Ganoderma Coffee

Ganoderma Coffee: What’s The Scoop?

The newest rave to hit coffee and health buffs is Ganoderma coffee. It is a drink that has instant, powdery coffee mixed with Ganoderma lucidum, which is commonly known as Reishi, a medicinal mushroom. Many people flavor the coffee as they would for regular coffee with favorite condiments like sugar, creamer, and natural herbs.

Ganoderma coffee

It is said that Ganoderma coffee is a healthy alternative to coffee because it does not have as much caffeine. Not only that, but that it has many admirable benefits for the wellness of an individual. The high level of energy this mushroom can output might be misleading, as it does provide a great deal of energy but without all the additives of regular coffee. In fact, some say that they are using it to rid themselves from drinking coffee altogether.

Science does not back up these claims, though. Even without this backing, the beverage is becoming an upcoming craze in the health industry.

Reasons To Use Ganoderma Coffee


The Chinese have been drinking this kind of coffee for centuries now. The mushroom itself has been used for medical purposes for several centuries. They boast of the many benefits for one's health. As it has moved to the United States, many appear to agree with them. People who are for drinking Ganoderma coffee speak of the monumental effects that they have noticed alongside drinking the beverage.

Some of these claims are a rise in immunity levels, weight loss assistance, decreased cholesterol levels, improved restlessness, improved circulation, reduced stress, provide higher stamina, gives aging related assistance to slow the process down, and decreased problems with inflammation.


Similarly, the Chinese have boasted about Ganoderma coffee’s beneficial factors as well, such as in preventing cancer. The natural antioxidant that is within the mushroom for the coffee is what provides this assumption. The antioxidants reduce cell damage, which therefore can kill cancerous cells that have already formed or are attempting to do so.

Another claim that the Chinese have about Ganoderma coffee is that is will relief a urinary tract infection. Having a large dose of the Ganoderma lucidum extract helps you feel the side effects of a urinary tract infection subside. Simply drinking coffee is not the same as drinking coffee with the extract Ganoderma lucidum in it. That is what holds the powers for these wonderful benefits.

It also has been said to aid in preventing Parkinson's Disease. This disease affects the older community and creates an unfortunate turn in health where the person starts to noticeably shake uncontrollably and have trouble with walking. The extract that Ganoderma coffee, uses is said to lower inflammation and inflammation within the cells is what causes the disease to configure.

Reasons Not To Use Ganoderma Coffee

With anything, there are possibilities of things going array. The same goes with Ganoderma coffee. By itself, the mushroom Ganoderma lucidum has wonderful benefits such as for disintegrating tumors. However, some of the side effects of the mushroom in coffee are nausea, parsed throat, and dry nose. These are only some and may not be indicative of ones you will experience.

If you take medications, be aware that Ganoderma coffee can have a negative interaction with them. Consult with your doctor, especially if you take any of the following: medicine for cancer or diabetes.


Essentially, it is coffee. So, it has caffeine in it and any effect that caffeine has on you, Ganoderma will, too. Effects such as heightened heart rate, restlessness, anxiety or nausea are common with caffeine intake and as such should be considered when planning on implementing this into your diet. Another thing to remember is the FDA does not approve herbal supplements, as this is, so you could be taking unknown substances that are not otherwise listed.

If the use of Ganoderma becomes long term, being longing than six months, you will slowly start to notice these negative side effects. Women who are breastfeeding or who are pregnant should not drink this until consulting with their doctor about the safety and risks it poses to the baby. It is also advised to not take this if you are about to give birth, due to the risk of increased bleeding.

Ganoderma Coffee

Rare occasions have resulted from the use of the Reishi mushroom. Two people were reported to have contracted liver damage due to the consumption of reishi mushrooms. In fact, one later died from the complications and damage to their liver. The Chinese take this almost as a daily vitamin. However, there is no real research to predict the safety of its effects on everyone.

Is It Safe?

The debate on whether or not Ganoderma coffee is safe for drinking is just that: a debate. No one can give a clear-cut answer to the true safety of it. Just last year, scientists in Nigeria claimed they had done research that show the effects of Ganoderma to lower hypertension and prevent many heart-related illnesses. They don’t only suggest putting it in coffee, though. Scientists in Nigeria say that green tea and Ganoderma have the same benefits as it does on coffee.

Green tea

The only caution they bring up about Ganoderma coffee at all is about buying the products outside of the country. They worry of the mishandling that could cause other harmful properties to invade the mushroom. Hence, they say to only buy Reishi locally to avoid any unwarranted ingredients from inhabiting it. Once this happens, the benefits of the authentic Reishi diminish and that is when side effects occur.

Besides the two deaths that have been reported, there have not been any cases associated with Ganoderma coffee to cause life-threatening harm. For all the promoters and the trusted Chinese medical community, adding Ganoderma coffee into your health plan seems applicable and a safe option.

Be careful about how much you are drinking and pay attention to how your body reacts to the Reishi mushroom. Just because it seems safe, your body could still reject it.