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Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Does your best friend just love coffee? Is your significant other someone who just can’t live without their morning java? Coffee lovers are a diverse group of people. You have your Starbucks lovers who are more casually into coffee, and then you have your quintessential true java fans who get specific enough by taste testing different beans or constantly debating between pour over and cold brew. When you’re finding a gift for someone who loves coffee, think bigger than a Starbucks gift card or the newest Keurig coffee maker. There's a variety of gifts to give people who love coffee, and your job is to find the gift that matches their needs. Here’s just a few unique options that just might light up their eyes the moment they open it up.

Coffee Mug Warmer

Drinking coffee in the morning is every coffee lover's perfect start to their day. The worst is when you're taking your time and enjoying your morning, and then you realize your coffee is cold and lost its warmth. This mug warmer is the perfect solution to this problem. Able to fit most cup sizes, this coffee warmer is designed to keep a cup at a constant temperature of 55 degree celsius for a consistent time frame, allowing you to drink your coffee at a pace you want.

coffee mug warmer

It has an auto shut-down feature that turns it off when you take your coffee mug off the device. It’s both easy and safe to use. This coffee warmer is going to be the perfect gift to anyone who doesn't want to rush drinking their coffee in the morning.

Thoughtfully Holiday Latte Set

thoughtfully holiday latte set

Nothing beats getting a solid latte and assortment of flavors. This set provides nine unique flavors and mixes. It has everything between mint mocha to Irish cream, and they all tantalize the tastebuds with their unique taste. This set is already beautifully packaged and ready to give as a gift right out of the box. Thoughtfully is a brand known for crafting fun gift sets for all occasions. Your friend is going to love all the different choices this set has to offer.

Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container

Every coffee person knows the power of creating your own coffee with your own coffee grounds. You pay good money for those beans, so why not take care of them to make sure they last a long time. This Coffee Gator container is stainless steel and provides durable protection that creates better tasting coffee. It does its best to help contain the beauty that lies in the beans.

coffee gator stainless steel container

Coffee emits harmful co2 naturally which needs to be removed, and these canisters are zero-BPA that release co2 while locking out the oxygen. With its airtight containers, you don't have to worry about your grounds being contaminated. You can keep them fresh and ready to be turned into coffee at a moment’s notice when you keep them in this container.

Yeti Rambler Insulated Tumbler

yeti rambler insulated tumbler

Yeti Rambler tumblers are known for being tough and capable with their steel constructed and double-wall vacuum insulation, and this specific one is no different. Perfect to bring for the outdoors, this tumbler can handle any adventure you put it through. It is completely BPA-free and dishwasher safe, and the No Sweat design is made to have the cup stay in your hands and keep them dry. Your coffee loving friend can use this and bring a drink with them for any adventure they go on.

MiniPresso Coffee Maker On The Go

Does your loved one need an additional coffee maker that they can bring with them whenever? This Portable Espresso Coffee Maker is the perfect solution for anybody wanting to create fast coffee while on-the-go. Because it’s designed with the newbie in mind, it’s so easy to set up. Simply ground coffee into the filter basket using the integrated scoop. You will then apply pressure to the grind as you add hot water to the water tank. And simply unlock the cup and pump several strokes to pressurize and extract the espresso.

minipresso coffee maker on the go

It’s an instantaneous solution for any coffee lover to get a drink even when they’re not at home. Its overall design is lightweight and meant to be the smallest and lightest espresso machine on the market today. Because it is hand operated with different water tank sizes, you can craft drinks of any size and create any type of drinks, from caffè lungos to ristrettos. Grab this for your coffee loving friend to make coffee whenever they choose.

“Bathe and Crew" Prank Gift Pack

bathe and crew prank gift pack

Before you wrap any of these gifts to give to your loved one, consider using this unique gift to be the wrapper of the gift. This “Bathe and Crew” prank set is a box labeled to be a coffee maker in your shower. They’ll unwrap this box with the flaps in the box revealing that it is indeed just a prank box with the actual gift inside. It’s a cute little box that’s perfect for making a joke out of their love for coffee, and the best part is now they can use the box to wrap every gift they give to anyone else they know who loves coffee.

So a holiday or birthday is right around the corner and you know one thing about your friend or loved one; they love coffee. Now you just need to find a gift that’s going to make them happy. It can be tough to decide what to give them. It also depends on what exactly you are celebrating. Whether it's their birthday, anniversary, or Christmas, these are all good options to consider to be their gift. These are just a few of the many things you can give your coffee lover. Find out what they may need to add to their coffee collection. Do they need a new mug? How about a mug warmer? The gifts above can be right up their alley and what they need. And don't forget to throw in a nice little card if it fits the occasion.