean than an electric grinder
  • It is more time consuming compared to modern methods
  • Because of the size, it does not allow for the creation of a large quantity of grounds. If there is a need for more than one cup of grounds, empty the drawer and repeat the grinding process


  • Base dimensions: 14.5 centimeters x 14.5 centimeters
  • Height: 26.5 centimeters
  • Manual Ferris wheel with turning handle for grinding
  • Drawer holds at least 1 Cup of grounds
  • Compact ceramic blade
  • Wooden drawer/base
  • Part cast iron

Information & Review

One of the best parts about manual crank mill grinders, like the Goodvon Hand Crank Mill Grinder, is that you can use them for more than just coffee beans.

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Although creating coffee grounds is a standard function for this piece of machinery, it can also work well for grinding up herbs, spices, nuts, and other dried cooking ingredients that one might need in the kitchen.

Not all electric coffee grinders can be for anything other than coffee beans, or at least they are not intended that way, but the Goodvon Grinder allows you to do so.

Manual crank mill grinders such as this are much different from electric grinders.

The cleaning process is more time-consuming, it takes more effort to create the grounds since a person must manually spin the wheel crank, and the overall setup is different.

Remember: use only dried ingredients in the Goodvon Mill Grinder.

Use dry ingredients like coffee beans, seeds, dried herbs, and nuts; do not use any fruits or vegetables unless they were dried thoroughly.

Wet ingredients would be tough to clean out of the grinder. Wet ingredients, especially meats and raw foods, pose the problem of cross-contamination. Cross-contamination can lead to bacteria buildup and, ultimately, food poisoning. This is a possible situation with any piece of cooking equipment and there is no need to worry if you use the grinder correctly.

Also, the Goodvon Hand Crank Mill Grinder is relatively small, and the interlocking parts that turn the grinder are close together, so if the added ingredient were moist (rather than dry ingredient), it would get caught in-between the blades and cause a blockage. A blockage would prevent the thorough grinding of ingredients and could cause bacteria to buildup if not cleaned out immediately.

Hand Crank Mill Grinders Vs. Electric Coffee Grinders

For one – as we stated before, electric coffee grinders are not always for multi-use. In other words, most of the time, you cannot put herbs and seeds in an electric grinder; but you can in a hand mill grinder.

It is hard to say if a manual is better than electric. Personal preference is the determining factor in that aspect.

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Most people buy this item as more of a decoration than a functional piece of equipment, but the functionality increases the item’s value.

The Goodvon Hand Crank Mill Grinder is compact. Even though some electric coffee grinders are smaller and do not take up much space, it can be a pain to take them in and out of a cabinet, not to mention the inconvenience of the power cord. Goodvon Grinders have the advantage with size, plus the antique look to it makes for a great decorative addition.


The cleaning process for this item can be tedious and difficult.

Do not use soap to clean the stainless-steel parts of the grinder. Warm water is sufficient for cleaning and will not harm the materials. If the operator of the product adds only dried herbs and coffee beans, then there should not be a problem during cleaning.

Summary of the Goodvon Hand Crank Mill Grinder, Manual Coffee Grinder

The Goodvon Hand Crank Mill Grinder, Manual Coffee Grinder is a handy item on Amazon that replaces your typical electric countertop coffee grinder. The Goodvon Grinder takes up less space, looks unique in your kitchen, and is fun to use.

The top disadvantage of the Goodvon Hand Grinder is that it requires more effort on the user’s behalf, and extra time. Although, some people would say the result is worth the effort. Sometimes, manual methods of making ingredients produce higher quality results compared to the more convenient methods that rely on electricity.