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EU/UK/AU/US Plus Electric Coffee Grinder Machine Review

The EU/UK/AU/US Plus Electric Coffee Grinder Machine, otherwise known as the Pumpkin-Kaariage Coffee Grinder, is a countertop, non-portable version of a coffee grinder. It functions best as a stationary coffee grinder that you can store beans in and start-up quickly any time you need coffee bean grounds.

Check it out on Amazon and read this short information/review to help you determine if this is the best product for you.

If you want to reduce the amount of time it takes to make a freshly ground and brewed cup of coffee in the morning, this is the best coffee grinder for you.

This coffee grinder provides plenty of room in its feeder (the clear container attached to the top of the grinder) for storing beans while the grinder is not in use. Choose to either grind the whole feeder worth of beans or just a portion, into grounds, and then take them out by grabbing the handle of the black cup sitting in the coffee grinder machine.

All-in-all this coffee grinder works very well and can last a long time if taken care of.

EU/UK/AU/US Plug Electric Coffee Grinder Machine coffee millling grinder Home Coffee Bean Grinder 220V/110V, Black, 220-240V, UK

(Pumpkin-Kaariage Coffee Grinder)

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  • The coffee grounds go directly into a removal powder box, which has a handle for easy access to the freshly ground coffee
  • It grinds coffee beans fast and requires minimal effort from the operator
  • The top feeder container holds a large number of coffee beans while the grinder is not in use
  • The coffee grinder machine sits well on the countertop and does not move around too easily
  • It is high-powered at 100W and grinds coffee beans quickly


  • The shape of the coffee grinder is awkward, making storage complicated
  • All the parts disassemble and can come apart while moving the entire machine, so it is not ideal for traveling
  • It is not very portable


  • Electric
  • Housing material: aluminum
  • Certification: CE
  • Power: 100W
  • Voltage: 220V/110V
  • Model Number: N600
  • Top feeder for coffee beans (transparent)
  • Hardened stainless steel internal grinder
  • 8 Speeds
  • Capacity: 250g
  • Grind capability: 350g/hr
  • Base dimensions: 12 centimeters x 19.5 centimeters
  • Total height: 36 centimeters
  • Height (from base to bottom of feeder): 23.5 centimeters

Information & Review

The Pumpkin-Kaariage Coffee Grinder is a medium-sized home coffee bean grinder that is for countertop use. It is not the most portable coffee grinder, but it also does not take up too much space like the way other coffee grinders do.

The brand for this coffee grinder is Pumpkin-Kaariage. It is available on Amazon for a somewhat reasonable price.

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This is certainly not the cheapest electric coffee grinder, and if or when you buy one, expect to pay over one hundred dollars for it.

Typically, compact electric coffee grinders can go for anywhere between $20 and $35 but do not provide much in appearance or at-home utilization because they are almost too small.

Although the Pumpkin-Kaariage Coffee Grinder Machine is more expensive than other coffee bean grinders, it is for a good reason. This coffee grinder has a considerably high level of power, so it grinds coffee beans into a fine powder, fast. It saves a lot of time.

It Looks Nice in Any Style of Kitchen

The overall look of this coffee grinder is attractive and would look lovely in any style of kitchen. It has a plain black exterior with a few red accents and a red logo decal, and then there is a clear feeder on top, which is where the coffee beans go before grinding.

Sometimes the super small coffee grinders do not look great in a kitchen because they almost seem out of place by how little they are.

Small grinders are also light and tend to fall over, which means you must either hold the grinder while it is running or place your hand on top of it to make sure it does not fall and dump out all the coffee grounds just made. This coffee grinder, however, looks like it belongs and is stationary and secure on a countertop. There is no need to worry about tipping.

Since it is sturdy, it also makes the cup of grounds less prone to getting stuck and pulling over the entire coffee bean grinder.

A coffee grinder should not only look good, but it should exhibit high-quality aspects that make it worth using.

The Pumpkin-Kaariage Coffee Grinder is a perfect example of this, and it is more than worth the money.

The Top Feeder Makes It Unreliable for Traveling

We have already established that this coffee grinder is not ideal for traveling. But it is not just due to the abnormal size and shape; the top feeder protrudes from the base in a way that would make it hard to use while traveling or camping.

The feeder holds coffee beans until it is time to grind. This storage capability does save the barista’s effort since it is not necessary to add beans every time they want to make coffee grounds. However, since the feeder is almost as large as the base, it can be a bit top-heavy.

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The lid of the feeder is also not secure enough for traveling with the grinder full of beans.

The feeder should be empty of all coffee beans while traveling.

Summary of EU/UK/AU/US Plug Electric Coffee Grinder Machine

The EU/UK/AU/US Plus Electric Coffee Grinder Machine on Amazon is exceptional and is worth the sum of money paid for it at the time of purchase.

Even though smaller coffee grinders seem more convenient, this product tops them by providing a better-quality machine and coffee grinding process. You never have to worry about it tipping or sliding around on the counter.

This coffee grinder machine has a top feeder that holds beans while they are not grinding. It provides storage and plenty of power for making a quick batch of coffee grounds in very little time.

There is not much to hate about this coffee grinder because it is a sturdy and reliable product.