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6 Reasons to Drink Pu-Erh Tea

There are many great herbal teas and fermented teas on the market and they are becoming more popular than ever. Green tea, black tea, Oolong tea, Yunnan tea, Camellia sinensis, and Pu-Erh tea, as well as many local Chinese teas are just a small selection of those available. They are becoming more and more popular due to the many health benefits they offer, such as helping to lower high blood pressure, level improve the heart rate, help regulate blood sugar levels and contribute towards weight loss. They also offer many different and exciting tastes and earthy flavors. In this article, we will talk about Pu-Erh tea and organic Pu-erh tea (sometimes called Puer tea or Puerh tea). It is completely different from those bogus weight loss teas you hear about on daily basis. The leaves from Pu-erh tea stimulate your metabolism and decrease your appetite, hence you will lose significant amount of weight on steady basis even with little low impact physical activities. Many people have come to believe in Pu-Erh tea as a health provider because it does not come with the side effects and dangers of most weight loss teas found on the market. Though this tea offers numerous benefits to the body, it must be consumed on regular basis in order to enjoy its benefits. The 6 main reasons why you should be drinking Pu-Erh tea are:

#1: Lowers Triglycerides and reduces bad cholesterol

In a study conducted recently, Pu-Erh tea was discovered to have raised the levels of good cholesterol (HDL), and lower bad cholesterol (LDL). It is believed that the secret behind these functions is the presence of Lovastatin, a natural statin that I produced during the microbial ageing of Pu-Erh tea. Statins are known to help lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood streams, and studies have shown that the longer the Pu-Erh tea is aged, the more satins produced. Lowering of LDL or bad cholesterol will help drastically reduce the risks of contracting heart disease and high blood pressure and provide other health benefits.

#2: Body detox/cleansing

Pu-Erh tea has been relied upon by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners for centuries. The tea is known for its high concentration of Polyphenols, which are quite popular for their anti-oxidative properties. Flavonoids are known to help release more stress management hormones in addition to speeding up metabolism for weight loss and cleansing.

In the traditional Chinese herbal practices, Pu-Erh tea is believed to open the “Meridians” (the stomach and spleen), hence it speeds up the cleansing of the blood and digestive tract. Many food components in the body can cause a rapid buildup of free radicals and acids. Harmful food substances such as free radicals can be transported through blood and other fluids easily, thus increasing the toxic levels. With the ability of Pu-Erh tea components to open up the digestive tract and spleen it becomes easier for the body to be cleansed, thus creating a healthier body system.

#3: Aids digestion

Pu-Erh tea has been discovered to aid the growth of healthy bacteria that can aid digestion. The stomach, in conjunction with the digestive system, break down food through the effect of healthy bacteria and stomach acid, and with the presence of probiotics (helpful bacteria) in Pu-Erh tea, there will be a tremendous increase in the microbial floral in the digestive gut of the body system, thus aiding the proper and speedier digestion of foods. Consumption of Pu-Erh tea after the consumption of a heavy meal has been found to help speed up the digestion of such meals.

#4: It speeds up weight loss

Research has shown that certain components of Pu-Erh tea are capable of suppressing Fatty acid synthesis, which means, they can block more fat from being synthesized and absorbed into the body. The creation of excess fat in the liver through Lipogenesis can be drastically reduced by components of the tea while there is an increase in the mobilization of fat cells in vital organs. This means that the body will utilize more fat stored in such organs for physical activities.

Pu-Erh tea is not a weight-loss fad diet, like most weight loss tea found in the market today, it requires constant consumption in order to make it effective on a long term. One of the signs that you are losing weight steadily is that your energy levels will increase; hence, you will record a significant increase in your concentration levels.

#5: Reduces stress and induce sleep

Pu-Erh tea does have some caffeine, and it may sound confusing that such a tea will induce sleep. However, despite the caffeine levels, the Phyto-chemicals present in Pu-Erh , including Theanine, has been found to reduce stress levels by stimulating stress-management hormones such as cortisol. With the reduction of stress levels in the body, there will be a drastic increase in the production of melatonin in the brain, which, in turn, will cause a much more stabilized mood and better sleep patterns.

#6: boosts immunity

Pu-Erh tea is rich in antioxidants that strengthen immunity and reduce the risks of contracting certain infections. Anti-oxidants are known to be natural Phyto-chemicals that destroy free radical ions and molecules; hence, the healthy cells in the body are protected.

In order to enjoy all the benefits of Pu-Erh tea, experts suggest that an average adult must consume a minimum of 1-2 cups of the tea on daily basis.

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