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Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine

If you are used to taking your favorite coffee drink at a local café, then imagine having to make it at the comfort of your home with breville barista express espresso machine. It is a semi-automatic machine which is one of the most efficient and high-quality machines with several features, customizable setting and design. This machine makes everything easier through its features including, built-in grinder, double boiler system and dose control grinding. It has a unique style with interchangeable features that can switch to either automatic or manual to make your espresso.

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Product Specifications

You cannot use a product without knowing its specifications. The following are information about this machine; dimensions are 12 by 11 by 13.5 inches; weight 23 pounds; bean hopper capacity 1/2 lb, water tank capacity 67 oz; voltage is 110 – 120 Volts; heating system of 1600W Thermocoil; Power of 1600 Watts; case material is brushed stainless steel; boiler material is stainless steel-lined aluminum; cup clearance of 4 inches; portafilter size of 53 mm; warm up, brew time of 1 minute and steam time of 70 seconds.

It has accessories filter baskets and an integrated tamper with a stainless milk jug, cleaning brush, tool and Allen key together with a water filter and a water holder. It’s a unisex machine and comes with a one year warranty. Pre-infusion function for increasing or decreasing water pressure for even extraction. Purge function used in automatically adjusting water temperatures for optimal espresso temperature. It has a setting of single and double shots with adjustable grind amount and manual over-ride.


I. Steam Wand

This machine comes with a built-in steam ward useful in frothing milk. Steam ward is very powerful that it produces foam in low fat or fat-free milk. If you are looking for a coffee maker with a faster warm-up time, this is the best option. It has a swivel that rotates at 360 degrees steaming milk properly. Its movement in all directions makes it possible to easily use it and come up with the cappuccinos and latte art.

II. Grinder

It has a grind size dial which helps in the selection of grind amount and size. The primary role of it to help you control when grinding the coffee, it’s quite intuitive and straightforward; hence it’s easy to perform on any bean. It has 16 grinding settings that have options of fine to rough grinding. The machine is fast and can consistently produce excellent beverages without any ground seeping through it during filtration.

III. Precise Espresso Extraction

It has a unique digital temperature control (PID). Its function is to keep the water at the right temperatures for it to help in the extraction.

IV. Hands-free operation

The operation of this machine is a hands-free operation. The buttons on it are easy to operate because they are programmed. It gives you an experience of a lifetime. The settings have been made according to single or double shots. They can be adjusted at any level to make a good grind thanks to modern technology.

breville barista express espresso accessories

V. Heat Exchange Boiler System

This feature makes it standout among other coffee making machines. It is powerful that it brew and steam simultaneously while having constant water temperature and distributing coffee grounds. It helps supply the whole machine with the right power demand. The system has a thermal coil that will prevent steam wand temperature from falling after use. It is incorporated with a 15 bar pump system that is powerful to operate machines of this size.

VI. Programmable Volumetric

It allows you to set water volume of single or double espressos for consistent water levels with each brew cycle.

VII. Temperature Control

Worried about temperature issues? This machine has a control that can maintain water temperature at 200°F during extraction. You can also increase or decrease brewing temperature up or down 4°F in 2 degree increments to dial in the perfect shot. It has an auto-purge function which returns the machine to an optimal espresso extracting temperature.

VIII. The Accessories

You have to make sure you have the following list of accessories before buying the machine: razor dose trimming tool; 54mm stainless steel portafilter; 1 cup & 2cup single & dual wall filter baskets; coffee scoop; integrated tamper; stainless steel milk jug; cleaning disc and tablets; cleaning brush and tool; Allen key for replacing silicone seal; water filter holder and water filter.

Coffee Making Tips and Preparation

If you are not well conversant with coffee making preparation, we have got you covered. These are the steps to follow: pre-heating your cup, portafilter and filter basket; grinding coffee beans; coffee dose and tamping; trimming the dose; purging the group head; inserting the portafilter; extracting espresso; texturing milk; pour milk into espresso and then have your drink.

Care and Cleaning

breville barista express espresso cleaning

It has an in built cleaning cycle which should be carried out periodically. The CLEAN ME light will automatically illuminate to indicate when a cleaning cycle is required. You can follow the cleaning cycle process guide in cleaning the machine. You should always consider decalcifying the machine on regular basis.


It costs under $700 at retail price. It is fair considering that it is one of the top competing brands. Its quality makes it an excellent option for those who are interested in quality coffee. The uniqueness in this machine would not get you thinking twice.


  • It is of high quality
  • Convenient to use due to its design
  • The settings can be customized
  • Attractive design
  • It is semi –automatic
  • It has an inbuilt grinder
  • High capacity water reservoir
  • It has thermacoil heating system


  • Very costly
  • Should be cleaned regularly
  • Requires time to adjust the machine fully
  • Not user friendly (beginner)

If you want something of good quality and still yearn for those hot beverages, then barista express is the best machine for you. This machine has numerous feature that is making it the best for brewing, constant boiler temperature and variety of settings. We recommend you to read the manual when handling the settings and get familiar with all the parts and seek expert advice because it is not beginner-friendly. With all these in mind, we recommend that you try it out and share your experience.