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DPPAN Automatic Coffee Grinder Burr Review

The DPPAN Automatic Coffee Grinder Burr is compact, lightweight, and wireless. Charge it on the go and quickly make plenty of grounds for a few cups of coffee when you need it. This product is ideal for camping, frequent traveling, or even just saving space in the office or at home.

There are many different kinds of electric coffee grinders for sale online. They come in very compact sizes that are light and easy to store in a cabinet, or they come as a large piece of equipment attached to a coffee brewer. Either way produces a perfect cup of coffee.

The benefits that a compact coffee grinder, such as this, add to your morning routine, is that it is more convenient and easier to move than large coffee grinders.

Everyone has experienced the stress of trying to make coffee while dealing with an inconveniently placed wall outlet. This product creates a solution to the problem of outlets because it never needs a cord except for charging. Ultimately, your morning is just a little more bearable.

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  • The coffee grinder has a sleek design that looks simple and elegant
  • It is portable and uses a USB to charger; so, it is perfect for camping, travelling, or any type of transportation where you would need to grind coffee on the go
  • The filter is built-in for easy storing and cleaning
  • It grinds coffee beans very finely
  • Since it is an electric coffee grinder, it is convenient
  • It has an auto-detection feature that shuts the grinder off and flicks on an indicator light when it has fully ground the coffee beans


  • If using this grinder, plan for small portions of coffee at a time since it does not make many coffee grounds
  • The grounds are not visible while the coffee grinder is on


  • Portable
  • Charges using a USB cord
  • Has a built-in filter
  • Auto-detection of completion
  • Compact size
  • Red and black versions of the product are available
  • Shipping weight: 1.1 pounds
  • 10W
  • 7.4V

Information & Review

One of the cons listed for this product is that the grounds are not visible while the machine is grinding.

With most electric coffee grinders, you will see there is a clear plastic container for the grounds, which allows a viewing window during grinding. The viewing window helps the person using the grinder to know if they should turn it back on longer, or not. This product does not have that feature incorporated in its design.

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The DPPAN Coffee Grinder is still a great product, but since you cannot see the grounds through the sides of the grinder, it may take up more time to finish since there is the possibility of needing to open it back up and visually check the grounds in the middle of grinding.

Whether you want to deal with that or not is up to you, but it does not take away from the quality of the product.

It may not provide a way to see the grounds, but the auto-detection is reliable enough to know when the grounds are done, or at least close to finished. It may require a little further grinding if there are a lot of coffee beans inside since the blade has more to handle all at once, but that is the case with any electric coffee grinder.

A handy indicator lights up and flashes when the coffee grinder automatically detects completion. When the indicator lights up, the grinder shuts itself off and lets you know so that you do not have to worry about checking it.

The DPPAN Automatic Coffee Grinder is fantastic for multitaskers and frequent travelers.

Since there is no longer a need to check the coffee beans while they are grinding (like you would have to with other types of coffee grinders), simply add the coffee beans, turn it on, and go about your business getting other stuff done until you are ready to make coffee.

Once completed, the coffee grounds have a safe place to stay until the time comes; the built-in filter stores the grounds immediately after grinding. Even if there comes a day when you must use the coffee grinder in the car, because of lack of time, you could.

The DPPAN Automatic Coffee Grinder is relatively small and compact. Traveling is made easy.

This product is also perfect for camping and RVing. All it needs is a USB cable to charge itself up, which is the typical type of cord for charging a phone. You will likely already have one of these cords lying around your house, so even if you lose the cable it comes with, you can use any other compatible one.

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Do You Need A Coffee Grinder?

Coffee grinders are not completely necessary anymore. It is so much easier to buy a bag of coffee grounds than coffee beans, and it is usually the same price.

However, many people are adamant that grinding your coffee beans immediately before brewing makes it taste a million times better. They enjoy the boldness of the coffee and do not want any interference in the process of making it.

It is not super likely that someone would even notice the difference, when they are half asleep at 5 a.m. making their coffee, but you never know.

Coffee lovers and those who greatly enjoy the process of grinding, brewing, and creating a coffee masterpiece, need a coffee grinder. It is a key tool for making the best coffee.

Summary of the DDPAN Automatic Coffee Grinder

While looking for the best electric coffee grinder, the DDPAN Automatic Coffee Grinder is an excellent choice. It shuts off automatically when it completes grinding, it utilizes a flashing indicator to let you know when the grounds are ready, and the size and shape of the grinder are the most ideal for travelers or minimalists who do not like clutter in their kitchen.