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Breville Barista Touch

Breville barista touch is a machine with pre-programmed settings of café drink menu and a touch screen display. The touch display helps you to make your favorite coffee in 3 simple steps; grind, brew and milk. This machine allows you to adjust the coffee strength, temperature and milk texture per your preference. It has adjustable controls, built-in grinder and automatic frother that lets one save time when making coffee. For the coffee lover, this machine has an elegantly simple design that can be an excellent add-on to your kitchen appliances at your home or office.

breville barista touch

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It has a brushed stainless steel case material for quality and long lasting and stainless steel-lined aluminum for boiler material; touch screen operation; dimension of 14.5 by 16.7 by 17.6 inches which does not occupy a lot of space; weight of 32 lbs; watts of 1680W; voltage of 110 - 120V; reservoir water tank of 67oz; cup clearance of 4 inches; Thermocoil boiler design; warm up (brew time) of 43 seconds; adjustable grind control; 5 pre-programmed café favorite.

It uses digital temperature control (PID) technology for detection and minimization of fluctuations in the extraction process. It has an auto steam wand for adjusting milk texture and temperature. It comes with its own BPA water tank and water filter to eliminate impurities. It is programmable to customize drinks and regulate temperatures. It has a drip tray on its front and a box holding tools on the behind and a compacted grinder to brew everything you love in a great coffee at home. The barista touch has a wheel that helps in dialing the amount to grind which then gets displayed on the screen.


I. Touch Screen Display

It has a responsive, easy to read and operate screen display making it simple to choose drink options, navigate through the settings and save drink recipe. This screen can be accustomed to other touch screen devices including smart TV, smart phones and smart screens.

breville barista touch screen display

II. Grinder

It is a built-in conical stainless steel burr grinder with a dose control for the right coffee quantity. It has an adjustable grind size for coffee extraction and brewing.

III. Personalized Settings

If you like to control how your drink should be, then this setting offers you personalized and programmable functionalities. With this setting, you can adjust milk foam, time, milk temperature, dose and many more.

IV. Automatic milk steaming

This feature helps you to achieve barista-quality milk-foam by giving you the right milk temperature and texture.

V. Hands-Free Operation

You can set your grind time on the touchscreen as per your coffee drink preference.

VI. Fast heating duration

It has a ThermoJet heating system that quickens the brewing time in 3 seconds.

Setup and Operation

It is not a machine that is complicated to operate, although it needs you to consult experts, especially if it’s your first time to use the machine. It has a grinding process which can be operated manually or automatically; the manual method is done by just pressing the portafilter and holding on it till completion of the coffee-making process.

The digital temperature control (PID) controls the brew temperature, giving you the right temperature to make your coffee. It can be easily set to suit your temperature preferences. It has an automatic pre-infusion system that brings out pressure to coffee grounds to deliver nice aromatic coffee.

breville barista personalized settings

Brewing Process

To make your coffee with barista touch is very simple. First, select your favorite coffee and use default settings or customized your drink using touch screen display. This machine allows you to change the grinding time to single or doubled or timed.

Next, get your ground coffee in the set time. Level and tamp it with Razor™ Precision Dose trimming tool in the portafilter and brew it. Select time and shot (single or double) of extraction. When your coffee is ready, you can start automatic milk frothing based on your preference. After adding milk to your coffee, you get your quality coffee easily.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Breville barista is easy to clean since it’s made of stainless steel you can wipe off the dirt or spills. If you want to clean the machine in depth just use the manual for instructions. You should descale after 2 - 3 months using Dezcal, soap out the water tank and drip tray every few days, clean stainless steel casing with a microfiber cloth and clean the filter basket each week.


Barista touch machine come with accessories including 54mm Full Stainless Steel Portafilter, Single and Double Wall Filter Baskets – pressurized and non-pressurized, 480ml stainless steel Jug used for frothing milk, tamping tool, ClaroSwiss water filter for dirt removal from water source, Razor™ Precision Dose trimming tool used for leveling coffee, cleaning kit and water hardness test strip.


  • Touchscreen display which makes it easy to select and personalized settings and make your favorite barista quality coffee
  • Automatic steam wand which saves your time on making coffee
  • Responsive touch screen easy to navigate
  • Good at making quality coffee
  • Easy to descale and clean up
  • It is built on quality material making it last long
  • Easy to use and user friendly
  • It can personalize up to 8 different coffees with unique names and images


  • It is quite costly compared to other machines with the same features
  • It has no option for mug preheating
  • It has heating problems as water temperature fails to go up to the optimal point
  • Its water filter cup is hard to replace
  • The water reservoir cannot be accessed from the front
  • No room for large-sized cups
  • Allows two cups in a single operation and cannot brew and milk at the same time

If you are a coffee lover and addict or want to have a coffee making machine, this is the perfect machine for you, because it is easy to use and clean and makes coffee quickly. Its features and functionalities are very simple to use, making your coffee brewing process easy. The exciting thing about these machines is that it allows you to have a personalized and customized coffee drink as per your taste.