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How to Make Coffee in An Electric Percolator

Studies have shown that 66% of Americans consume an average of 3.3 cups of coffee per day. However, most of them either buy their coffee from the stores or brew at home. If you're one of those that brew your coffee at home, then you should get a device that makes the process easier- in this case, an electric percolator. Coffee drinking has many benefits, but there are even more benefits attached to homemade coffee. Some of these benefits are;

  • In the long run, homemade coffee will help you save money.
  • They say practice makes perfect; If you make your coffee at home, you'll become better and better with each cup. Who knows, you might even become a coffee expert!
  • People that make coffee at home have the liberty to experiment on different flavors and brewing styles.

What exactly is a percolator, and how does it function?

First of all, a coffee percolator is not one of those tech devices, and neither is it a technological masterpiece. It is a basic coffee brewer that comes in two versions- electronic and stovetop. The interior of a percolator has a centrally-positioned tube and two vertical chambers. The outer body is mostly stainless-steel, comprising a tall pot with a spout.

Two chambers make up a percolator- lower chamber that holds water, and the upper chamber that holds coffee grounds.

Electric percolators work in a simple way; when you press the power button, the water heats up. At boiling point, it begins to move from the lower chamber, all the way to the top, to unite with ground coffee.

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The water soaks the coffee, and eventually transports itself, along with the coffee content back to the lower chamber. The cycle is repeated multiple times, moving brewed coffee that becomes more concentrated with each round. When the process is complete, the machine has sensors that automatically switch it off.

It is not uncommon to hear some noise during the brewing process – especially while coffee percolation takes place. Newer versions of the device come with a feature that keeps coffee warm at all times. Some electric percolators even allow you to set your brewing time.

How to Make Coffee in an Electric Percolator

Percolators are for a specific purpose, and they are highly efficient at what they do. However, they require quality coffee to guarantee quality output. Unlike drip machines, coarse beans work with percolators. Thus, you should ensure that your coffee beans are coarsely ground to avoid the presence of sediments. To be sure that your coffee beans are ideal, buy coffee meant or french press machine, or coarsely grind your coffee beans at home.

Remove the lid, the tube, and the upper chamber. Fill the lower chamber with clean water, and make sure it doesn’t exceed the maximum fill. Fill the coffee basket with ground coffee (one-two tablespoons per cup). Remember, if your grind is not coarse, you should get a coffee filter because it’ll prevent sediments from finding their way into your coffee.

To assemble the unit, fit the tube and the coffee basket together. The coffee basket (upper chamber) has a round hole in the middle, and that is where the tube passes through. The perforated top should be on the upper chamber, and the lid comes last. After assembling, plug the power cable, and power the machine.

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If your percolator has a time select feature, then select your brew time. Once that is done, you only have to wait until the device switches itself off. When it does that, you can be sure that your coffee is ready.

Get a mug and pour your tasty coffee directly from the device.

Recommendation for Making a Tasty Cup of Coffee

A percolator is one of the simplest coffee making devices available, but it can also be a bit confusing at first, especially for beginners. The good thing is, you’ll get a hold of it after a few successful brews, and then everything becomes as simple as A, B, C.

If you're just starting with the device, then experimentation is necessary e.g. if you want a strong cup of coffee, add more coffee grounds. Also, if your coffee has traces of residue at the bottom, it shows that grind is not coarse enough.

For the sake of the machine and the quality of your coffee, it is important to evenly distribute your coffee grounds in the chamber, making sure that there are no traces inside the tube, as this could result in blockage. Also, check out the upper chamber before you insert it into the machine.

In terms of maintenance, endeavor to wash and clean the detachable parts of the machine. If necessary, use foamy water and sponge to wash the device. Also, rinse thoroughly because the percolator can only function optimally if the parts are clean and well maintained.

Finally, you should also endeavor to clean the internal tubes, because failure to do so will lead to your coffee having a bad taste.

Best electric percolator for coffee

The electric percolator is best for people who prefer their coffee strong and dark. Unlike the drip maker, this device produces coffee that is hot and bitter, and it is very easy to use. If you’re considering the prospect of owning a coffee percolator, then you should look out for a product that is affordable and convenient. There are many options out available, but these are the best coffee percolators in the market today.

1. Farberware 2-4-Cup Percolator, Stainless Steel, FCP240

farberware fcp240 percolator

At $44.09, this is one of the best electric percolators available in the market today. It has a rating of 4.0 out of 5 on Amazon.

2. Hamilton Beach 40621R 8 Cup Stainless Steel Percolator, Silver

hamilton beach 40621r percolator

This product is renowned for its high-performance and ability to make 12 cups of coffee at a go. It is considered as one of the best because it comes with features that make coffee making simple.


Coffee drinking is a lifestyle among people from all over the world, and percolators play a part in the process. If you intend to make coffee using an electric percolator, then this guide is for you.