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Best K-cup Coffee Maker Review


Ever woken up on a rainy morning and realized that getting out of bed is a HUGE undertaking? So you somehow manage to stumble out of bed and can barely open one eye let alone make yourself a decent cup of coffee, right? And don’t even think about going to the local coffee shop because who has the energy or the ability to get dressed, comb that crazy hair and actually LEAVE the house? No one can manage that.

Let’s face it, even drifting far from the warm and cozy bed on a rainy morning is a major undertaking. Needless to say, since I have concluded that the perfect cup of coffee on a rough morning can melt most of my pre-10 am problems away... It’s a must have: The morning cup of coffee! So how can we get the job done?

 There are several options nowadays for ways to make the best cup of coffee stumbling around in our morning bathrobes. We can opt for our parents’ cold school coffee pots. We can do the scoops with one eye open and the water filtered in and then the slowwwww dripping as we watch in agony.

It may give you a nice strong cup of joe like Mama Flo used to make in 1962 but, who has the patience for that? We can also do the super fancy pants espresso and cappuccino machines for hundreds of dollars but, who needs all of that fanciness on a normal rainy morning? For me, I look for the best AND the easiest route to my awesome cup of coffee. I found it in 5 1/2 magical words: The Keurig K-cup Coffee Maker

Introduce Product:

Let me introduce you to my favorite morning buddy when I can barely get out of bed on my own:

The Keurig K-cup Coffee Maker

Keurig K-cup Coffee Maker

Let me introduce you to my favorite morning buddy when I can barely get out of bed on my own:

The Keurig K-cup Coffee Maker

There are several things that I love about the K-cup coffee making experience. First, there’s no scooping ground up coffee while you’re still half asleep spilling it everywhere. All you need is your favorite flavor K-cup, water and a clean mug. Yup, you read that right. That’s all you need.

The Keurig K-cup coffee maker will do all the work for you! After the Keurig has brewed your fresh cup for you, if you like your coffee light n sweet, you can always pull out either your favorite creamer or a little good ol milk and sugar.

The next thing that rocks about the Keurig coffee maker is that it comes in a sleek modern design and several color options to look great in any room, not just in the kitchen! I keep my candy apple red Keurig in my bedroom! I can stumble across the room vs stumbling all the way down the hall to the kitchen. Thank you Keurig!

Keurig Maintenance?

Oh yes, it’s something else that I love about my Keurig K-cup coffee maker… It’s super easy to clean. I just pour hot water and sometimes vinegar in the filter and turn it on to clean the filter. Takes only a minute and it’s all clean for my next cup of joe!

Wait… You may be asking “What IS a K-Cup?”

A K-cup is the branded name given from Keurig, the manufacturer of the coffee maker who uses K-cups as the small disposable single serve sized plastic container that holds their coffee before hot water is filtered through for the perfect cup of coffee. In fact, the K-Cup also can contain tea and hot cocoa! We’ll revisit this cool concept a little later as you read on.

So now you’re Wondering “Who is Keurig”?

Keurig Green Mountain is an American brewing system company who launched in 1998 headquartered in Waterbury, Vermont. They sell coffee makers and over 400 varieties of their K-Cup pods that have single servings for coffee, tea, cider, hot cocoa, lemonade, and other favored drinks.


So Finally…

You’re just as in love with my Keurig K-cup coffee maker as I am. Mission accomplished!

Now you’re ready to hop in your car and go buy one today for your rainy mornings, too. Here’s a few tips on where to find it and which one will work best for your life.

Are you a big Coffee drinker?


Are you a single person who only needs your 1 cup in the morning to function? Or are you the first person to wake up in a big family or maybe the boss of an office who may need a bigger cups of coffee for morning meetings? Keurig has you covered whether you just need one small or a larger cup.

There’s different sizes: Ranging from single cup coffee makers with multiple ounce sizes

If you only need one small 6 ounce cup: Look for Keurig® K-Mini K15

If you need a bigger cup options: Look for Keurig® K-Classic™ K50

If you need a few cup size options: Look for Keurig® K-Select

Where can you buy a Keurig K-cup coffee maker and K-cups?

Great news! Keurig K-cup coffee makers are easy to find and even BETTER news… They often go on sale! I usually start with a simple google search and hit the ‘shopping’ tab and compare the prices. Bed Bath and Beyond and Target were two places I have noticed have the lowest priced Keurig makers.

The Price IS Right!

Keurig K-cup coffee makers range anywhere retail price only approx. $79 - $179 however, when they are on sale, you can score one for $60 - $125. They usually have a few complimentary K-cups the first time you buy your coffee makers however, it’s easy to find more K-cups at any local grocery store, convenient store or super store chains like Walmart or Target. The average K-cup box has 8-10 single sizes included. I have seen them priced $6 - $12 a box.

What’s Your Flavor?

 Not always in the mood for coffee? I can relate. I was happy to find various teas and hot cocoa K-cups while looking for coffee. K-cups come in various flavors and types of beverages. I even accidentally grabbed a cappuccino box by mistake once and it was amazing!

Conclusion and CTA

I’m madly in love with my Keurig K-cup coffee maker and I cannot imagine ever going back to my parents’ old coffee pots and scooping ground coffee in my sleep every morning. The idea of going back to life before my K-cups brewing in under a minute is highly unlikely.

I am also crazy about how convenient it is to find and pick up K-cups whenever I run out. The overall price of the Keurig coffee maker made me happy and I have a special talent for finding the K-cups when they are on sale. My Keurig coffee K-cup maker and I will live happily ever after!