Best Pink Coffee Makers

Best Pink Coffee Makers in 2019

Want a dose of caffeine and a peaceful start to your day? Try these fun, playful coffee makers in different shades of our favorite color: Pink. The shades of guava, flamingos, begonias, bubble gum, dragonfruit, and the best sunsets. Studies show that pink has a calming effect on people, which makes it the perfect color to start your morning. So, consider ditching your trusty silver coffee machine—or at least stowing it in the pantry for a while—for something in a more energetic color.

1. Ovente 34 oz French Press Coffee Maker

Ovente French Press Coffee MakerFor a simple and affordable French press, we love this Ovente French press. Scoop in the grounds (the scoop comes with it), let them sit, and you’ll have a beautiful, smooth cold-brewed ready by the time you’re done with your morning shower. The Ovente is environmentally friendly, too—no filters to worry about, just an easy-to-wash, stainless steel plunger. And the Ovente isn’t just a coffee maker—you can also make teas with it.

2. Bodum – French Press Coffee Maker with Plastic Lid

Best Pink Coffee MakersThe funky pink lid and handle give this maker a funky personality. It would look great on a brunch table next to some homemade scones and a few mimosa glasses, or sitting on your bedside table, where you can refill your coffee cup from bed. Pop it in the dishwasher after for easy cleanup.

Just make sure you’re using a coarse grind for your coffee beans. When making espresso, for instance, the water’s only touching the water for a brief time, so a fine grind is required. If your coffee beans aren’t properly ground, the coffee can come out too weak or bitter.

3. Hello Kitty Coffee Maker

Hello Kitty Coffee MakerA list of pink coffee makers wouldn’t be complete without this Hello Kitty number. We like to call it a “best friends” feature: It makes two cups at once, which you can share or keep for yourself. We like the cute heat-resistant pink plastic stand and the matching Hello Kitty cups.

It’s not the cheapest Hello Kitty coffee maker option, but it’s the classiest. We think the 60 extra dollars are worth it. If you’d really like to commit to the Hello Kitty vibe, you could buy a toaster that imprints the famous cat’s face into your toast, a juice maker, and, our favorite, the Hello Kitty slow cooker.

4. Moccamaster KBG 741 10-Cup Coffee Brewer with Glass Carafe

MoccamasterThis granddaddy of pink coffee makers is made by Technivorm, a Netherlands manufacturing company that has been in the business for 50 years. For those who really want to invest in a device made to last, this is our recommendation.

The company prides itself on creating top quality products that are energy efficient and dependable. As long as you keep it clean, it’ll last a lifetime, and it brews coffee in less time than it takes to skim through the newspaper. The pulsing brew process makes for a really smooth, flavorful cup of coffee.

5. Bella Linea Collection 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Bella Linea Collection 12-Cup Coffee MakerMany of the most productive people have their morning routines dialed. This simple, classy French press seems like a perfect way to get motivated for the rest of the day, with a timer you can set for any time of day or night. And it has a reusable filter you can take out and wash, so no more wasteful disposable filters.

This model also has a cleaning cycle option, so it’s easy to keep it clean. Users liked the shiny fuchsia color. This seems like a model that would work well for someone with a busy schedule who would just like to push a button to get their coffee going, or for an apartment with several people. The attractive blue screen and light-up buttons are also a nice touch.

6. Hario V60 Glass Coffee Dripper

Hario Glass Coffee DripperThis is a great option for those who want an elegant, old-school single-cup maker that doesn’t require any mental effort to set up and use. It’s made in Japan, and fits on top of most mug sizes. Boil your water in a tea kettle and pour it gently over some high-quality grounds for a low-tech, tranquil morning.

If you’re trying to stay away from technology as you transition from sleeping to beginning the rest of your day, then the Hario might be right for you. You could even bring it along camping, as it only weighs a few pounds. You’ll want a medium to fine grind for this type of coffee maker.

7. Holstein Housewares French Press

Holstein Housewares French PressFor just under $20, this French press immersion brewer is a fun way to make a great cup of coffee. The press won’t overpower the delicate flavor of expensive coffee beans like some of the other commercial coffee makers at this price point, so the Holstein is an excellent option for the coffee connoisseurs who like the simplicity of a traditional French press.

Leave the hot water in the grounds for three or four minutes before depressing the filter. Many like to use one tablespoon of coffee for every three or four ounces of water, depending on how strong or weak of a cup you prefer. For cold brews, use an extra course grind—with fine grinds, your coffee steeps faster, but the final product can come out a bit murky.

8. Kalita: Coffee Make Cafe Corrolle

Coffee Make Cafe CorrolleThis gorgeous, deep pink Corolle isn’t quite as pricy as the Moccamaster, but it’s more durable than the Hair or Holstein, and we love the design. It takes about five minutes for the brew to finish, and has an attractive red on/off button and a one-year warranty in case anything breaks.

The compact shape and the darker color mean that it won’t clash with what’s already in your kitchen. Kalita has been around since 1958, and was started in Japan. They began by manufacturing filters, and have now expanded to sell coffee makers in both Europe and North America. They even have a model that attaches to a camping stove, as well as other tools for making coffee.