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Best Coffee Subscription Boxes

As a coffee drinker, there is no worse feeling than going to make the morning pot of coffee and realizing you are out of coffee. With a monthly coffee subscription box, you never have to worry about remembering to put coffee on your grocery list. With so many brands, roasts, and sizes to choose from, how do you know which coffee subscription box is the best?

What is a Subscription Box?

A subscription box is a service you sign up for where a product will be delivered to your house each month. Subscription boxes come in all different varieties, such as clothing, makeup, and razors. Subscription boxes will automatically ship based on the subscription frequency you purchased. Some boxes may only be available to purchase for a 6-month or year-long subscription, while others may be available for you to subscribe to on a month-to-month basis. If you are a coffee lover, or you have a coffee lover in your life, signing up for a coffee subscription box will guarantee there is coffee in the home every month.

How to Find the Best Coffee Subscription Box

There are many varieties of coffee subscription boxes available. Some subscriptions may offer a different roast each month, while some subscriptions may allow you to choose the same roast each time. How to find the best coffee subscription box for you can be determined by the roast, frequency, and variety the box offers. But what do you do when you want to try a blend or roast before you commit to subscribing?

Taste Test

With the variety of brands that offer monthly coffee subscriptions, you may be anxious about making the right subscription decision. What if you get stuck an entire month with a blend you don’t enjoy?

The best way to ensure you receive a subscription of coffee you enjoy is to purchase a bag from a company that offers subscriptions. Lucky for you, we have compiled the list of companies right here!

1. Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee is one of the leading coffee subscription boxes available today. There are four different blends for you to choose from: Bella Donovan, Beta Blend, Giant Steps, and Three Africas.

Bella Donovan: This is a blend of raspberries, chocolate, and molasses. It is available in a 6 or 12-ounce whole bean bag. This whole bean is from Ethiopia and Sumatra, is a medium-dark roast, and can be enjoyed black or with cream.

bella donovan

Beta Blend: Chocolate, candied orange, and peach make up this blend of Blue Bottle Coffee. The whole bean coffee comes from Ethiopia and Central America, and is a lighter-roasted option than the rest.

beta blend

Giant Steps: Do you like S’mores? How about a dark, thick cup of coffee? Giant Steps gives you both. A blend of roasted marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers, this is the richest roast that Blue Bottle Coffee offers. From Uganda, Sumatra, and Peru comes this whole-bean roasted coffee that can be accompanied with cream or enjoyed black.

Three Africas: This roasted blend of coffee is called Three Africas because there are two parts from Ethiopia and one part from Uganda that make up the blend. This is the lightest blend from Blue Bottle Coffee, as the blend is complimented with fruits of golden raisin, winery blueberry, and lemon zest.

three africas

If you want to try one of these blends before you commit to a monthly subscription, this is the best way to do so!

2. Angel’s Cup

Angel’s Cup is a coffee subscription for those who like to live on the edge as it is solely based on not knowing what blend of coffee you will be receiving.

This Angel’s Cup Coffee Tasting Kit is available in light, medium, or dark roast, as well as whole-bean, coarsely-ground, or finely-ground. When you receive your coffee tasting kit or subscription, you will brew the coffee as you normally would and try without having a preconceived notion of the blend. For example, if you don’t prefer dark roasts and you receive a dark roast in your subscription box, you may automatically assume you will not like the blend you received. With Angel’s Cup, you try the coffee without bias.

angels cup coffee tasting kit

After you’re done, there is a code on the package that tells you the coffee you enjoyed. There is also an Angel Cup app for your Smartphone. This is where you will keep track of the roasts you have received so that you do not receive it again.

3. Peet’s Coffee – Espresso, K-Cup, and Coffee Subscription Boxes

Peet’s Coffee offers monthly subscriptions to receive espresso capsules, K-Cups, or bagged coffee.

If you are one of the lucky ones who have an espresso machine, you may be searching for a subscription box for espresso capsules. With Peet’s Coffee, now you can!

Peet’s Coffee offers a variety of espresso capsules to choose from, so test the Peet’s Coffee Variety Pack of Espresso Capsules before you subscribe! With this variety pack, you receive four different roasts of espresso at 10 capsules each, giving you 40 total espresso capsules to enjoy. The roasts range from 8 to 11 in darkness for you to decide the roast you prefer.

peets coffee variety pack of espresso capsules

If you enjoy making your coffee with a Keurig, try the Peet’s Coffee House Blend 10-Count K-Cups. The house blend of Peet’s Coffee is a dark roast coffee bean from Central America.

peets coffee house blend 10 count k cups

If the subscription box you seek is for monthly bags of coffee, try Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend which is a ground dark roast coffee. This bold, smooth flavor is one of Peet’s Coffee’s most popular.

peets coffee major dickasons blend

Best Coffee Subscription Boxes

Two of the most fail-proof coffee subscription boxes are Bean Box and Driftaway Coffee. You cannot go wrong with either one!

Bean Box Subscription Box

Bean Box 3-Month Gourmet Coffee Subscription Sampler

bean box 3 month gourmet coffee subscription sampler

In this 3-month subscription, you can choose dark, medium, or light roast coffee. You will receive 4 different blends of coffee each month in 8oz bags. Bean Box includes brewing tips, tasting notes, and the roaster’s information, so you know exactly where your coffee bean came from and how to brew the best cup!

Bean Box 6-Month Subscription Sampler

bean box 6 month subscription sampler

This subscription box will deliver 4 different blends of coffee each month in approximately 8oz bags. You can choose to receive a sample of all blends, decaf roasts, or dark roasts. This means there is something for all coffee lovers to enjoy! Included in the subscription box are brewing tips for the blend of coffee you receive. The coffee is delivered whole-bean, so you will need to grind before brewing.

Driftaway Coffee Subscription Box

Driftaway Coffee 3-Month Subscription

driftaway coffee 3 month subscription

This 3-month subscription is personally tailored to your preference. The first box you receive includes a 4-bag sampler pack at 2oz of coffee per bag. This allows you to test each blend to decide the one you like best. The next two deliveries for the remaining two months will be a 7oz bag of the blend you choose. This means you won’t have to run the risk of receiving a blend or roast you do not like. If you are sending this subscription box as a gift, the first month sampler pack will come with a voucher for the recipient to set up the remaining two deliveries. The coffee is whole-bean, so you or the gift recipient will need a coffee grinder before brewing.

Driftaway Coffee 6-Month Subscription

driftaway coffee 6 month subscription

You can select to receive a 7, 8, 11, or 16-ounce bag of coffee each month in this subscription. The first month’s subscription box will include a 4-bag sampler pack that contains 2oz of coffee per bag for you to test. Then for your remaining 5 months of the subscription, you can select which roast you want to receive. As with the 3-month subscription box, if you are sending this 6-month subscription box as a gift, there will be a voucher included with the first box. This voucher will allow the recipient to set up which roast to receive for the remaining deliveries.

Driftaway Coffee World Explorers Sampler Subscription

driftaway coffee world explorers sampler subscription

This is a monthly subscription box where each month you receive a 4-pack of whole-bean coffee from around the world. You can choose to receive one pound or 2.75 pounds of coffee total. If you choose the one-pound option, each bag is 4 ounces each, whereas the 2.75 pound subscription has 11-ounce bags. You can cancel this subscription box anytime.

Amazon Subscribe & Save

One of the last options worth mentioning is Amazon’s Subscribe & Save option. With Amazon Subscribe & Save, you can choose your favorite coffee to automatically purchase and ship to you on a monthly or 6-month basis, so long as the product is eligible for Subscribe & Save. Before the subscribed order is processed, you will receive an email of the order that will be placed and shipped. This gives you a chance to review the order before it is placed. The more items you subscribe to, the more discounts and savings you can unlock. Amazon Subscribe & Save can be cancelled anytime.

Coffee Accessories

If you are going to subscribe to a coffee subscription box, you will need a few accessories to ensure you can brew the best cup of coffee.

Coffee Grinder

Most gourmet coffee subscription boxes will send the coffee whole-bean. Whole-bean coffee guarantees the freshness of the recently roasted bean, giving you the best flavor possible. You will need a coffee grinder to grind the whole beans into ground coffee. With a coffee grinder, you control the coarseness of the grinds.

Casara Stainless Steel Electric Coffee Grinder

casara stainless steel electric coffee grinder

This stainless steel electric coffee grinder by Casara allows you to grind the perfect grounds for coffee in seconds. Six seconds of grind time gives you coarse grounds, while 25 seconds of grinding gives you fine grounds. This grinder also comes with a 2-in-1 spoon and brush for easy use and cleaning.

Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

cuisinart supreme grind automatic burr mill

For a little more money, this Cuisinart automatic grinder can grind your coffee in 18 different levels of coarseness, from ultra-fine to extra-coarse. There is an 8oz bean hopper to store the whole coffee beans. The removable grind chamber will hold enough ground coffee to make 32 cups. Included with this coffee grinder is a scoop and cleaning brush.

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

javapresse manual coffee grinder

If you enjoy doing things by hand or prefer to consume less electricity, then this manual coffee grinder is right up your alley. With 18 different settings, you can choose the level of coarseness you prefer. This manual grinder holds approximately ½ cup of beans, is ultra quiet, and takes just minutes to grind whole beans. Affordable and versatile, this manual grinder can grind coffee beans for any brew you choose.

The Bottom Line

Coffee subscription boxes are absolutely worth it, so it is important to find a blend or roast you prefer. Try to find a subscription box where you can sample their blends. If the company does not offer samples, try to find a sample or small bag online to test. This way you know what you like and can select to receive a blend or roast you prefer.

If you do not care about which roast or blend you receive, then find a reputable coffee subscription company that will send you a different roast each month. If you are really brave, the Angel’s Cup coffee subscription box will send you unmarked bags of coffee for you to try blindly.

Finally, check the freshness of the roast that the coffee subscription company offers. If the coffee company roasts the whole-bean coffee within 24 hours of ordering and immediately ships next day, you know you will be receiving the freshest coffee possible. Freshly roasted coffee is significantly more flavorful than coffee that has been roasted and is sitting on a shelf waiting to be purchased. Freshly roasted coffee beans are the key to take your coffee experience to the next level. Sign up to receive a coffee subscription box each month to make sure you never miss out on your best cup of coffee!