gifts for coffee lovers under $20 featured

Gifts for Coffee Lovers under $20

Coffee is a versatile drink that can adapt to the scenario in which it is being enjoyed. Different cultures drink coffee at different times of the day and the coffee can be paired with different creams, sweeteners, and spirits. Coffee can be enjoyed at work, at home, or on-the-go, and those who love coffee also love coffee-related things. If you have a coffee-lover in your life, give them a gift to help them enjoy a good cup of coffee!

You don’t have to spend a fortune on coffee-related gifts! There are many gifts for coffee lovers under $20 that the coffee-lover in your life will love!

Coffee at Home

If the coffee lover in your life enjoys sipping coffee at home, take a look at some of these gift ideas!

1. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

mr. coffee 12 cup coffee maker

First of all, any coffee lover will appreciate a coffee maker. Perhaps the coffee lover needs a new coffee pot, as theirs has recently bit the dust. Maybe the coffee lover simply wants another coffee maker to have on-hand just in case! Whatever the reason, this Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker is a perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life.

2. Elama 6-Piece Mug Set with Stand

elama 6 piece mug set with stand

Coffee lovers who enjoy their cup of joe at home will need a coffee mug, and what better gift to give than this mug set? The mugs hold 12 ounces each and the stand is less than 6 inches wide, which takes up just a small area of room on a countertop or coffee station. This mug set and stand makes it easy to grab a cup of coffee anytime!

3. “But First…Coffee” Wood Sign by Elegant Signs

but first coffee wood sign by elegant signs

Chances are the coffee lover in your life has a specific area in their kitchen or dining room designated to preparing their coffee. Wherever their coffee preparation station is located, this wood sign is the perfect adornment to that area. This “But First…Coffee” sign is made from solid natural wood with thickness of 3/4”. The sign can be hung on a wall or stood on a surface.

Coffee at Work

You know that mornings are tough for the coffee lover in your life. They may have kids who need help getting ready and taken to school, or they may just enjoy your sleep in the morning. Whatever the reason, they enjoy their cup of coffee after they have arrived at work. Here are some of the best gift ideas for those who drink their coffee at work.

1. Single-Cup Coffee Maker by Salton

single cup coffee maker by salton

Taking up just a small area of desktop or tabletop space, this single-cup coffee maker is perfect for making a cup of coffee at work. Does the coffee lover you know have to share a communal coffee pot with colleagues? By the time they get to work, is the coffee already gone and does another pot need to be made? Get the coffee lover in your life their own personal coffee maker for their office or desk. Making one cup at a time, this coffee maker is perfect for the coffee lover who needs one cup of joe to get through the day.

2. “Some days, the best thing about my job is that the chair spins,” Funny Coffee Mug

funny coffee mug

This 11-oz coffee mug is the perfect gift for a coworker or coffee lover with a sense of humor. This coffee mug is printed on both sides, so there is no hiding this funny quote from others!

3. Dunder-Mifflin Office Coffee Mugs

dunder mifflin office coffee mugs

Two worlds combine in this 2-pack of coffee mugs: The Office and coffee. These mugs are printed with “Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company” on both sides and hold 11 ounces each. These mugs are perfect for coworkers or The Office and coffee lover in your life.

Coffee On-the-Go

Does the coffee lover in your life enjoy their cup of coffee on the road? Whether their commute is short or long, these gifts will give your on-the-go coffee lover the fix they need for the road ahead.

1. 20 oz. Stainless Steel Coffee Mug with Lid by Drinco

20 oz stainless steel coffee mug with lid by drinco

This travel coffee mug is perfect for holding up to 20 ounces of coffee for the coffee lover in your life. This mug is vacuum insulated, which keeps your hot coffee hot and your iced coffee cold, and comes in a variety of colors. A powder coated finish allows you to easily grip the mug during use.

2. Insulated Double-Wall Coffee Mugs with Lids by Evron

insulated double wall coffee mugs

A 4-pack of insulated coffee mugs with lids is the perfect gift for a coffee lover on-the-go. The mugs are dishwasher safe and come in four different colors. These mugs will keep your hot beverage hot for three hours. If you need you reheat your coffee, the mugs are microwave safe so you can continue to enjoy your hot coffee after it has cooled.

3. Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Mug with Lid, Handle, and Straw

stainless steel travel coffee mug

This 20 ounce coffee mug is perfect for those coffee lovers who enjoy hot and iced coffee. You can enjoy your coffee through a drinking port or a straw. The stainless steel straw also comes with a silicone tip for covering and a wire brush for cleaning. The lid is also spill-proof, which makes this a perfect mug for traveling!

4. Personal Coffee Maker by AdirChef

personal coffee maker

Perhaps the best gift for a coffee lover who is always on-the-go is the personal coffee maker by AdirChef. With this personal coffee maker, you can plug in this coffee maker and immediately brew a cup of coffee. The coffee maker includes a travel mug and permanent filter, so you don’t need to worry about packing anything except this coffee maker and the coffee of your choice!

Are YOU the Coffee Lover?

If you are the coffee lover who is in need of supplying gift suggestions to those in your life, these gifts under $20 can help you! Share these with your friends and family so that you can enjoy your cup of coffee in any setting in your life!