Best Dispensing Coffee Maker

Best Dispensing Coffee Maker

Long gone are the days of watching a full pot coffee go stale on the kitchen counter because nobody in the household was able to drink it fast enough.

With dispensing coffee machines, you can enjoy one cup at a time, at your own pace, without having to worry about your morning brew growing stale and cold. The one cup at a time approach might be an adjustment at first, but once you grow used to treating yourself to a noon-hour cup of Joe that is every bit as hot as your pre-breakfast drink was, it will be hard to return to anything else.

If you are interested in a dispensing coffee machine, consider the following benefits, and check out our honest reviews of some of the most popular dispensing machines available on the market:

Benefits of a Dispensing Coffee Maker

Coffee lovers know that their passion comes with an endless string of decisions. A blonde roast or dark roast? A classic hot brew or jumping on the iced coffee bandwagon? Which type of coffee machines offer the best quality coffee for the lowest price?

Of course, coffee fans have mixed opinions on this, and while some swear by the merits of percolators, others greatly prefer drip coffee machines, and so on.

In recent years, however, dispensing coffee machines have been gaining traction. On the surface level, these automatic machines seem like a great opportunity to save time in the morning and keep coffee warm and steamy without making a trip to the microwave for the purpose of reheating.

But can these machines produce the quality brew that coffee aficionados are looking for?

We definitely believe so. Here are just a few of the factors that make dispensing coffee makers truly unique:

Brewing One Cup At A Time

This may take a bit of getting used to, especially if you are brewing for larger households or groups of people. That being said, a stale pot of coffee is a major frustration as well. Many dispensing coffee machines are prepared to brew coffee one cup at a time, letting you tackle the day at your own pace.

As a matter of fact, many newer coffee machines have sensors that can quickly calculate the size of your mug, ensuring that you never have to worry about your cup overflowing.

In all honesty, dispensing coffee makers may not be ideal for office settings. In a busy office, it can be more time effective to just brew a single pot and allow people to pour as they please. However, in your own home, you should not feel the need to dump most of a coffee pot simply because you could not drink it fast enough.

The one cup at a time approach is also great if you are focused on limiting your caffeine consumption. Brewing an entire pot of coffee can be tempting, but when you need to brew a new cup each time, you will be more likely to cut back on unnecessary coffee breaks.

Warming Technology

Any high-quality dispensing machine has an internal brewing system that features warming technology that will prevent most coffee lovers’ worst nightmares: cold, unappealing coffee.

For the most part, many dispensing coffee machines will brew a larger amount of coffee, and dispense cups individually. This allows you to easily go back for another mug when you are ready.

When dealing with coffee pots, the chances are high that coffee will get cold after a certain amount of time, especially if you space your drinks out throughout the day. With internal heating, every cup you dispense will be piping hot (or at least enjoyably warm), even hours after brewing.

Automatic Processes

Between bumper-to-bumper commutes and the temptation of the snooze button, mornings can be stressful. By having coffee readily available with the click of a few buttons, you can save much needed time and energy, and amplify your morning routine.

While most dispensing coffee makers work through electronic buttons, some devices are easier to figure out than others. Clearly labelled buttons and detailed, easy-to-read instructions will definitely make the learning curve of a new machine easier to deal with.

Our Favorite Dispensing Coffee Makers

This Cuisinart machine is exceptional for many reasons, one of which is the fact that it understands something many other manufacturers do not: that great coffee begins with a great filtration system.

This coffee maker has multiple filters, including an extra absorbent charcoal water filter and a permanent gold-tone filter. Between the two filters, no impurities are getting into your brew, which means a fresh, unadulterated taste every single time.

While many coffee machines boast a twelve-cup capacity, this Cuisinart device lives up to its promise (many competing machines are little generous when describing their brewing capacity). Despite its reasonable market price, this coffee maker also comes with a measuring scoop at no added cost, allowing for more accurate brews.

Our Favorite Features:

  • Incredible filtration system featuring a charcoal water filter and a gold-tone filter
  • 24-Hour advance brew start technology
  • A unique, sleek look
  • 12-cup capacity
  • Measuring scoop included for accuracy

Our Biggest Issues:

  • Learning how to clean it/take various pieces apart is a bit of a learning curve
  • No guidelines for water measurement

Although Hamilton Beach can sometimes prioritize functionality over appearances, this is an incredibly sleek and attractive design that will give every kitchen an Italian cafe feel.

This machine is also impressive for its technology, which includes an internal heater that keeps coffee warm for at least four hours after brewing (although we have noticed it can effectively heat coffee for even longer). If the glass carafes that sometimes come with dispensing coffee machines are bothersome for you, you will be happy to note that his device is carafe-free.

Our Favorite Features:

  • One of the sleekest designs that Hamilton Beach has to offer
  • Impressive capacity for twelve cups
  • Effective internal heate
  • Effective internal heater

Our Biggest Issues:

  • This machine is somewhat big and clunky, and not ideal for coffee drinkers looking for portability (i.e., taking it to and from an office)

As with the previous device, the Brew Station Summit utilizes internal brewing technology to keep coffee warm (this is definitely this machine’s greatest strength). But many people are turning to this coffee maker not for the warmth, but rather for the cold.

Yes, iced coffee is all the rage right now, and yes, this machine has an iced coffee feature that is easy to use, even for those new to cold brews.

Despite the Brew Station Summit’s affordable price range, it definitely loses a few points for its appearance, which could benefit from less black plastic and more hints of grey stainless steel.

Our Favorite Features:

  • Multiple machines available at different price points
  • The internal heating system keeps coffee hot for four hours after brewing
  • Iced coffee feature

Our Biggest Issues:

  • Plastic and without the sleekness of other machines

There are lots of praises to sing about this coffee maker, one of which is the fact that it produces a powerful cup of coffee despite its dainty size.

If you find yourself impatient to get your caffeine fix in the morning, this is likely the machine for you. You will never have to worry about an accidental burn as the result of being overly eager, as the machine features an ever-cool grip and similar safety features.

Additionally, we really loved the Brew Pause feature that, as the name suggests, briefly stops brewing so that you can pour a cup of coffee with even shorter wait times. Aside from being a little on the pricey side, and a bit complicated to clean, we were really impressed with this device.

Our Favorite Features:

  • Long cord length
  • Easy to use with clear instruction
  • Attractive design
  • Brew Pause feature lets you enjoy coffee faster

Our Biggest Issues:

  • A little expensive compared to similar models from competitors
  • Hard to clean and take apart

Our Top Choice

Despite being a close call, the Cuisinart DCC-1200CP certainly stands out in a crowd.

With an advanced filtration system, impressive longevity, and innovative warming technology, this machine is well-tailored towards shoppers who want a safe long-term investment over a quick fix.

We know the device’s tech-savvy interior has a lot going for it, but we must say, its outward appearance also helped it nab the top spot. With a machine like this, you can enjoy restaurant-quality coffee while your kitchen countertop enjoys restaurant-quality aesthetics.

Although some items on the list were pricier, and others were cheaper, no other device struck the same balance of durability and affordability.

Some old school coffee fans might be understandably skeptical to switch to an automatic dispensing coffee maker, but after trying a brew made with a state-of-the-art filtration system, we cannot imagine any serious coffee drinker going back to anything else.