Best Electric Coffee Percolator Top 5 Reviews of 2017

Best Electric Coffee Percolator: Top 5 Reviews of 2019

Electric drip coffee percolators are becoming more convenient because of the extra features and modern technologies used in their design for that perfect cup of coffee. The electric percolator can be adjusted to change the strength of the coffee or increase the brewing time.

An electric coffee percolator can help you brew a pure and tasty drip coffee that cannot be rivaled by other methods of brewing. With the cycling of the coffee in different chambers of the percolator, the quality of coffee you will brew will be unique and different from what you get from ordinary coffee makers.

When it comes to having the best electric coffee percolator and the best cup of coffee, there are several factors you may want to consider—these factors can also serve as a guide when buying the percolator:

electric coffee percolator#1: The size and capacity of the percolator – You should keep in mind that not all electric coffee percolators come with the same size and capacity, even if they work in the same manner. While some are designed to make single cups, the bigger ones are designed to create as many as 12 cups of good quality brewed coffee.

The smaller sized percolators are suitable for students, as well as those living on their own, whereas the larger percolators can make as many as 12 coffee cups at a time. Though bigger percolators are not always better, they can be very useful in situations where you have large numbers of people visiting you.

#2: The quality of design and added features – The quality of design of the percolator is very important when purchasing the coffee maker. Both the external and internal materials used in the design of a percolator are very important.

The ease of operating the percolator as well as the ease of cleaning its internal materials are very important when choosing the product as your coffee brewer. Lightweight percolators are also considered to be better than bulkier ones because they can be easily carried everywhere you go.

The availability of accessories such as removable stainless steel filter is also desirable in the best percolators. Extra accessories such as ready-to-serve indicator lights and detachable cords should also be considered as a competitive edge when choosing an ideal percolator.

#3: Price – Though the price may not be as important as other factors when considering a coffee percolator, it should be important for those buying on a budget. You should be able to compare the price of a percolator with its main competitors and the one that provides more accessories and more flexibility at same price should give you a better price bargain. You need to check the available features and extras to be sure that you will not pay extra for features such as detachable cords.

Review of the Top 5 Electric Coffee Percolators

#1: The Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Electric Coffee Percolator

This electric coffee percolator is one of the best and most popular brands around. It has an average of 4.5/5 rating from different review websites. The pros of this product include the extreme ease of cleaning its internal parts and the fact that almost all the parts are designed with stainless steel materials, making it durable and lightweight.

Stainless Steel Electric Coffee PercolatorThe main con of this brand, according to reviewers is that the bottom of the percolator is made up of aluminum, which may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s after a prolong usage; however, this has not been scientifically proven and is nothing to worry about.

The conclusion on this product is that it does not come with fluff; however, it comes with the most essential parts you can ever ask for in an electric coffee percolator.

Looking at its main features, this product come in silver color, aside from brewing between 2 and 12 cups, it keeps the coffee hot automatically. It comes with a pour spout that makes pouring quite easy and the elegant design ensures a great coffee service anytime.

Extra features you can find on the electric stainless percolator include filter basket and perk tubes. There is a signal light that indicates when your coffee brewing has been completed.

#2: Farberware FCP240 2-4-Cup Percolator

This is a very small and portable electric coffee percolator for those who want to brew one or two cups of coffee at a time. The entire percolator is made from stainless steel materials; hence it is quite sturdy and lightweight enough to be carried from one place to another.

The design of this percolator will make it last a lifetime and that is the main advantage. Despite the fact that it is designed to produce between 2-4 coffee cups at a time, the percolator will mostly deliver 3 cups maximum and many see that as a con and may want to opt for the larger version instead.

FarberwareHowever, at less than $42, this is probably one of the best percolator bargains you can find online, especially at Amazon. The 4-cup capacity coffee percolator works at 1000 wattage of power, though there are other variations that provide 8 or 12 cups.

With the stainless steel design, this brewer can produce coffee at a speed of 1 cup per minute. It comes with an automatic warm mode that keeps your coffee hot always.

Safe and easy handling of this device is ensured with the availability of a cool-touch handle, alongside a lid knob. This product has been designed according to the North American and European electrical standards. The price of this brand also includes free shipping to most parts of the world.

#3: West Bend 54159 12-Cup Percolator

This is probably one of your best electric percolator options around if you want something that will not disappoint when making coffee for the family and friends.  One pro that comes with this machine is that it comes with an automatic warm mode that will make your coffee remain warm even after several hours of brewing.

The main disadvantage of this product is that its power cord is extremely short; hence you have to place the percolator very close to its power socket. Secondly, you need to be careful when pouring the coffee at certain angles because the lid can cause a spill. Generally, this coffee maker is extremely attractive and sturdy enough for large quantity coffee brewing.

West Bend Cup PercolatorThis percolator is capable of circulating hot water especially through its grounds and it creates a familiar percolating sound with the capabilities of brewing between 2 and 12 cups of coffee.

There is a coffee indicator light located on the handle while the ready-to-serve indicator light will indicate when the brewing time has completed.

With a detachable cord, this percolator is very safe to use and there is also a “stay-cool” handle alongside the base. The automatic keep-warm mode ensures that you can store coffee until you are ready to drink.

This product measures 9 1/5 x 6 1/5 x 12 1/5 inches in length, width, and height respectively and it can be found on Amazon.

#4: Hamilton Beach 40614 Electric Percolator Coffee Pot

This electric percolator comes with a great, modern design that makes it stylish and premium in appearance. With the design comes with matching extra features that enhance its functionality. Though the main con here is that the percolator is not as silent as many of its main competitors, it is not as loud as most either. From a mechanical point of view, this product seems to come with an excellent design and it comes with an average online rating of 4/5.

With hot flavorful coffee delivered extremely fast through this percolator, you can make continuous coffee all day long. The detachable cord ensures that you extend the length into which you plug the percolator from the plug or socket.

It gently keeps the warm water for the next brew, it also comes with automatic control features, such as a twist-off lid (this locks in place) and the cool-touch handle that provides extra security when you pour the coffee from the opening.

Hamilton BeachThe electric percolator also comes with non-drip spout feature that is made of a cleanable material, plus a stainless steel permanent filter basket (this cannot be removed and may be seen as a disadvantage by some users, especially those who want to remove parts before cleaning).

There is a user guide or manual that comes with this electric percolator; likewise, there is a ready-to-serve light indicator. The detachable cord also makes coffee serving at the table a whole lot easier. This percolator will take lesser time than most traditional percolators that are compared with it.

The twist-off lid that locks in place is designed with glass material so you can easily view as your coffee as it is brewing. Regardless of whether you are creating that coffee time or you want to entertain your guests with some delicious desserts, why not make use of this electric percolator to produce as many cups of coffee as you need.

Hamilton Beach 40614 Electric Percolator Coffee Pot is not just designed for making coffee; it can be used to heat up water quickly if you need water for something else. There is a water level viewer located on the inside of the machine as well as the coffee/water level on the handle so you can’t put in too much water or let it run dry. It costs around $45 including free shipping around the world. This percolator is also designed to consume less energy making environmentally friendly.

#5: Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic 12-Cup Stainless-Steel Percolator

This can be described as one of the best vintage electric percolators around. It is fully packed with essential features and includes a ready-to-serve indicator light plus a stay-cool base. The power cord is detachable and so you don’t have to plug it too close to its power socket. The main disadvantage of this product is that the crown on the lid is made of plastic which makes the product look a little cheaper in appearance. Aside from this, the Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic 12-Cup Stainless-Steel Percolator is definitely one of the top 5 you could consider.

CuisinartAt a reasonable price of $51.18, this stainless steel electric percolator is just everything you want in a coffee maker. With a long and tapered precision non-drip spout, you can pour your coffee conveniently. There is also an easy-grip knob located on the lid.

There is a read-to-serve indicator light to ensure that you don’t miss out when the coffee has brewed to perfection. The stay-cool base will ensure that the percolator sits safely on any surface without the risk of damage from heat.  It is worth mentioning that this stainless steel percolator is capable of brewing between 4 and 12 cups of coffee so that it is very reliable for making coffee for friends and family whenever they are around.

The electric percolator is designed to meet the North America Electric standards making it safe. The entire stainless steel percolator measures 6.3 x 9.2 x 12.2 inches in width, length, and height respectively. It also weighs just 3 pounds and originated from China, but is sold all over the world.


There are several other electric percolators options you may want to consider; however, the five reviewed here are some of the most reviewed percolators on the Internet, based on their convenience, security, price, and usability. These products are not necessarily the cheapest in the market; however, based on their accessories and their capacities, they can fit into any situation by producing continuous cups of coffee.

It is important to check the warranty of a product you are buying, though it may not be listed among the key factors to consider. However, a warranty can make the difference in so many ways because it gives you the confidence that you are purchasing an authentic and quality product. Be wary of imitations and asking for a manufacturer’s warranty when making your final decision is one way of avoiding this.