Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper – Drip Cone Brewer (Tangerine) Review

It’s no secret that everybody loves coffee.  What is a secret, however, is that about 85% of people who try to make coffee at home mess it up somehow.  You can’t argue with facts or bad coffee.  That’s why the Bee House ceramic coffee dripper is one of the best things you can do for yourself, and your coffee. The Bee House coffee dripper is a pour over coffee maker that is pretty simple and straightforward to use. 

It is both easy to understand and even easier to use.  With a flat bottom and steep walls that resemble a wedge-like shape, it will make it easy to control water flow which will make any water pouring technique the perfect one.  Another benefit of the Bee House ceramic coffee drippers unique design is that it allows for consistency and predictability, as well as looks great just about anywhere in the kitchen.

How Does the Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper Work?

Regardless of how difficult the barista with the mustache and the bored look on their face make coffee look, using the Bee House coffee dripper is actually extremely straightforward.  All you need to do to make this work is pour hot water over a bed of grounds, which will then pull the delicious flavor from the beans you have decided to use, into your cup.

Drip Cone Brewer

And yes, this pour over method is actually extremely effective for getting a ton of flavor from your coffee beans and into your cup. While you will need to figure out a few variables to suit your personal taste, it is something that you will master after the first couple of uses.

You’ll need to experiment to get the right combination of the bean grind size, water temperature, how fast you flow the water through the Bee House ceramic coffee dripper, as well as the water to coffee ratio.  Once you balance these variables out, you’ll be able to make your perfect cup of coffee every single time.  You will be in 100% control of your coffee and how it tastes.

The Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper Design

The Bee House ceramic coffee dripper was designed to be user-friendly.  It consists of a wedge-like design that has two drain holes on its flat bottom.  There are also slightly raised edges on each side of the wedge to prevent any overflow from accidently occurring.  If that weren’t enough, to make the coffee making process even easier, this particular coffee dripper even has two openings on both sides of itself that show you the brewed coffee level.

Talk about making things a no-brainer. Another benefit of the unique Bee House coffee dripper design is that it eliminates the need to master a pouring technique.  Many of the other coffee drippers available on the market require unique water pouring techniques to prevent overflowing and watered-down coffee.  This, however, is not the case.

This is the very reason that many local high-volume coffee shops use this coffee dripper to make coffee for their customers.  And what’s even better is that you can get the replacement filters for this coffee dripper at most neighborhood grocery stores. What really makes the Bee House ceramic coffee dripper stand out though, is that it was designed not just to be easy to use, but to be aesthetically pleasing as well. 


With a unique shape that sets it above and beyond anything else on the market today, it almost looks like it should be in the kitchen as an art piece instead of a coffee dripper. With a curving tongue that extends horizontally out of the brew cone lip, handling the Bee House ceramic coffee maker is easier than anything you’ve ever used before.

With a flat handle that looks like someone extended the lip into an arch, this coffee drippers appearance is just plain graceful. As if that weren’t enough, the oversized base is able to easily rest on any coffee mug, and even a carafe if you need a larger supply of coffee.  And as mentioned earlier, the two coffee level windows on either side of this dripper make it simple to avoid any accidental overflow from happening.

Finally, being made out of white ceramic give it multiple purposes.  The ceramic helps to keep the coffee insulated and hot, but at the same time, adds a classy appearance that anybody would be happy to display in their kitchen.  It’s almost like the Bee House ceramic coffee dripper is a coffee dripper, as well as an art piece.

A Coffee Dripper You Can Depend On

A great cup of coffee is just that, great.  But knowing your coffee is going to be great every day is a feeling that will put a smile on your face every morning.  The best part about the Bee Hive ceramic coffee dripper is that you will get a consistent cup of coffee with every use.  It doesn’t matter if you master your pour or have a shaky pour kind of day.  With the unique design of the Bee Hive ceramic coffee dripper, your coffee will consistently be delicious every time.

Bee House Coffee Dripper

The perfectly designed bottom will always flow through the same exact way every single time.  This means that you can depend on having the same delicious cup of coffee just about every single time.  The only things that you need to worry about are the water temperature and the grind size of the coffee beans.  But again, once you figure out what you prefer, this will be one of the best cups of coffee you have ever tasted.

While many people prefer to waste their hard-earned money at local coffee shops, the Bee House ceramic coffee dripper is able to rival any cup of coffee around.  With its unique design and ease of use, you can literally bring home the coffee shop, but store it in a cabinet or on the counter of your kitchen.  So, do yourself a favor and be sure to check out the Bee House ceramic coffee dripper.  Your future self-says thank you.