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Breville Dual Boiler

Are you thinking of a coffee maker? Breville Dual boiler is the best option. What makes it stand out is that it can make milk texturized with triple heating systems, which controls the temperature and the pressure of water. This machine allows you to stream and brew milk at the same time. It gives you perfect opportunities to enhance your barista skills while enjoying easy and operational features. It is designed purposely for home use.

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Product Specifications

The machine has a brushed stainless steel casing and stainless steel dual boiler, which is sturdy and of high quality. It weighs about 30lbs and a dimension of 15 by 16.25 by 15 inches. The machine, therefore, needs a little much space to be kept. As the name states, it comes with a dual boiler made of stainless steel that regulates steam and brew temperature. It has 10 oz capacity for brewing boiler and 32 oz for streaming boiler. The machine does not have fast warm-up time since you require about eight minutes and twenty seconds for brewing and another eight minutes and twenty seconds for steaming. The machine is accompanied by 80 oz stainless steel water reservoirs to make numerous cups of espresso. It is fitted with drop-down swivel foot. There is a small window in front of the machine to enable one to check on the water level.

Some the specifications include: backlit screen which shows all the settings which ease the programming functions; displays with three modes, shot temperature, shot clock (duration in seconds) and clock; hot water outlet and hot water dial; removable drip tray; espresso pressure; tool storage tray; menu button; steam lever; voltage of 220 – 240 Volts; power of 2200 Watts; pre-infusion; the PID temperature control; triple heat system; setting of manual or automatic, single and double shot with personalized temperature; 2 year repair warranty.


I. Electronic PID Temperature Control

It helps to obtain the required temperature of water hence the best flavor of espresso. It is programmable, thus easy to adjust so that any temperature of the coffee is obtained.

II. Low Pressure Pre-Infusion

The machine has a 15 bar pump that grinds the coffee to increases the surface area before extraction begins. It then increases the pressure of water gradually, and therefore more espresso shot is obtained. It is also programmable so that the optimal water pressure is obtained and the best teste of coffee is reached.

III. Commercial steam wand

It is made of a stainless steel and has a 360 degrees swivel action useful for easy movement to a location which is best operational for the user. It has a three hole tip for delivering silky milk foam.

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IV. Auto-Start

This feature enables one to have a cup of coffee at any time of the day. It is always recommended to set the machine to automatically turn on 15 minutes before the time you need for the next coffee. It takes 15 minutes for pre heating of the machine.

V. Backlit LCD

It is the screen which displays the present settings for the clock, clock shot that is the duration in seconds, and the temperature shot. The temperature shot is at default so that before making another coffee, the previous temperature of the coffee is rated.

VI. Hot Water Outlet

It is a water outlet that lets hot water in and out. The hot water is used in pre heating the cups, which helps in ensuring that the optimal temperature of the coffee is achieved.

VII. Programmable Functions

Everything in the machine is programmable, for example the shot temperature, the shot volume, the auto start and the clean cycle.


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Without these accessories, it would not be very easy to carry out some activities, including cleaning, maintenance, dosing, and many more. These accessories include: 58mm Razor Dosing tool; 58mm stainless steel portafilter; 1 cup & 2 cup single and dual wall filter baskets; integrated tamper 16 oz; stainless steel milk jug; cleaning kit; water hardness test strip; water filter holder and water filter.

Care and Maintenance

Below are instructions for cleaning this machine: When “Clean Me” is displayed on the screen, you should start the cleaning cycle. It should be after approximately 200 shots; install water filters; clean the steam wand; clean the filter baskets and portafilter; clean the shower screen; clean the drip and storage tray; clean the outer housing and cup warming tray. Reminder, do not clean parts or accessories in the dishwasher.


Every machine must always have troubles when operating it. Some problems can be easily fixed by reading the manual or seeking expert experience. Some of the trouble include: no hot water or steam; espresso runs out quickly; steam pouring out of group head; coffee not hot enough; unable to set auto start time.


  • It gives the same consistent results all the time
  • The available smooth lever, the machines gives perfect coffee steam
  • It is designed for dual boiler expresso
  • The auto start feature is perfect because it enables one to have coffee at any time
  • It comes with clear instructions on the control of brew temperature, brew time, pressure and the coffee strength
  • Has an easy and very adjustable pre-infusion
  • Gives a warning when the water tank needs to be refilled
  • Has the cleaning and descaling proprieties


  • It is a big machine that needs a high counter clearing and a big space
  • Some of its mechanisms are cheap and not long-term
  • It is not dependable
  • It has no brew pressure modification
  • It needs a lot of energy to lock it tight
  • The plastic screen can easily heat up and breaks
  • It is noisy because of the hissing steam sounds
  • The warm up and the heating recovery time is longer

The Breville dual boiler is a recommended machine for coffee making and from its features it gives the best taste of coffee anyone would require. We would therefore recommend for purchase of this machine for both home and business use. Everything in this machine makes it the perfect option, from easy operation to programmable features.