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Breville Infuser

Are you a coffee addict? Imagine making your favorite coffee at the comfort of your home with Breville Infuser Espresso Machine. It is the best coffee maker machine that produces the highest quality of espresso, easy to use and delivers perfect frothing milk for your favorite drink. This machine separates coffee ground at the brewing process and has built-in steam wand used to recreate beautiful latte art. It has both automatic and programmable features, including temperature setting and volumetric control, respectively.

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Product Specifications

Breville infuser is mode Bes840XL. It is the perfect choice for newbies. You should follow the guidelines attached to this product for more comfortable use. The control panel and display section help in the knowledge of the item usage. This item has a high-quality performance. The following are product specification: dimensions of 13.7 by 11.5 by 13.2 inches; weight of 17 pounds; water tank capacity of 61 oz; power of 1650 Watts; removable 54mm tamper; Single & dual-wall filter baskets (pressurized and non-pressurized); 15 bar Italian made pump; pre-infusion function for increasing water pressure to expand grinds for an even extraction; Purge function automatically adjust water temperatures after steam for optimal temperature.

It has unique features like automatic temperature control and a single and double shot setting with volumetric control and manual over-ride. The machine has brushed stainless steel case and a stainless steel-lined aluminum boiler, which makes it durable and easy to clean. It can hold different sizes of cups when warming and has a 360 degrees swivel to keep milk frothing jugs. It has a water filter to remove impurities and accessories for easy cleaning and maintenance. It has a one-year limited product warranty.


These features are unique and have a high-quality performance making it the best coffee maker amongst others. Here are the features of the espresso infuser machine:

Water Tank.

It is a 61 fl. oz. (1.8L) with a handle. The tank holds water and has a replaceable filter to get rid of impurities and scale.

Thermocoil Heating System.

This system uses PID temperature control to regulate the temperature. It controls temperature by circulating water through the heated coil, heating the needed water for the coffee making. You can to a single or double shot.


It is made from stainless steel and magnetically stored in the machine which helps in expert tamping control. Easily removable for tamping. It has black plastic inside its stainless bowl, which helps reduce heat loss caused by espresso hitting cold metal. It also prevents splashing when the dual-wall basket filters are pressurized.

Dry Puck Feature.

It gets rid of excess water in the filter basket from ground coffee and facilitates the secure disposal of coffee pucks.

The Espresso Pressure Gauge.

Helps observe the amount of pressure extraction, whether it is over or under-extracted.

Volumetric Control Function.

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It helps control and set the shot volume (one or two cup shot). You can customize the size according to the amount you prefer and let it remain there. A 15 bar Italian pump controls the preset. It also has a reprogrammable and manual override volumes.

Outlet for Hot Water.

It has hot water outlets which are used to make chocolate, soups, Americanos and warming the cup.

Steam Wand.

It can accommodate different size of frothing jugs as it swivels 360 degrees and is made of stainless steel. The swivel helps to steam the milk properly due to the rotation. Its rotation nature helps to make the chocolate cappuccinos and lattes.

Auto Purge Function.

Automatically adjusts the temperature of the water for milk steaming and espresso extraction. It automatically starts cooling the boiler to an optimal temperature for extraction.

Removable Drip Tray.

It is where the spills from the infuser fall both wet and dry. Has an 'Empty Me' indicator that shows it's full. It is easily manageable.

Storage Box.

It is used to store all the tools and accessories safely.


The infuser should be adequately maintained and handled. It should be washed regularly before and after using it for a fresh and clean extract. The tools should be stored safely in the storage box. Every device should be used for the rightful purpose. The accessories include: stainless steel milk jug; coffee scooping spoon; Razor Dose Trimming tool; 1 cup & 2 cup Single & dual wall filter baskets (4); cleaning disc and tablets; cleaning brush, tool and Allen Key; water filter holder; water filter.

Care and Cleaning

Caring and cleaning the machine is the most important thing in maintenance process. You have to maintain your machine properly so that it can function perfectly. When the CLEAN ME light illuminate then know that cleaning cycle is required. You can follow this process to clean and maintain your machine: decalcifying; clean the steam wand; clean the filter baskets and portafilter; clean the shower screen; clean the drip storage tray; clean the outer housing and cup warming tray.


The machine costs around $400 to $500, which is not expensive compared to other high-performance coffee makers. It would be best if you bought this coffee maker as you'll not need to hassle so much to purchase coffee or even have to wake up early to make it to your favorite cafe on time.


  • Quick brewing process
  • Large removable water dispenser
  • High-level performance
  • It is made of stainless steel making it durable
  • Even for a newbie, it is easy to make an espresso drink
  • Easy to control panel and display section
  • Thermocol heating system and electric PID helps regulate temperature
  • Easy to clean
  • Built-in grinder
  • Pre-infusion system
  • Manual steam wand


  • It is slow for high volume
  • No manual temperature control
  • Free tamper is too light
  • It has a small water tank capacity that needs to be filled regularly

If you want good quality coffee, then the Breville infuser is the best machine for you. Its beginner friendly and have a convenient setting for any user. The price fair and worth it. It contain all the best quality of a good coffee maker and can brew several cups. If you are a fun of free things then this machine comes with coffee tamper and milk jug.