Best Coffee Brands

Best Coffee Brands

Great tasting coffee is appreciated the world over and you want to get your hands on the best coffee brands selling on the market today that will accompany your coffee maker. Whether you prefer hot coffee, cold brew, coffee beans, pre-ground coffee, or even medium roast instant coffee for that coffee shop taste at home, there are some wonderful coffees out there waiting to be discovered. Being among the most famous of drinks, coffee drinking is done by many people for a number of different reasons such as to ease the stress of workload, to regain energy loss, and even just for the sheer enjoyment of the wonderful taste. From Brazilian coffee to North American coffee grinds, beans for this tasty drink provide a rich source of caffeine that coffee drinkers can sit back and enjoy on a daily basis. The top coffee brands making waves in the industry today are well known among lovers of the beverage.

Au Bon Pain

Au Bon Pain was founded in the USA by two Americans known as Louis Kane and Louis Rapuano. After its invention, it started opening offices in parts of Thailand, India and then to other regions of the world. In the USA alone, many restaurants, cafes, shops, and even hospitals sell Au Bon Pain coffee. Customers sometimes have their coffee with baked foods, salads, soups and other food kinds. The coffee product they sell also gives coffee drinkers plenty health benefits and so far there is a write up in a health magazine about the type of advantages it has on the human body.

Caribou Coffee Company

Today, the JAB German Holding Company is the owner of one of the best coffee brands companies in the world, which is known as Caribou Coffee Company. Although Caribou is owned by a German company, its place of residence is situated in the Brooklyn Center area in the USA and has as its CEO is an American known as Mike Tattersfield. The employees working at Caribou are about 6,000 so far. The company specializes in making quality coffee and tea to suit every occasion. So far, the company spread its wings at a fast rate and already it has franchises in ten countries with 203 locations. As a coffee provider leader in its own right, the company focuses on brewing coffee beverages to the highest quality level.

The Coffee Bean and Tealeaf

The Coffee Bean and Tealeaf Company was founded on American soil in the Los Angeles area by two pioneers known as Herbert B. Hyman and Mona Hyman. The coffee products they make falls into various brackets such as light and distinctive, light and subtle, dark and distinctive, reserved and flavored. They export the beans from various farms located in different parts of the world like Colombia, Costa Rico, Jamaica, Thailand, Indonesia, Kenya and Sri Lanka. Coffee Bean and Tealeaf supplies about 7 million pounds of coffee to the thirsty public on a yearly basis and offers an array of flavors including peppermint, eggnog, red velvet cake, candy cane, and vinegar.

Dunking Donuts

Another great American coffee company is Dunking Donuts, which was founded in 1950 with the sole intention of supplying quality coffee to consumers. Over the years, the company has grown into 11 thousand stores scattered around the world and with a total of 3 million customers buying from them each day. Other products that Dunking sells are sandwiches, iced beverages, baked items and other food stuff. They boast of brewing their coffee using Arabica beans and they specialize in providing freshly made hot beverage on a daily basis. Their creamy steaming latte with steamed milk has the backing of their espresso so that you can still be feeling the taste in your mouth long after drinking.

Costa Coffees

Costa Coffees started in London in the year 1971 and was pioneered by the duo Sergio Costa and Bruno Costa. To this day the company still has its headquarters in England though is now located in Bedfordshire, England. It has grown from small into a big business with about 3,401 locations worldwide and with 18 thousand stores presently in operation. Like other coffee companies that sell coffee, Costa also has on sale different food items such as sandwiches, iced drinks, tea and others. As of this year, started exporting quality roasted coffee to Italian shops. Today, the company stands strong with revenue of $1.48 billion and is a leader in the coffee industry business.

Tim Horton’s

Tim Horton’s coffee company was founded in Canada around 1964 by three industrious people, of which, Tim is a part. Today, the company’s location is in the Oakville, Ontario, Canada region and sells coffee in 4,613 different locations around the world. Some of its country outlets are the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, the USA, QATAR, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman and other destinations. When last checked, the revenue of Tim Horton’s coffee company was standing at $3 billion. Apart from selling coffee to lovers of the hot brew, the company also sells doughnuts, hot chocolate, and other foodie items that customers enjoy eating. It commanders a 62% shares in the industry and operates from 4,800 coffee locations in the world.


Starbucks is a well-loved coffee selling business that almost everyone seems to enjoy, especially those living in the USA. It was founded in Seattle, Washington, and today it still has its headquarters in the same state. The company takes pride in selling quality brewed coffee to its millions of customers worldwide and is a leader in the industry. With 238,000 employees working at Starbucks, the business serves 24,465 shops worldwide and is worth $19.16 billion in revenue. The company specializes in the Arabica style espresso coffee making and this is why so many people enjoy their brand.

Panera Bread

Panera Bread opened its doors in 1987 and has since grown into a coffee company to be reckoned with. It sells coffee through 2,000 stores located worldwide and employs up to 47,000 people. Other foods that the company sells include sandwiches, salads, bread, hot soup, tea, and other delicious goodies. It stands out among its competitors as a company that brews flavorful and delicious hot coffee loved by many people across the world.


The above are only some of the best coffee brands that are operating in the industry today and you can sample anyone of their products anytime. Therefore, spend quality time with your loved ones by enjoying excellently made coffee that is brewed to perfection.